New Look, New Commercials, More Magic Moments

So you’re having an awfully bad day beset with problems on how to make ends meet raising your child all on your own. You take your child to the grocery to buy whatever essentials you could with the little money you have left. Then out of nowhere, John Lloyd Cruz appears and tells you that you have won a domestic vacation package. Now that is one MAGIC MOMENT! And that is exactly what happened to Jenevie Verances.

 photo MagicMomentsJenevie.jpg

Jen was just buying groceries when she was chosen. The sound of her young child’s squeaky shoes caught the attention of the Magic Flakes Magic Moments team. Watch the video to see how her day became truly magical.


More MAGIC Moments

Jen’s story is just one of the many Magic-al surprises sprung by John Lloyd Cruz on Magic consumers. From the 8 activations in 2013 that brought happiness and immeasurable delight to consumers in Metro Manila, MAGIC now holds activations across all regions. Jen was buying Magic Chips in Cebu when she won. Other Magic consumers from Iloilo, Pampanga, and Laguna have also won various prizes such as Magic Family Treat, Magic Back-to-School Package, and Magic Shopping Treat.

Magic brand ambassador John Lloyd Cruz will be surprising more consumers with truly memorable Magic Moments. He’ll be going to different regions to give out Magic bundles and Magic packages to lucky consumers. Winners can also expect warm embraces and a kiss on the check from the Magic Man himself. So if you see a Magic promo booth, grab your fave Magic crackers and you just might have that Magic Moment with the Magic Man John Lloyd!

“The team and I are looking forward to bringing more magic to different localities around the country. Participating in this activity has changed my life in a unique way. I am truly thankful to Jack ‘n Jill Magic for giving me this opportunity.”

– John Lloyd Cruz –


The MAGIC Continues: Four Years and Counting

The joy he feels every time he sees the smiles of those who are given special Magic Moments is just one of the many reasons why John Lloyd Cruz continues to support Jack ‘n Jill Magic. Asked why he has stayed with Magic all these years, John Lloyd says that he has found in Magic something better than brands we got used to. He says, “Tayong mga Pinoy madaling masanay pero when I tasted Magic, sabi ko there’s something better pala. Mas gusto ko ito.”

Chris Hernandez, Marketing Director of Jack ‘n Jill Magic, says that John Lloyd was chosen as MAGIC’s Brand Ambassador because he personifies the Magic Brand. He has charisma which is evidently seen in the reactions of people when they see him.

 photo MagicMomentswithJohnLloyd.jpg

MAGIC Brand Ambassador John Lloyd Cruz with Magic’s Marketing Director Chris Hernandez and Host Gelli Victor

To mark his fourth year with Magic, new commercials showcasing stories of excitement and kilig moments will be aired soon. This new TV campaign will highlight consumers enjoying their fave Magic variants in different scenarios. One commercial I’d love to see again is the one where a girl says “Taken!” Here’s another one that has already hit the net:


New Look Same MAGIC-al Taste

While waiting for the new commercials to air on television, we could already enjoy the different Magic variants in their new distinctive packagings featuring a striking balance between straight and curvy edges. The brighter hues of red, blue, and yellow give them a more upbeat and youthful look. Now you’ve got MAGIC crackers perfect for the vibrant you!

 photo Magic-1.jpg

 photo MagicMomentsButterandBerry.jpg

Want to know more about Magic crackers or check out the Magic Man’s adventures? Head on over to the official Magic Cracker YouTube channel and to the Magic Cracker Facebook page. Want to read about my almost Magic moment with John Lloyd? Check out my post about my #MagicMoments at the Magic FunFair. 🙂

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My #MagicMoments with My Little Ones

Magic Moments at The Magic Fun Fair

So what happens when kids are on school break? Well, this Mama gets to attend blog events! 😀 After a Sunday afternoon in Jollitown, I was able to join lunch at the Magic Funfair in Crowne Plaza Hotel on Wednesday. For a hermit-mom like me, two events in a week are already too many. I couldn’t pass up the chance to see John Lloyd Cruz up close and personal though so off I went to the Jack ‘n Jill Magic Funfair. 😉

Upon arriving at the venue, I was surprised to see carnival game booths inside the function hall. I was then given a Funfair ticket which I was to have stamped in each game booth.

 photo MagicMomentsticket.jpg

The first one was the Magic Flakes Photobooth where I had a picture taken with John Lloyd’s standee (was wishing he’d magically turn real right before the camera clicked ;-).

 photo MagicMomentsJLstandee.jpg

Each booth featured a Magic cracker variant and a player gets to win a bunch of the corresponding variants. I was able to knockdown a can at the Magic Coated Spill the Choco booth and catch three fishes of the same color at the Magic Junior Go Fish! Yey! Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on my side at the Magic Creams Magic Wheel of Creams and the Magic Chips TicTacChips booths. I had fun playing though and I got a bunch of my kids’ fave Magic Coated Choco Coated Cracker Sandwich.

 photo MagicMomentsFunFair.jpg

While waiting for the program to start, guests enjoyed a buffet lunch with some dishes ingeniously incorporating Magic Crackers in their ingredients. The Leche Flan with Crushed MAGIC Cream Chocolate was an instant hit! Pardon me for not remembering to take photos of the food. Not only was I too caught up in the carnival atmosphere, but I also was too excited anticipating the arrival of THE John Lloyd Cruz.

 photo MagicMomentsstage.jpg

The program opened with host Gelli Victor calling a couple of Jack ‘n Jill’s marketing officers to give updates on the Magic campaigns and to introduce Magic Fun Fair.  We met one of the lucky Magic consumers, Jenevie Verances, who received Magic domestic vacation package.  We were then shown one of the latest TV commercials of Magic Crackers that would surely bring kilig moments.

Click here to know more about Jack ‘n Jill Magic Crackers new TV campaign and new looks

To make the event more festive, four members of the media gamely re-enacted the new commercial.  There’s no need to guess who MAGIC-ally appeared right before the commercial ends, right?

 photo MagicMomentsmediawinners.jpg

John Lloyd candidly answered questions from the media. As expected he was not only asked about why he has continued to support Jack ‘n Jill Magic all these years, but was also asked about his relationship with Angelica, his contract with ABS-CBN, and his career plans.

As much as I wanted to wait for my #MagicMoment to have a picture taken with John Lloyd (the real one and not a standee!), mom duties called and I had to head back home.  To be frank though, I wasn’t that sorry to have left early ‘coz I got to have more #MagicMoments with my bulilits who were ecstatic when I brought home an assorted bunch of Magic Crackers.

 photo MMCollage.jpg

 photo MagicMomentsChocoCoated.jpg

 photo MMGotchaJak-1.jpg

 photo MagicMomentswithKids-1.jpg

Jack ‘n Jill Magic really does have a way of turning ordinary situations into magical ones.  The success of the #MagicMoment campaign stems from the happiness brought to Magic consumers as they are given amazing prizes by the Magic Man himself John Lloyd Cruz.  Want to view these magical moments?  Watch the video below to find out how. 😀