Business Strategies For Busy Moms

These days, many mothers have decided to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams so they can attain economic security, personal fulfillment, and/or professional progress. Irrespective of your motive for developing your own business, you will likely have to divide time between building your company and caring for your children. However, there are several fairly simple business strategies you can implement to optimize your company’s efficacy in a manner that will still leave plenty of time for you to be with your kids. Here are three such strategies you should try:

1. Invest In Professional Powerpoint Services.

There are a lot of things you can do to build your company, but giving absolutely incredible presentations is one of the best ways to make it happen. When you put together information-packed, highly engaging sales presentations, you’re much more likely to build your client base and optimize conversion. Moreover, getting professional custom Powerpoint presentations services helps your company develop a competitive edge that can enable you to emerge as the industry leader. Companies like eSlide are pleased to devise high quality presentations that help you show off your business’s products and services in a savvy, sophisticated way. Working in a corporate setting, you will likely rely on quality presentations and perhaps distributing them to colleagues, or potential clients or customers. It’s important, in our mobile society, that we understand how to create online presentations in order to do precisely this.

2. Invest In Growth Hacking Strategies.

Growth hacking strategies are perfect for small business owners because they are cost-effective yet can help you build your customer base with relative speed. Growth hacking is all about using various digital marketing strategies to appeal to your target audience, extend your sphere of influence, and develop a positive presence online. If you’re not sure how to do this, you may want to contact some Digital Marketing services for some help. There are multiple strategies available to you, including content marketing, social media optimization, and online reputation management. Any business will benefit from getting a good online reputation. So, even if you are opening up a new dentist for example, you should still learn about marketing strategies for dentists to make sure that your business is as successful as it can be.

3. Network, Network, Network.

Networking is one of the most valuable business strategies available, especially if you’ve just started your company. To really build your brand’s reputation and develop steady clients, you have to “get out there” and inform others about your products and services in an engaging manner. Luckily, moms can use events like their kid’s soccer game or a baby shower for networking purposes. Just make sure you bring your business card!

4. Consider Using A Contract Management Software with a Contract Repository.

What is a contract repository, you ask? As stated in its name, it is a location where you can store and manage business contracts between you and your suppliers, who are vital to the overall success of every company.

Digital contract repositories, in particular, are useful in optimising your company’s efficacy as it solves the logistic, accuracy and security issues that traditional contract repositories like filing cabinets often fail to address. A digital contract repository also allows companies to monitor if all contract provisions are met, thus helping them identify which business-supplier relationships they should focus on maintaining and strengthening.


If you’re a busy mom who has recently begun a business, you probably want your company to excel while still finding time to spend with your children. To accomplish these important objectives, start implementing the business tips outlined above. In so doing, you’ll likely attain the professional success you want while simultaneously remaining an excellent parent!

My 10-peso Sandwiches

If you see me a few pounds heavier than you last saw me, blame it on the 10-peso sandwiches! 😀

I’ve been selling sandwiches in front of our house for almost a month now.  They’re not fancy sandwiches, just plain ol’ ham, cheese, and egg sandwiches.  What made me decide to set up a snack table despite already having my hands full with ghostwriting, blogging, tutoring, and housechores?! I’m also asking myself that question!!! (Giving myself a big face palm as well!)

Seriously, I saw the market for sandwiches.  Since the kids started school and took the school service, I found myself waiting by our door for an hour before noon and another hour in the mid-afternoon.  During those times, workers from a nearby cemetery and mechanics from a car shop would flock the sari-sari store beside our house for snacks.  Most of the time, they would just buy biscuits or a peanut butter sandwich (the only variant that the store sells).  This was when I broached the subject of opening a small sandwich store to my husband.  Ever supportive of my undertakings, he bought me a small plastic cabinet and a panini grill.

 photo sandwiches.jpg

With handwritten signages and a plastic kitchen cabinet as stand, my little sandwich store looks like it was set-up by kids for a weekend sale.  One customer actually asked me if our store was a school project. 🙂 Add to that, our sandwiches cost only P10.  Since my target market are hard-working laborers who barely earn minimum wage, I decided to keep my profit margin small.  Ideally, food items must be sold with a markup of at least 100%.  Obviously, mine is much lower than that. Nevertheless, I’m happy to be earning even just a little ‘coz I’m able to provide others with affordable snacks.

 photo sandwichessign.jpg

Aside from supplementing the family budget, we also learn a lot from selling sandwiches.

My kids learn to count money.  All our sandwiches are sold at only P10. Cupcakes and cake slices are at P5 each.  My little girl already knows how to skip count by 5s and 10s so she’s able to help me count money or give change.  The little boy’s still learning to do that but he can be tasked to get P10, P5, or P1 coins from the coin jar.

My kids learn the value of hard work. They know that the money in the jar doesn’t  just magically appear.  They know that Mama has to go to the market to buy ingredients, cook the ham and egg, prepare the sandwiches, and man the store.

I get a glimpsed of the outside world. 🙂  Sometimes when no one’s buying, I stop tapping on my keyboard and eavesdrop on the conversations outside.  So very impolite, I know, but some conversations are quite amusing. And for someone who has been cooped home most of the time for the last six years, I find it quite enjoyable interacting with people from all walks of life.

I learn to be humble.  There’s something very humbling about selling 10-peso sandwiches.  Here I am, in a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, selling sandwiches and whatnots while most of my friends are decked in power suits and holding meetings in their offices.  Then I am reminded that all I ever asked God was to have children I could take care of – which is precisely what He has given me.  Yes, I’m merely selling sandwiches and doing odd jobs online, but I get to take care of my children and spend most of my time with them. It’s a good trade-off for me. 🙂

We’re barely earning the equivalent of minimum wage but who knows, if this picks up, we could turn it into a decent snack house. If that happens, we’d be able to provide employment to a couple of workers too. So, if you see our sign, please do stop for a while and buy a couple of sandwiches. They’re worth only P10 each. 🙂

Tips for Starting Your Own Dessert Shop

If your dreams are filled with cheesecake squares and flaky ricotta scones, you should know right away that starting your own bakery involves more than what comes out of the oven. It isn’t an impossible endeavor, however, as long as you plan carefully. This is the same for any business, not just a bakery. Whether you’re opening a bakery or not, starting a new business involves a lot of legal details that you should check for with houston business lawyers. As daunting as this can be, it’s best for the future of your business to run through these legal details. Without further ado, here are a few tips for starting your own dessert shop.

Location, Location, Location

Nothing is more important than where you’ll be selling your goods. For example, you should steer clear of any neighborhoods that already have a Starbucks or a Dunkin Donuts, because you won’t be able to compete with such serious competition right away.

Know Your Niche

As an independent bakery, your prices will probably be higher than the big chains out of sheer necessity. How are you going to reel in new customers anyway? What specialties will drive them to visit your countertop instead of someone else’s? It could be the cute business cards that you could get printed from Commercial Printing Services in London or someone similar to make sure you catch your target audiences eye when they are in related stores. You might even want to some online marketing for your customers. Targetting them on social media and through your website. You might even want to offer an affiliate marketing program so you can get people out there to spread the word of your business. If you wanted to better understand how affiliate marketing worked consider some guides at Hustle Life. Knowledge is power when marketing to your niche. Do your research so you hit the sweet spot for your customers.

Prepare Your Supplies

Nothing will sink a grand opening faster than not having enough oven racks and dolly carts to meet customer demand. Whatever you think you need, double it. You can always re-sell your unused equipment later if it turns out you overestimated, but in all probability, you’ll need every rack and rolling pin.

Embrace The Coffee

In the 21st century, having a gourmet coffee selection is critical to the success of a bakery. It doesn’t matter if your true emphasis is doughnuts and eclairs; just make sure your coffee keeps up with the trends as well, else you’ll lose a lot of business to the places that do.

Creativity and Business Sense: How to Turn an ID Card Printer into a Money-Maker

The school year is nearing and it’s time to keep an eye out for those plastic ID cards to strap on to children’s backpacks, lunch sacks, drinking jugs, and other personal items. These more modern ID tags are now quite conveniently churned out in stalls and stores with plastic card printers hooked up to computers loaded with different designs to choose from. Looking around at these stalls’ clientele, you would notice that parents are not the only customers they have. The owners of these stalls have turned their ID card printer into their own small enterprise targeting a spectrum of customers from parents of school kids to older students and from young teens looking for cute ways to label their things to adults looking for luggage tags that stand out on the airport carousel.

The more enterprising mom would be able to buy her own ID card printer and turn it into a money-maker. There are various ways through which you can use these plastic card printers to earn extra income. Aside from getting in touch with your co-parents at school and sending out online catalogues of your available designs, you can also contact school organizations that may be interested in having ID cards made for their members. Another great business idea using your plastic card printer is to work the party scene for a more “utilitarian” alternative to the usual photo collage giveaways.

These plastic card printers are now available in different models to serve varying printing quantities. The basic ID card printer comes in a model that prints on one side of a PVC card. Other more complex models include capabilities for double-side printing, magnetic stripe or smart contact encoding, and other security features. If this sounds like a good idea to you, make a plan and do some pencil-pushing to find out how this business idea can give you the profits you expect.

Big Advice On Small Businesses for Moms

Career women who suddenly find themselves displaced by becoming full time moms can revive their careers or put their management skills to use without taking their hands off on their mommy duties. Starting out with a small business is a good venture where you can practice your professional skills and still be a full time mom. However, starting your own business while looking out for your toddlers and handling household concerns may be more than you can chew. This is why you need help and expert advice before deciding on your venture. I would recommend using someone like Champions of Change who can offer you business IT support and help improve your business so it becomes the best.

Full time moms who would like to set-up a small business can start with a business plan to help map out the resources and strategies necessary in running a business successfully. This will entail careful study of the business types, market trends, business location, resources, finances, legal concerns, registration, employment, taxes, and operations requirements.

After setting up your website and producing some content, I recommend getting some professional advice because it may be handy in some aspects of your business plan, especially around areas that you are not familiar with. Whether this means getting advice on cyber security from the likes of, or social media marketing agencies. The key is that you want people to see your site, so whether you are encouraging to people to visit it via social media, or you are speaking to professional companies like blog outreach agencies, it really will make such a difference to your business and the amount of customers you see visiting your site, and having a safe business secure from any fraud or hacking, your mind will be at peace that your business can develop through social media safely.

You business plan will serve as the foundation of your business and should be based on accurate information, sound advise and good judgment. It would be great if you have a mentor to guide you and walk you through your plans. Otherwise, you may consider outsourced services to help you formulate a plan.

No business is too small for feasibility studies, professional real estate site selection, and legal process advice. The beauty of the internet age is that you can find these experts online and get the professional help you need in establishing a business with great success potential. Once you have your business plan finalized, its time to set things in motion and start growing your business.