NASOCLEAR for Mama Sniffles and Li’l Miss Sniffles

Ah-Chooooo! Ah-Chooooo!  Ah-Choooo!

Since I could remember, this was often how I greeted the morning – with a resounding sneeze totally unbecoming of a petite girl (now a woman) like me. Handkerchiefs and tissues were a must otherwise I’d end up with sleeves all wet and icky. Even the tissue had to be of a certain material as some make my allergies even worse.  Aside from the sneezes and sniffles, dark circles around my eyes are telltale signs of my allergic rhinitis.

The Tale of Mrs. Sniffles and Li’l Miss Sniffles

When I was younger, I didn’t mind the sneezing and the runny nose that much.  But there came a time when the allergies became so frequent and so severe that I had no choice but to take a daily dose of antihistamine.  During my not-so-favorite seasons, steroidal nasal sprays are my best friends.  Although medication and steroid sprays stopped the sniffles, they often made my nasal passages dry.  Plus, the doctor recommends using them only during certain periods of the year.  So when my allergies are tolerable, I just use a nasal sprays that contain only sodium chloride and water.

 photo allergicsalute.jpg

Li’l Miss Sniffles doing the allergic salute

When my kids were toddlers, we found out that they had both inherited my rhinitis.  Li’l Jade, my Li’l Miss Sniffles, has the worse of it.  Xyzal, Alnix, Allerkid, Loraped, Disudrin, Claritin – we always keep one or two of these medicines on hand.  Their pediatrician also prescribed us to use saline solution to keep the nasal passages clear.  When they were toddlers, we used Salinase drops.  Now we use nasal sprays which are easier to use on our very active preschoolers.  Just a spray on each nostril and they’re off to go.

NASOCLEAR: Nasal Spray from a Brand We Trust

A few weeks ago, I received a sample of NASOCLEAR from Unilab. I was really more than willing to review the product. Dust, pollen, and the extreme heat trigger our rhinitis so I was thankful for an extra bottle of nasal spray.

 photo SAM_3967.jpg

NASOCLEAR is a natural water based nasal spray that contains 0.65% sodium chloride.  It helps relieve nasal congestion and alleviates itching, sneezy and runny nose.   It does not contain any steroids, does not cause drowsiness, and does not have any adverse side effects.  The best thing about Nasoclear is that it safe to use on my kids

 photo SAM_3966.jpg

As you can see in the picture above, both sprays look exactly the same (except for the labels of course).  They also have the same composition and work pretty much the same way.  It’s really just a matter of choosing the brand you trust.  Of course, for us, that has got to be UNILAB.  So, yes, it’s Nasoclear that keeps our noses sniffle free now.

 photo SAM_3969.jpg

Even if you don’t have allergic rhinitis, do have a bottle of nasal spray for each member of your household.  Our nasal passages need some TLC too, you know.  Watch this video below to learn more about the importance of keeping our noses clean: