More Mom-Friendly Recipes in Store for Viewers with Del Monte Kitchenomics

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It’s a new season for Del Monte Kitchenomics as it airs its premiere episode on February 19, 2014 on GMA 7.  Tune in just before Eat Bulaga and pick up new delicious, budget-easy, and mom-friendly recipes from hosts Carla Abellana (Kapuso actress) and Chef Jackie Ang-Po (multi-awarded pastry chef and mom of two).  To kick off this new season, a Bloggers’ Conference was held to gather a group of food and lifestyle bloggers from the Metro.  Lunching with fellow bloggers and sampling a couple of the featured recipes in Del Monte Kitchenomics’ 100 Best-Loved Recipes cookbook was nurturing for the heart and soul (Kaldereta is my comfort food, so there :D).

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The attendees of the Conference were treated to lunch first before the program started.  I must say that the Kadereta from Chef Long of the Del Monte test kitchen was the star of the show.  Of course, the Fiesta Float put a refreshing cap to the entire meal.  Lunch pangs satisfied, the bloggers were all ears when Del Monte’s Susie Aquino (senior product manager) welcomed everyone and introduced the cooking show’s new season.  She was joined by the show’s hosts and fellow Del Monte executives in the Question and Answer panel.

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As the bloggers started asking their questions, I could not help but realize how a cooking show such as Del Monte Kitchenomics has become part of the kitchens of many Filipino cooks for over 30 years.  The exchanges were candid and without all the high-browed cooking lingo.  The same atmosphere can be expected from the show itself.  “It’s more than just a cooking show,” Susie declared.  She further said that “We’ve engaged our audience for many years.  It’s a family.  It has become the people’s cooking show.”  For this, the Del Monte Kitchenomics rises above any other ordinary cooking show.

Viewers of the new season of Del Monte Kitchenomics cooking show has a lot to look forward to.  “We have many exciting things in store for the Del Monte Kitchenomics Cooking Show viewers.  We have new faces on the show and new culinary destinations.  Kitchenomics will also be even more fan-engaging as it will be very easy for our active Facebook Fans to be guests on our show and we’ll be featuring many of our members’ Most Requested Recipes,” Susie said.  Carla also added that “you do not have to be a professional to cook with Del Monte Kitchenomics.” She shared stories about how she was inspired by her grandmother from which she got her love for cooking and passion to learn new things in the kitchen.

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Everyone can cook with Del Monte Kitchenomics.  Viewers can expect to learn recipes that are easy-to-follow and that require only a handful of ingredients.  One of the challenges of the ordinary home cook in following recipes is the need for special ingredients and equipment.  There’s none of these requirements in Del Monte Kitchenomics’ easy-to-prepare recipes – Del Monte food products are enough to give your dishes that special touch.  Aside from being kitchen-tested, the recipes are also easy on the budget.  They even have Swak sa Budget recipes on their website that allow you to prepare meals for only P100 for a family of 5.

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Chef Jackie and Carla are the perfect hosts for this cooking show.  They exude an air of credibility without losing their bubbly and approachable personality.  It’s like cooking with friends in your kitchen.  While the show is intended to help moms with their kitchen dilemmas and challenges in preparing meals for their family, other home cooks can definitely join in the fun.  Cooking, after all, knows no age.  Viewers of all ages will definitely enjoy the Del Monte Kitchenomics cooking show.  With Del Monte products available at affordable prices in various supermarkets, cooking is easy as 1-2-3.

The new season of the Del Monte Kitchenomics cooking show airs on GMA Channel 7 on Wednesdays and Saturdays before Eat Bulaga and on Sundays before Sunday All Stars.



This post was written by Elmira Dulce Joson-Rivera who attended the conference for The Tottering Mama.  Elmira is a passionate lover of the printed word who opted to trade in her suits and the perks of a corporate job for more quality family time. Now a freelance writer/editor and a work-at-home-mom, she continues to strive to live life to the fullest, taking each day at a time, riding the highs and the lows with the people she loves most. Read more of her articles at  and

Early Cooking Lessons with Mom and Sis

A few weeks ago, I got a care package from our eldest sister who sent over some of our favorite dishes that she used to prepare for us when we were in college.  It was a simple fare of Spaghetti in Puttanesca Sauce, Homemade Garlic Bread, Grilled Chicken, and Freshly Baked Mango Squares.  

As I take each bite of these flavorful and lovingly prepared dishes, I get transported back in time when my mom and my sisters would bond in the kitchen as we prepare meals for family gatherings.  It was then when I learned my first cooking lessons.  We have used a wide variety range cookers that grew and improved along with our cooking skills.  Here are some of the early cooking tips that I learned from my mom and our eldest sister.

On Cooking Pasta:  Pasta is best enjoyed when cooked Al dente, this means that the pasta is cooked with a soft yet firm consistency.  This means that you have to keep a close watch to your pasta as it gets close to the cooking time specified in the pasta label.  Once the pasta has expanded, take a piece of it from the pot and cool it for a few seconds before taking a bite.  It should be soft enough to bite through but firm enough to remain a bit chewy. Remove pasta from heat and drain water immediately once this consistency is achieved.  Leaving the pasta in the water even when the heat is turned off will lead to over cooking.

On Sautéing:  Heat pan first before putting the oil or butter in.  Add a little oil before placing the butter in so that it won’t get burned easily. Start with medium fire when heating the pan and turn it down to low when sautéing finely chopped vegetables. 

On Grilling:  Lightly brush the grill with oil before cooking to prevent of minimize sticking. Watch over the cooking temperature especially when using charcoal grills.  Temperatures can be adjusted by a sprinkle of water or moving the charcoal around to lower heat of fanning the flames to get more heat.  Marinating helps in tenderizing the meat you can marinate tough meat cuts longer to get the tenderness that you desire.

These are some of the first things I learned about cooking when I was young and it came handy when I had my own family and started preparing meals for them.  Until now, I still consult my mom and my sister whenever I am faced with difficult or tricky dishes to cook.