Dental Hygiene to Teach Your Children

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It is your responsibility as a parent to teach your children the tools they will use for their entire lives. You will be the biggest influence in their childhood, and the habits you teach them will likely stick with them forever. One of these important things that you need to teach them is good dental hygiene. By going to the Fresno children’s dentist and teaching your children the following things, they will have the right habits for healthy teeth and a healthy mouth.

What Your Children Need to Learn


The first thing you must teach your children is how to care for their teeth. This includes brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash. To brush, they need to use toothpaste on an appropriately sized toothbrush. Teach them to brush their teeth from all angles, and to brush the surface of their tongues as well. This process should take at least two minutes. They should brush at least twice a day – in the morning and at night, and can brush more if the opportunity presents itself. Flossing should be done once a day, though this is more commonly neglected. They need to get a long strand and wrap most of it around one finger, holding one end in the other hand. As they floss around every tooth, they can unravel the floss to have new string available. This will help strengthen gums and keep stuff out from between the teeth. Mouthwash should be done with brushing; the mouthwash should be swished around in the mouth for thirty seconds. The other habits your children need to learn are to eat food that is good for the mouth. Drinking milk and getting calcium will strengthen bones and teeth. They need to avoid sugar and dark drinks to keep the teeth healthy at all times.

Going to the Dentist


Take your children to the Fresno children’s dentist as soon as they are old enough. The growth of their teeth needs to be monitored and any problems need to be caught early on. The dentist will also teach your children the importance of good dental hygiene and can give you any additional tips on how to teach these things to your children.