One Busy Saturday

Saturday is laundry day so we usually just stay home. The kids spend time with their Papa or do crafts while I wash our clothes. Last Saturday though was an exception. Right after hanging the last piece of clothing to dry, we all prepped for going out.

First stop was a quick lunch before the kids’ dental appointment. I’ve been encouraging friends in another state to get their children to a Dentist in Louisville early so they can get used to the visits, and to make sure they’re free from any issues. As for mine, the kids now go to My Dentist in SM where a pedia dentist is available on weekdays. It’s also more convenient going there since it’s much closer to our place than PCMC. Both kids had oral prophylaxis and fluoride application. As always, it was fuss-free and cavity-free. Yup! Both kids have stayed cavity-free up to now. Want to know how they’ve managed to have healthy gums and teeth? Click here to read my post from last year.

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Who’s not afraid of the dentist?

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chillin’ coz there’s no drillin’ (still cavity free! woo-hoo!)

Spending time with the kids at the dentist got me thinking about my own teeth too. My best friend who lives in California has recently had some cosmetic dentistry work done at a Dentist in Sacramento and her new smile has got me debating whether or not I should treat myself too. Whitening treatments are very popular at the moment, and so are teeth straightening solutions such as Invisalign, so I am feeling tempted to get something done. Looking after your teeth is so important though which is why if you are considering getting any cosmetic dentistry procedures done, you should always do your research first, whether you are considering going to a Dentist In batavia, or a dentist in Budapest. Nonetheless, with cosmetic dentistry on my mind, after getting their “good patient” stickers from their dentist, we bought a couple of gifts for Jakei’s best friend in school who was celebrating her 6th birthday. Then off we trooped to Antipolo.

 photo samsbirthday.jpg

Jakei wouldn’t miss BFF Sam’s birthday party for anything in the world!

The kids had fun playing party games but we had to leave before the magic show started. I had dinner plans with mommy blogger friends and had to be at the train station before 6pm. Instead of going home, Papa Jay took the kids on a movie date. The kids had been waiting for the movie Big Hero 6 to be shown on the big screen so this naturally was the movie of the night. 🙂

 photo BigHero6.jpg

Kids were raving about this movie on the way home!

After the movie, they waited for me halfway to the house so I wouldn’t have to walk home all by myself. We arrived home a little after 10pm with Papa and I exhausted and the kids, as always, still full of energy. It definitely was a long busy Saturday for us, not the typical in-bed-by-seven-o-clock weekday sched. 😀

Care to share how your weekend went? I’d love to hear your stories too. 🙂

Who’s Afraid of the Dentist?

Definitely not these two!

 photo dentist1_zps145a3089.jpg

See those faces beaming with joy? My kids obviously were happy to see their dentist. Considering that it’s their first time in this particular dental clinic, they behaved really well. There was a little bit of anxiety on Jade’s part at first which explains why her little brother was with her on the dental chair. It didn’t take long though for her to feel comfortable. Prophylaxis and fluoride application was a breeze because both kids were very cooperative and followed the dentist’s instructions well.

 photo dentist2_zpsd905d1e0.jpg

Want to know why they’re not afraid of the dentist? Here are a few reasons why I’ve got fearless little tots:

  1. We take them to the dentist annually. The kids’ teeth are all cavity-free but we’ve been taking them to see the dentist since they were a year old. Dental visits usually just involved a quick peek at their teeth and since they don’t have cavities, the visits were enjoyable ones. This is perhaps why they were very comfortable in the dental clinic. Perhaps if they did have cavities we might have to learn more about the procedure they’d need and understand how to keep our teeth healthier! Luckily, we already do this, so it is unlikely we will have bad dental hygiene. Don’t wait for your child to have toothaches or cavities before you take him to the dentist. Ideally, you should take your children to a kids dentist in kansas city or anywhere near your place every six months.
  2. We role-play at home. We love to do pretend play where we get transported to different worlds. One of those worlds is a magical dental clinic where one of us gets to pretend to be the dentist who gives children candies only if they promise to brush their teeth. 🙂 And of course, there’s the “open your mouth wide” routine and the “brush your teeth after meals” reminder.
  3. We take great care of their teeth. Both kids are cavity-free because they both know already how to care for their teeth. Although Jakei loves to eat candies, chocolates, and almost everything sweet, he knows how to brush his teeth well and also remembers to drink water after eating his sweet treats.
  4. Before going to the dentist, we go through what they should expect during the visit. Since this was their first prophylaxis and fluoride application, I told them that the dentist would be cleaning their teeth with a special brush and then she’d be ‘painting’ them with special toothpaste. By telling them what to expect, you lessen their apprehensions and allay their fears.

It did help that Dra. Dimanlig, the pediatric dentist, was very genial. She had this motherly air that the kids immediately warmed up to her. So do also choose a dentist that your kids would not be afraid of. Oh, and please don’t make the dentist the terrible witch who’d pull all their teeth out if they ate too much candy. If you tell your kids this, then don’t be surprised if they absolutely refuse to see the dentist!

Nonverbal Communication and Healthy Teeth with a Dentist

Body language is a form of communication that defies cultural and lingual barriers. A smile is a smile no matter what language the happy person speaks. Sadly, some people feel too ashamed to smile because they feel their mouth to be in poor visual condition. This usually means that their oral health is also damaged internally. This can lead to poor health in other areas throughout the body. A life without smiling happily is dangerous indeed which is why it is important to find the best dentist in irvine ca or local to you. What is your internal reaction when you smile? It’s clear that it is something worth preserving. However, unfortunately, a healthy smile seems to be something that can often be lost in later years due to poor dental hygiene decisions culminating in old age. This is why a dental plan is so often considered by those approaching senior citizen status. When you enter retirement you are usually signed up for Medicare already. Unfortunately, Medicare and Medicaid don’t cover the dental cost and supporting dental plans are usually recommended by websites like Let’s Say Thanks which help you to purchase a plan that is best suited to you.

If your smile could use a bit of improvement, there are people who can help. A Simi Valley dentist can brighten up your smile with the latest advancements in dental technology. Then they can teach you how to maintain your gorgeous new grin at home.

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Keep Your Mouth Healthy at Home

Loved by parents and despised by adolescents everywhere, brushing and flossing are two simple ways to keep your mouth healthy. Be sure to spend an adequate amount of time on each tooth with your brush. Use toothpaste that is custom fit to your needs by your oral hygienist. That way you can be sure to get the most out of your time spent. Also, make sure to get between each tooth and gum line whilst flossing. It’s amazing how much food can get stuck in those hard-to-reach places. These are the sort of things that a Dentist Worcester will remind you whenever you go for a check-up.

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Keep Your Great Smile Forever

You’ll only have one set of adult teeth. Make sure to take care of them so they will last you a lifetime. Biting and chewing food is something that most people with healthy mouths take for granted. Once you lose the ability to eat food in a natural and uninhibited way, things can change about your life. You may not have the same appetite. Loss of appetite can create problems. Chewing food is a necessary part of the digestive process. Without this ability, the whole experience can become cumbersome. Fortunately there are professionals like a Simi Valley dentist who have the training and expertise to help you recover from any dental problem and keep you smiling for many years to come.

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