5 Quick Ways to Make a Room Feel Bigger

While homes are bigger than ever, averaging about 2,600 square feet, it’s possible that after using a house payment calculator, that you’ll find you can’t afford the amount of square footage you were hoping for. The better news is that there are plenty of ways to make a room look and feel much bigger than it is so that you don’t have to go over your budget. While vaulted ceilings and multiple windows are the most helpful in making a room seem larger, that might be impossible to accomplish, or simply too expensive to afford. 

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These five inexpensive options are all quick and easy ways to make a room feel bigger.


Mirrors reflect light, creating a brighter space that can make it feel a lot bigger than it is. Hang mirrors directly across from windows to get the maximum amount of natural light. Choose a variety of mirrors in different shapes throughout your home. You might hang them above your fireplace mantle, over dressers, or any empty wall where you might have placed a piece of art instead.

Use Light

Just as you use mirrors to create more light in any room, all types of lights can be used to brighten it and make it appear much larger. Be sure that you have an adequate amount of ceiling fixtures, floor and table lamps. Recessed lighting can be the ideal option for making a room feel larger without using up space – they can be installed in the ceiling, providing lots of light without taking up the table or floor space.

Color Scheme

Avoid painting the room using any dark color, which can actually make a small space feel even smaller. Use neutral paint for your walls and choose furniture in a lighter color palette, which helps to brighten your space and create the feeling of a much larger room. If you must use dark colors in your design, keep them to a few simple accent pieces, such as your rug or an ottoman.

Create Height

Create height in your room by installing a vertical planked wall, painting vertical stripes, or using tall window coverings. You can add height to your room in other ways too, such as drawing the eyes of guests upwards with a statement chandelier, ceiling mural, or faux beams.

Avoid Clutter

Don’t make your space feel even smaller with clutter, oversized furniture, and general disorganization. The smaller the room is, the more important that it’s free from clutter, junk, and knickknacks. Think minimalist look, aiming to keep your design simple with only a few accent pieces. Just one example is instead of creating a gallery wall, consider one piece of framed art that really makes a statement.

How To Instill a Love for the Arts in Your Children

Being a parent is a big responsibility. You want to prepare your children for everything they will encounter in life. How do you prepare them to enjoy their lives? Introducing them to the arts can ignite their passions and help them explore a world of possibilities.

Visit a Museum

No matter where you live, there are probably many museums within half a day’s drive or less. Museums are great places to learn about history, science, and art. Many museums also have sections that cater to children, offering hands-on experiences or art classes. Look for exhibits that mirror your children’s interests or those that can introduce them to entirely new concepts. A museum can be a place where they learn more about what they already know and discover whole new worlds.

Explore an Instrument

Learning to play a musical instrument has a lot of benefits. Playing an instrument uses different parts of the brain, which can lead to increased focus and improved cognitive reasoning. The main benefit of learning an instrument, however, is that it can be a path to discovering a lifelong love of music. Look for music lessons Boston to help your children find an instrument they adore.

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Enroll in Dance Classes

Dance is fun to watch. It can be even more fun to participate. Learning to dance can improve your children’s coordination and increase the mind-body connection. Start by finding age-appropriate performances to attend with your children. See which dance styles they seem to like the most. Then you can find dance classes in those styles. 

Teaching your children to appreciate the arts can have significant benefits to their cognitive, social and emotional development. Introducing your children to the arts can arouse a passion for life in them. They may even decide they want to pursue a particular type of art themselves. 

Lactose Intolerance: What is it?

Imagine if you can’t drink milk, eat yogurt, cheese, ice cream, chocolate, cake, and more! Now wouldn’t that be sad? 

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Well, some people aren’t able to eat or drink those foods. Those people are lactose intolerant, which means they can’t eat anything with lactose, which is in most dairy products.

Lactose intolerance is a disorder in which you cannot eat anything with lactose, because the person with lactose intolerance does not make enough of the enzyme lactase that is necessary for digesting lactose.


Lactose intolerance causes different symptoms that include

  • diarrhea
  • bloating
  • nausea
  • abdominal pain
  • farting
Abdominal Pain, Pain, Appendicitis, Bloating

How to avoid the symptoms

Don’t eat/drink too much food/drink with lactose. When you eat/drink food/drink with lactose, eat or drink something without lactose with it. Or try to look for a lactose-free version of that food or drink.

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How to know if you are lactose intolerant

Don’t eat/drink anything with lactose for a few days, and then drink a few glasses of milk. If the symptoms occur, then you might be lactose intolerant. Or better yet, go to a doctor and ask for a lactose intolerance test.

Lactose Intolerance isn’t bad

Lactose Intolerance isn’t bad.

It just means you can’t eat anything with lactose without the symptoms occurring. But you CAN look for a lactose free version, like I said a while ago.

Soy Milk, Soy, Soybean, Soy-Milk

Jade is an 11-year-old homeschooled bookworm. She devours books by Roald Dahl, Lois Lowry, Rick Riordan, and JK Rowling. She plays the guitar, bakes sweet and savory goodies, and tinkers with cool stuff when she has some spare time.

Beautiful or Bloodthirsty?

These plants that I will show you are quite BEAUTIFUL,


They are POISONOUS as well.

The Deadly Nightshade

Deadly Nightshade, or atropa belladonna, is a very poisonous plant. The leafage and berries are extremely deadly when consumed. The leaves are usually green or purple, and the berries black or green. They are very dangerous to children because they look rather tempting and have a luscious taste. However, oxen and rabbits can eat this without dying.

The Rosary Pea

Rosary pea, or abrus precatorius, is a suicidal plant that is part of the bean family. Just one seed can kill both adults and kids. These are made as native jewelry, and the most common one is the red one with a black eye, but there are also different colors.


Wolfsbane, or aconitum napellus, is also a very fatal plant. It was used on arrows to kill wolves.  Dark purple is the usual color of the plant. Sometimes it is also red-purple. It can also be a pale lavender.

Midnight Ruffles

Helleborus, or Midnight Ruffles. This plant is used for decorative purposes. Helleborus have many different colors, like green to purple, and the hybrids can be slate grey to yellow to white to green. My favorite is the near black Midnight Ruffles hybrid (see picture above).

All helleborus plants and parts are toxic, despite their beautiful colors. The poison outside the plant will cause inflammation and prickling sensations. Eating helleborus will cause pain in the mouth, vomiting, and diarrhea. Eating significant amounts is fatal.

Even though these plants are pretty, they are very dangerous as well. God our Father made these plants like this for special purposes, like to make sure animals and humans don’t eat them. These plants are also very beautiful because every plant God makes is beautiful, even the rafflesia.

Jade is an 11-year-old homeschooled bookworm. She devours books by Roald Dahl, Lois Lowry, Rick Riordan, and JK Rowling. She plays guitar, bakes goodies, and tinkers stuff when she has spare time.

Introverted: Is it a weakness?

Jade is an 11-year-old homeschooled bookworm. She devours books by Roald Dahl, Lois Lowry, Rick Riordan, and JK Rowling. She plays guitar, bakes goodies, and tinkers stuff when she has spare time.

Introverts. What are introverts and is it bad to be introverted?

Let’s learn more about them.


Introverts get easily drained when talking to a lot of people. They get energy by being alone. They also work better alone. They prefer isolated activities like gardening, drawing, or reading. 

They don’t really hate talking to people. They just get drained by interacting. They also don’t need to be “normal”. They were probably born like that, and they should embrace who they are. Introverts also don’t like being in the spotlight. They don’t like performing with large groups. Introverts need one or two close friends to talk to, since they get easily drained when talking to a lot of friends.

Some Famous Introverts

Here’s a list of some famous introverts.

  1. Exo’s Xiumin
  2. BTS’s Jungkook
  3. Exo’s D.O.
  4. J.K. Rowling
  5. Emma Watson
  6. Beyonce
  7. Harrison Ford
  8. Lady Gaga
  9. Anna Kendrick
  10. Michael Jordan
  11. Andrew Garfield

Being an Introvert Isn’t A Weakness

Being an introvert isn’t a weakness. Most introverts are even smarter than extroverts! So if you are an introvert, don’t change yourself! You are who you are. Everyone is unique. Be yourself.