FRABELLE FOODS: The Brand With A Promise

Hotdog, Bacon, Longganiza, Tocino and Tapa – ask any child, or adult for that matter, what his favourite food is and one or all of these would most probably be on top of his list.  Growing up, hubby’s fave ulam was tocino and mine was bacon.  Yes, I’m one of those who love to eat bacon with rice.  Actually, I can eat bacon with almost anything – bread, baked potatoes, pancakes, etcetera.

Our little ones, naturally, have the same liking for these food.  Good thing though that my little girl eats vegetables and fruits with more gusto than these meats so I  don’t mind serving them processed meats every now and then.  Moreover, we don’t just buy the cheapest available brand in the market.  We pay particular attention to quality and patronize select premium brands.

Just recently, we tried a fairly new brand in the processed food industry – Frabelle Foods.  I have seen the ad (shown below) on television but didn’t really pay much attention to it.  What prompted me to give Frabelle a try was when it was recommended by my kids’ school teacher. Also, the promo person of the leading competitor of Frabelle was pushing their product so hard at the grocery store that it seemed that they were really threatened when Frabelle entered the market.  Frabelle must be that good if it’s getting a fair share of the market from the leading brand.

Prior to receiving an offer to try the new products of Frabelle, we have already heard great feedback from friends who have tried their products.  So we included them in our grocery list, tried (and loved) their Yummy! Hotdogs, Yummy! Cheesedogs, Longganiza, and Pork Ham Tocino. It seemed to me that the Yummy! Hotdogs taste like those of the brand we’ve been patronizing for years but hubby’s more discerning taste said that Yummy! Hotdogs were sweeter and had a distinct flavor.  Suffice it to say that he prefers the Yummy! Hotdogs now.  The kids and I prefer Yummy! Cheesedogs though which definitely do not come cheap on the cheese. If you’re on a tight budget like us and can’t buy two different packs of hotdogs, you can still please everyone in the family with the Yummy! Combo pack where you can get both hotdogs and cheesedogs in one 250 gm pack for only P 40 per pack.


Little ones give Frabelle Longganiza Hamonado a thumbs up! That’s even if dear Mama overcooked the longganiza. 😛

I have mentioned that I received an offer to try products of Frabelle Foods and since we have already tried a few of their products, I accepted the offer.  It was through this offer that I got to know more about the brand and all their other products.


FRABELLE FOODS: The Brand With A Promise


Believing that every single meal must be made special, Frabelle Foods brings to us quality meats that taste a notch higher than other products in the market.  By providing consumers with fresh, premium quality products  that make every meal a fine experience,  Frabelle Foods endeavors to be a trusted name in every Filipino household.

Frabelle Foods products are deliberately made more delicious (Sadyang Pinasarap) with the use of premium meats, finest ingredients, and meticulous preparation of curing every product.  The Pork Ham Tocino is made from fresh pure lean ham leg, Honey Ham and Hickory Smoked bacon are cured with pure unadulterated honey, and the hotdogs and bacons are naturally smoked using imported woodchips.  All these give each product a distinct flavor that sets them above other products we have long been used to.

More than just providing us fine meat products, Frabelle Foods takes an extra mile and gives us new and healthier ways to serve them to our families through recipes created at The Frabelle Culinary Center.  It doesn’t always have to be hotdogsilog, longsilog, or tocilog that we serve on our table.  Try the Longganiza Hamonado Pasta Aglio Olio, the Macaroni Salad with Hickory Bacon and Rosemary, or the Honey Ham and Cheese Croquette and surprise your loved ones with fine delectable meals.  Visit for the recipes or leave your email address in the comment section below and I’ll send you a copy of a recipe booklet from Frabelle.

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