SUMMER’S HERE! For many, summer’s the perfect time to catch up on family bonding and go on vacations.  Some make summer more productive by enrolling their children in various sports or art programs.  As for us, we’re doing both and a whole lot more.

The little kids will be enrolled in Voice and Drums lessons this April until early May. We also have a couple of trips lined up. Then, we’re planning on developing their entrepreneurial skills by putting up a summer snack stand. Of course, we’ll also be taking advantage of the school break by catching up on our book lists this year.  Which is why we’re not letting THE SCHOLASTIC SIZZLING SUMMER SALE end without scoring some new titles!

scholastic sizzling summer sale

This much-awaited sale started last week, March 23, and will run until May 24.  That’s still a long time from now, but the earlier you go, the more chances you have of hauling good finds.  My BFF who lives near the warehouse already bought her first haul of books last week.  She’s always superduper thoughtful and buys interesting books for us as well.  Can’t wait to get our hands on the new Magic School Bus books she got for us!

Purchase 2,000 pesos worth of books and you also get a free bundle of books worth 1,000 pesos.  Books are offered at up to 80% discount so 2,000 pesos would get you dozens of books already! There’s a wide selection of picture books, fiction and nonfiction books, popular series, references, inspirational, arts and crafts, and interactive products so everyone in the family can get their pick.

The SCHOLASTIC SIZZLING SUMMER SALE is open daily from 9am to 6pm, except on Sundays and holidays.  In observance of the Holy Week, they will be open only until noon on April 1.  Regular schedule will resume on April 6.

Summer’s really the best time to catch up on reading so make sure you have new exciting books to enjoy this vacation!

How To Get There?

If you’re bringing your own car, just follow the map shown above. From Ortigas Extension, turn right at C.Raymundo Ave. The Scholastic Warehouse is at the left side.  There are banners outside the warehouse so you won’t miss it.

Via Public Transport, take a bus or jeep going to Ortigas Extension (there’s a jeep terminal on the side of Robinson’s Galleria), get off C. Raymundo, and take a tricycle going to the warehouse.

Bring sturdy ecobags so you can carry your stash with ease.

Off the Bookshelf: The Magic School Bus

Last Friday was report card day and I couldn’t help noticing that the little girl’s grades in Science has consistently been the highest among all her other subjects. Back in preschool, she also received the Discovery Smart award twice. The little boy doesn’t have a Science subject yet, but like his sister, he also has an innate curiosity and a penchant for discovering how and why things work. It’s no wonder indeed that both of them LOVE the Magic School Bus!

 photo MagicSchoolBusbooks.jpg

These Magic School Bus books have been read many times over.  Don’t ask me how many times coz I’ve lost count already.  I’ve also lost count of the many questions the kids have asked wanting to know more about Australia, or what animals eat, or the monarch butterfly, and so on and so forth.  They’ve read the books so many times that it seems they know most of the stories and characters by heart. Ask them what The Friz’s first name is and they’ll tell you in a second. They are also familiar with the kids in the Friz’s class and can describe them as if they were their real classmates.

Aside from the making scientific facts easier to understand by integrating them into humorous stories, I also love how each book shares “reports” or assignments written by Ms. Frizzle’s students.  These notes help encourage my little ones to write on their journals too.

 photo MagicSchoolBusnotes.jpg

Since it was first published in the late 1980s, The Magic School Bus has since been adapted into a television series and published with early readers and chapter books versions.

 photo MagicSchoolBusbook.jpg

 photo MagicSchoolBuslevel2reader.jpg

 photo MagicSchoolBuschapterbooks.jpg

 photo MagicSchoolBustvseries.jpg


Aside from reading the books, the kids also love watching the TV series. It’s not shown on television anymore but we were blessed to have been given by Tita Gen three VCDs from the Magic School Bus TV series.

 photo SAM_6504.jpg

The Magic School Bus is highly recommended for school age children. My kids started reading them at 4 years old and still get very excited whenever they are given a new title. This book and television series is indeed a great way to foster children’s love for Science.

My NBS Warehouse Sale Haul

I actually didn’t think I’d be able to go to the warehouse sale last week but I did! Thanks to my husband, I was able to go on Saturday AND on Sunday. The warehouse was dusty, crowded, and hot but I didn’t mind staying there for hours. It was book heaven for frugal moms like me. Imagine books going for as low as P5! If you’re lucky enough, you can find great books in mint condition being sold at 90% off. Just check out some of our fave finds:

 photo firstday.jpg

 photo 20140119_203046.jpg

 photo 20140119_205943.jpg

 photo jakeispick.jpg

Did you notice that those were all children’s books? 🙂 The little boy was with me when I went to the sale on Saturday so it was mostly his pick. Each of those books cost only P5 – 50 pesos.  I went back on Sunday all by myself hoping to find some novels for me to read but still ended up with more children’s books. Although, I still did manage to score a handful of good novels for my sisters and me.

 photo 20140119_151246.jpg

Sunday being the last day of the sale, the warehouse was packed and the queue to the checkout counters was loooooooooooooong. I spent more than hour waiting in line! I’m not complaining though as I still got to browse books from the tables as we moved along the line. During the four hours I was there, I saw people who chose to leave when they saw the crowd and the long line. For me though, the huge discounts were well worth waiting an hour in line.

 photo 20140119_151254.jpg

We’re definitely looking forward to the next NBS Warehouse Sale! From my experience last week, I’d keep these in mind:

  • Wear rubber shoes or closed shoes with socks. The floor was just bare cement and my black sandals turned gray after walking around for hours.
  • Go on the first day of the sale – in the morning! Best to go when the sale first opens to grab the best buys. Plus, books are still well-organized during the first day. If you have kids, I suggest you go on the first day as well.
  • Eat before you start shopping. Expect to spend hours going through the stacks of books and another hour at the checkout lane. Good thing I had plenty of candies in my bag to ward off hunger pangs.
  • Forget the book list! I actually had a book list with me when I went to the sale but it was rendered useless. One, the books were not arranged in any particular order. Second, there was just too many shoppers (too many competition :P) that I just grabbed whatever the kids would love to read and was in good condition. I wasn’t even able to check what the little boy was putting in the basket anymore. Which is why we ended up with “a hundred” Batman books. 😛
  • Bring wet wipes and alcohol. You’d need them after you shop. Most books are dusty so expect to get a bit of dirt on your hands. There’s a washroom on the first floor but a pack of wet wipes and alcohol would still come handy.

 photo 20140120_113842.jpg

80% OFF at the National Book Store Warehouse Sale!

Get your 2014 booklist ready and head off to the National Book Store Warehouse Sale at the 4th floor of their Quezon Avenue branch.  Sale starts at 10am tomorrow, January 15, and will end on Sunday, January 19.

National Bookstore Warehouse Sale 2014

Like Zoe!

My toddlers love to read books.  They have easy access to their bookshelf and are allowed to choose the book they want to read.  My only condition for them is to put the book back on the shelf before getting another one.


My best friend gifted Jade with a Little Blessings book.  Upon seeing the book cover, she immediately exclaimed, “It’s my favorite book!”  I presume it is because she can relate to the little girl pictured in the cover. They are after all similar in many ways. 

The book written by Melody Carlson is about a little girl who discovers that she can do new things; things that big kids can do.  She can fix her bed, get dressed, eat by herself, brush her teeth, comb her hair, fiddle, take care of her fish, bake cookies, pack away her toys, and so much more. 

Each glossy page is also filled with pictures of things we see at home.  Elena Kucharik’s illustration delights my toddlers.  These pictures are great for vocabulary building also.  Sometimes, I name objects and ask the toddlers to look for them in the page.  Other times, I let them point at objects and we name them together.

We have read this book countless of times, but the toddlers never tire of listening to the story.  Jade still declares that it is her “most favorite book ever.”  It has also helped encourage Jade to be more independent.  Whenever she does something that Zoe can do, she says, “Like Zoe! Mama, I’m like Zoe!”  It’s not only Jade who loves the book.  Jakei loves it also.  He loves looking at the pictures and naming them.


Since the toddlers love this book so much, we also want to get a copy “I’m Jack!”, another book in the series.  I still can’t find any in the local bookstores though.

I’m Jack! I Am Made to Run and Play (Little Blessings Picture Books.)