Relaxing Body Massage at Strictly Nails

I have finally found a nearby place where I can get a good massage and spend an hour of respite from stressors. Ironically, I have found it in a nail parlor.

Strictly Nails has been operating in Riverbanks Mall for over a year now but have only recently offered full body massage services. I was hesitant to try it at first because I wasn’t particularly pleased with the pedicure and foot spa service I availed of when they first opened the salon. There wasn’t any other choice though as I had vowed never to set foot on the only other spa in the same area that offered a massage.

Upon entering Strictly Nails , the first thing I noticed was the change in their layout to accommodate more cubicles for their massage services. The lighting also seemed a tad brighter than the last time I was there. It was comfortably dim though inside the cubicle where I was treated to an hour of wonderfully relaxing massage.

Nimfa, my masseuse, was very methodical. Her strokes had just the right amount of pressure to loosen knots in my muscles. I felt all stress floating away with each stroke. The massage was a combination of Shitsu, Swedish and Therapeutic. The facial and head massage was so effective that my headache was alleviated right after. I was actually wishing that the massage would never end. I will definitely be back for a massage here. I may even try their “Morrocan Bath”package.

Disclosure: I am not connected to Strictly Nails nor have been compensated for this post. I paid for the service I availed and even tipped Nimfa generously. I am really just one satisfied client and would like to share this experience to you (especially if you are a mom in need of a mommy’s day off).

BE GONE UNSIGHTLY HAIR! Zapping Underarm Hair with an IPL Laser Hair Removal Treatment At MI CARA

I have unfortunately inherited genes that exhibit much hair growth and pigmentation. If I had known about a clinic like victorian cosmetic institute earlier on, I may have been able to deal with this issue a lot earlier on. But as they say, better late than never!

I have the bane of unsightly dark underarms which have exceeded the darkest of the darkest skin tone during pregnancy. My friend had similar problems and said she went to the Luxe Body Spa for laser hair removal. The results were amazing and I was super jealous. She was adament I should have the same treatment. I admit permanent hair removal would have long ended this woe of mine, but the cost of treatment was above my means. So when Mi Cara Skin and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic offered their services at discounted prices, I knew I could not pass this chance of having baby smooth underarms again. The IPL Laser Hair Removal Treatment usually costs P3000 per session but they offered it at SaveOn Pinoy for only P399 per session. I grabbed the opportunity to try this permanent laser hair removal option and purchased 10 coupons.

Setting an appointment was fairly easy. They gave a landline and a cell phone number which made it convenient to contact them. On the other hand, it was a bit difficult to look for their clinic. I’ve never been inside the Eastwood Cybermall so I was not familiar with the area. It took me a while to find the clinic as there was nary a “Micara” signage anywhere. I finally found it after asking the two aesthetic clinics on the same floor. It turns out that they are using one of the rooms inside MD Eastwood. I should have paid more attention to the coupons which indicated MD Eastwood Cybermall. This I noticed only when I got back home and checked a coupon for the address of their other clinic.

There was still another patient in the clinic when I arrived so I had to wait for a few minutes. When it was my turn, I was cordially greeted by the dermatologist, Michelle Sacdalan. There was neither a condescending look nor a snobbish air which some service providers show to non-regular clients specially those who have availed of group discounts like us. I liked her even more when I overheard her telling her two assistants to have lunch first and that she’d be fine by herself. Care for ones employees reflect a good heart.

The procedure was quite quick. First my underarms were cleaned and marked by a pen (I think it was white eyeliner or something that looks like that). Then ultrasound gel was spread on them. While doing these, Michelle asked me if I had sensitive skin or any history of skin reactions or scarring. When I said yes, she said that she’ll be lowering the energy level to lessen any skin reaction I may experience. After which, she adjusted the settings of the machine and started the laser treatment. If I remember right, she used about 8-10 pulses per underarm. The pulses stung a little but not as much as when you’re having a wax.

I’m no advocate of this treatment as I also have yet to see the results, but comparing it with waxing makes me lean more to IPL Laser Treatment. Even without the discounted coupons, you actually save more having your hair permanently removed than having it waxed every month for your entire life.

IPL Laser Treatment
P 3000 per session
P 200 per session
Lifetime Cost
P 3000 x 10 sessions
= P 30,000
(It takes about 8-10 sessions for all the hair follicles to be killed for hair removal to be permanent.)
P 200 x 12 months
= P 2400/year
P2,400 x 30 years
= P72,000
(assuming you start waxing at age 20
and stop at age 50)
Frequency of Session
2 sessions a month
for 5 months
1 session every 3 weeks
for 7 ½ months
once a month
for life
(or until you don’t care about unsightly hair anymore)
(depends on your pain threshold)
(depends on your pain threshold)
Skin Reactions
some redness for those with sensitive skin
some redness for those with sensitive skin

I’ve only had one session so there are still no visible effects. My sister and I will be coming back for several more treatments to ensure that our underarms will finally be hair free. And hopefully, smoother and lighter in color as well. I’ll let you know how the treatment works out a few months from now.

If you would like to try the IPL Hair Removal Treatment, you may call 506-3106 to set an appointment. You may also visit the Mi Cara clinics at the following locations:

3RD Floor
Mon-Tues 11am-6pm

Lot15 Blk25 JP Rizal St., New Capitol Estates 1, Commonwealth Avenue, QC
Thurs, 4 – 6pm
Fri – Sat, 11am – 4pm
Sundays, by appointment

Mi Cara Skin and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic also offers radiofrequency treatments, lipocavitation for fats, abformer, the usual facials involving diamond and chemical peels, along with other dermatological services such as acne surgery fillers, botox dermarollers and anti-aging injections.


UPDATE (June 23, 2012)

After 5 sessions of IPL treatment at Mi Cara Skin and Aesthetic Clinic, there was still no noticeable effect on the growth of hair in our underarms. We then availed of IPL treatment at Centro Estetico which we found to be more effective. At Centro Estetico, we were given around 20-25 shots per underarm per session plus the deal we got came with whitening treatment which we availed of after we finished all 5 sessions of IPL treatment. Probably because of the number of shots we received at each session, there was already noticeable decrease in hair growth after our second treatment. They recommend a minimum of 8 IPL sessions for full permanent removal of hair.

Funny Gifts For My Mom’s Retirement

Here in our country, the mandatory age of retirement from government service is age 65. Some are allowed another year of stay if there is nobody else suitable for their position and capable of doing their tasks. Apart from that though, most people are forced to hang up their boots at 65 and look towards the next chapter of their life, which can often involve places similar to Phoenix Senior Living. These facilities are designed to give elderly people the best possible final years of life. These facilities often provide the elderly with fun activities and opportunities to mingle with people their own age, whilst also providing them with the essential care that they need. As our elderly family members start retiring and getting older, it might be worth discussing the type of life insurance that seniors should buy to make sure they have enough money to cover the cost of their funeral service. Whilst this is a morbid conversation to have, it is essential when people start retiring.

My Mom has been working as a humble government employee for almost two decades now. She dearly loves her work and her officemates have become very close friends through the years. This is basically why she is a bit saddened by having to retire from service come her 65th birthday next year. She might be extending her service for a year more but after that, she will be among the many retirees who have served the country well in their own small ways.

While of course she is looking forward to never having to get up for work again, part of me worries that she’ll get fed up with nothing to do all day. At least she’s got nothing to worry about financially anymore, unlike so many people in similar positions to her whose finances are not as steady. Thankfully for my mom, a good retirement finance adviser such as Key can be extremely key for the happiness of one’s retirement, and the people that helped her with her retirement were fantastic. They were able to ask any questions she had, such as would it better for her savings if she downsized her home, what’s compound interest, or where there any investments she could make.

Among the things I would like to give Mom for her retirement, funny gifts top the list. She has great sense of humour and would surely be pleased with something amusing. Funny gift items would certainly put a smile on her face and would brighten her day. They would also take away her pangs when she misses her officemates and her daily work routine.

With the many gift items available nowadays, I am sure to find out that would amuse her best. Although her retirement is still several months away, I have already started to browse online shops for funny gifts that I can give to my Mom. She really deserves something special for being one of the best Moms in the world and for serving our country as a government employee with diligence and integrity.