Mama will fix it!

A few days ago, I was tasked to file some documents for the family business and had to leave the toddlers with their aunt.  When I got home a couple of hours later, I asked how the toddlers behaved while I was away.  My sister narrated, “Hay, si Jade pinunit yung magazine. I told her she won’t have anything to read anymore if she tears the magazine apart. Wala, pinunit pa rin. Sabi niya, “Mama will fix it.” “

Uh oh!  Mama’s in big trouble now.

This was not the first instance my little Jade has gone to Mama and asked her to fix this and that broken toy or what have you.  In the eyes of my children, I can fix absolutely anything!

Well, I know I’m not the only “Super Mom” in existence.  My eldest sister, Che, happens to be one also.  I remember her daughter Ally watching me fix (futilely) a broken electric fan and seeing that I was having such a hard time finally exclaims, “You should call Mom.  She can fix that.”

To our children, we can do anything.  We can fix everything from torn books, loose seams, broken toys, etcetera, etcetera.  We are world-class chefs, award-winning singers, stellar performers, and exceptional athletes.  We can even make fever go away, bruises heal faster, and take pain away.

Now if only we could fix the world for our children, too.

On second thought, I think we can in our own little ways.  As mothers, we can raise our children to be Christ-centered individuals and upright citizens.  We can teach them compassion for the less fortunate. We can teach them to love and care for nature.  In this way, we can raise a new generation who hopefully will make the future a better place to live in.

Uh oh!  Mama’s in really big trouble now.

The future is in my hands.  That just puts too much pressure on this already stressed mom.  But, heck, my toddlers believe in me… So, here goes… “Mama will fix it!”


When I Grow Up To Be Big Me

“What I want to be
What I want to be
When I grow up to be big me”


Children love pretend play, and my toddlers are part of the norm.  We don’t have elaborate costumes or fancy toys for our impromptu role plays. But we don’t really need any. All we need is lots of imagination and ordinary things can turn into magical objects.  The toddlers may just be in it for fun, but this Mama is also on a lookout for signs of where their inclination lies.  It may be to early to tell if Jade really wants to be a doctor or if Jakei is cut out to be an engineer, but it is never too early to find out which of their interests could be cultivated.


hmmm…engineers in the making?


What a pretty doctor you’d make, Jade
just like your Tita Bing!



yellow hard hat & yellow truck…
Jakei, the Construction Magnate ^_^



Are you ready to rumble?!
…our heavyweight and flyweight world champs…



they could be honorary members(or mascots) of Papa’s bikers club


would they be Equestrians, perhaps?



Whatever it is that they would like to be when they grow up,  I hope that they would excel in their chosen fields.  But more importantly, I pray that no matter how successful they each become, they would always remember their humble beginnings and would always find time to cherish the memories they shared growing up.


Mommy Moments

I’ve just begun to explore the blogosphere and in the first meme that I joined I came across The Mommy Journey. I have read only three posts but they’ve already made me a fan.  I’m also loving all the homeschooling links on the site.  I’ll be homeschooling my two toddlers and all the links provide such useful information and materials as well.  So, to Mommy Chris, thank you so much for sharing your journey with us fellow Moms.

Now, since I’m officially a follower and a fan of The Mommy Journey, it is but natural that I join their weekly Meme, Mommy Moments.  Every Friday, moms share their favorite moments through posting pictures based on the weeks theme.  This week’s theme is New Family Photo. And my favorite among our most recent pics taken is….(drumroll)…

This was taken during our morning stroll at the historic Rizal Park.

 photo 0c2aeaed-1fdf-4689-9f28-8783f20849ff_zpsc76f31bf.jpg

So here’s our family HHWWPSSP!

I’ve just recently joined Mommy Moments but my female intuition tells me that this a great group of wonderful moms.  If I were you, I’d try it out also and see for myself.  Click on the badge to find out more about this totally awesome meme.

mommy moments

The Two Tots I Tote

Other women tote bags, I tote two tots.  Almost everywhere I go my arms would be holding either my daughter or my son and quite often both at the same time.  But I’m not complaining coz they’re absolutely adorable, huggable, lovable and everything “able”!
The Little Princess
JADE is our very precocious two-year-old.  I’m guilty of being overprotective of her but that’s mainly because of her birth history.  She weighed only 1 kilo when she was born and looked more like a kitten than an infant.  We had to wait for two months before we could take her home from the hospital. Then on her third month, she had to undergo surgery for her inguinal hernia.  We’ve also been in and out of the hospital for seizures, pneumonia, measles, etcetera etcetera. Thankfully, she was able to survive all those, is now fairly healthy and has achieved all developmental milestones on time.
from a tiny being inside mama’s womb to a teenyweeny pretty little girl




with her ever sunny disposition whilst at the hospital
don’t let her teenyweeny frame fool you…
this little girl can eat a horse!
“what shall we make today, we’ll make something fun…”

The Handsome Prince
JAKEI, the utterly adorable little man, is the only successor of the ESPINO name.  He’ll probably end up being spoiled by both grandfathers as he is the only grandson in both sides of the family.  His birth weight of 3.7 kilos foreshadowed how his character would be almost completely opposite that of his sister Jade.

whoa!  this petite mom gave birth to a whooping 8lb-4oz-baby boy!
my cute little crawler…reminds me of a very hungry caterpillar
this little guy has one mean bite
the big little brother with his little big sister

growing bigger everyday

I don’t have any Gucci, Hermes, or Louis Vuitton to tote around.  My arms are seldom laden with shopping bags other than ones filled with groceries.  But what could be more precious and more valuable than the two tots that these arms carry?