When SAHMone Speaks: Rated-M

When SAHMone Speaks

How would you rate yourself as a mother, 10 being the highest?


In terms of love, caring and effort, I think all mothers should be rated a perfect 10.  I’m certain we all love our children more than anything else in the world and are giving 101% in taking care of them and ensuring that all their needs are met.

But, of course, other aspects of motherhood are much more difficult to rate.  In terms of providing proper nutrition and tasty meals, I’d probably rate myself a 3 as I am still far from being kitchen savvy.   For taking time to prepare activities and games for my toddlers each day, I would give myself a 9 (I would give myself a perfect score if it were not for the many times that I was unable to stick to our daily schedule of activities).  I think a 7 would suffice for dealing with their toddler antics and tantrums patiently most of the time (there are times when a whole mile of patience can be worn out and this mom just explodes like the Big Bang ^_^).

Overall, I think I would give myself a qualitative grade of Needs Improvement.  Motherhood, after all, evolves as our children grow and as we mature as wives and mothers.   I may perfectly love my toddlers but am definitely needing improvement in parenting them. Whatever the rating we give ourselves,  what’s most important is that we give our children our unfailing love and understanding and forgiveness.

Mommy Moments: White

 The theme for Mommy Moments this week is WHITE.   Unlike last week’s theme which was not a favorite in the family,  white is something we have in abundance.  I think all of us do!

I chose four of the cutest pictures of my toddlers in white.

The little ones racing towards Mama in their matching white and blue onesies

all ready for lunch with their white bibs on… but lunch isn’t ready yet

busy sorting the coins and chips in their overused white sandos

Little Jade using a white crayon on her black book

playing with the white cones in their comfy white shirts


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Mommy Moments: Purple-less

I missed joining Mommy Moments twice so I was very eager to join again this week. But, alas, the theme for this week is not one of our favorite colors. It’s now Saturday night and I still have not found any picture of the kids wearing purple. Now I’m making a mental note to get them some purple stuff to complete their rainbow colors.

After scouring our picture folders, I found these pictures which I’m very reluctant to share but would post anyway just to be able to join this week’s meme.

Last year, this 33-yr-old mom became an instant ramp model.  We went to Skydome to swap a couple of empty boxes for gift packs from Olay Age Defying Bar and to buy some shoes for my father-in-law.  Well, we ended up staying longer at the Swap as I found myself being made up in the backstage and being briefed for our walk on the ramp.  It was my 7 Minutes of Fame (or Shame as I would call it).  It was nerve-wracking, somewhat embarassing, but it is definitely one for the books.

with Jackie Lou Blanco and the other Olay Ladies – I’m easy to spot as I’m the only one who’s under 5′

my ever-supportive hubby and our little Jade who still claims until now that “Mama is a model”


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WBFC#9: The Tottering Mama

The Weekend Blog Follower Caravan is back and I wouldn’t want to miss joining it this week!  This week’s caravan is all about getting to know the bloggers behind the great blogs that we visit.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to finally know more about the people behind the inspiring stories we read.

Welcome to my one-and-only blog!  It’s a fairly new blog as I started blogging only this January and have moved from Blogger to WordPress barely a week ago (thanks again to Mommy Rubz!).

I’m Olga to many, Adee to some, Mama to my two toddlers and Gah to my loving husband Hon.  My Hon and I got married 3 years ago and have been blessed with three children.  One of them is our angel. Our little Jake, Jade’s twin sister, went to God’s garden after seven days of life.  Her siblings, Jade and Jakei, continue to make our humble home the happiest place on earth.

I’ve been working as an academic tutor to grade school and high school students for the past 12 years.  This has enabled me to keep the child in me alive as I’ve been spending almost everyday of my life with tweens and teens. It has also sheltered me from the world outside as the kids I tutor come to our house which serves as our informal tutorial center.  So, pardon me if I may seem naive for my age.  I’ve been a child half my life and i’ve been mostly with children the other half of my life.

My husband and I are celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary this month.  The past three years have been one heck of an emotional roller coaster ride.  We’ve had to deal with two unplanned pregnancies, to cope with losing a child, to fight my severe postpartum depression(twice!), and to hurdle countless obstacles in our marriage.  Thank God, we are still together now and still working on making our marriage work to firmly establish our family.

Now, I am a stay at home mom – my toddlers’ 24/7 yaya, cook, playmate, nurse, teacher, and human jungle gym. I still tutor a couple of kids who come to our house after school but my main priority remains being a mama to Jade and Jakei.  I am enjoying my on-the-job training as homemaker and though I still can’t seem to manage running the household fluidly, I find that I am managing it much better now.

I totter. I stumble. I fall. I’m the TOTTERING MAMA.

Still clumsy in the kitchen and prone to botching up lunch and dinner. Still learning how to manage my time better to be more efficient in running the household. Still somewhat unsure whether I’m raising my children well enough; But perfectly certain that I love them more than anything else in the world!

my husband and I with our adorable “mini-me’s”

One Very JOYful Occassion

Among the countless blessings God has given me are friends who have been with me through the years – through all my ups and downs.  I can’t imagine how life would be without them.  God knows how much I treasure friendships and I guess this is why he continues to shower me with new ones.

Recently, I have been blessed to meet a couple of wonderful people who then introduced me to several of their friends and now I have this whole bunch of wonderfully happy people to foster friendships with.

Last February 20, I was honored to have been invited to an intimate gathering of a close-knit group of friends.  It was the 1st Blogversary of Joy Mendiola’s Occasions of Joy.  And true to her blog title, what a joyful occasion it was!

Here’s the pretty celebrant and gracious hostess.
She made all of us feel very welcome and showered us with great gifts also!
Although she was the celebrant and the guests should have given her gifts,
Joy showered us with wonderful prizes and lootbags filled with goodies!
She was fortunate to have so many sponsors,
and we were very fortunate the blessings trickled down on us also.

Among her very generous sponsors are:
Johnson & Johnson, Ainon Baby Products, Lactacyd Pink
Funranch, Baby Company, Super Bowl of China
Nesvita, Donuts Ads Inc, Dona Maria Brown Rice, Walter Bread, Love Blends Coffee
Me & U, Enjoy Philippines, The Body Shop, Svelte, Clarity
A-Z Direct Marketing, MOD Magazine, Baby Magazine
Funlipix, Graphixcel, Elro Commercial

And, of course, her most important sponsor is Rafael A. Mendiola
who not only provided the venue and buffet lunch
but also lovingly supports Joy in all her endeavors

Here’s one very joyful bunch!

The food was sumptuous, the goodies were wonderful, the party was great!  But what I loved the most about this very JOYful occasion was the awesome people I met!  If I had known that mommy bloggers were so fun to be with, I would have started blogging years ago.