First Quarter High

First Quarter in big school ended last August and, I must say, both kids performed really well in school.  There were minor issues in behavior during the first month of school with the little girl easily getting frustrated when she’s not called to recite in class even when she has been “raising my hands forever!” and the little boy being a tad bit too talkative and playful in class (he’s still both but is not disruptive anymore – yey!).

They’ve also both adjusted to their daily routine.  When they get home from school, they eat their lunch/snack, do their homework, play or watch TV, take a bath, eat dinner at 6, and go to bed at 7pm.  We run a tight ship at home!

Like all other kids, they want more time for playing or watching television but they do know that they have to finish all their homework and worksheets first.  The little boy has gotten so used to the routine that he asks for “work” to answer before his TV time.

Well, their diligence have paid off!  Check out their grades for the First Quarter:

 photo reportcardday.jpg

I know that learning isn’t just about school grades but high grades give us parents a sense of gratification. That feeling that your own hard work (prepping worksheets and tutoring two li’l kids ain’t exactly that easy!) paid off, too.   The two little bulilits couldn’t care less though.  The 9’s and A’s don’t mean anything to them.  What gave them more excitement was the breakfast treat we promised them as a reward for working hard and doing really well in school.

We’re really blessed to have been given two precocious little children!  Lucky also that they’re so easily pleased with a simple treat at iHop.  🙂

Cheer Dancing the Preschool Way

Last July, the little kids had their Sports Day in school. Parents were invited and also participated in the games. Now I’m not really the sporty type and have always been afraid to trip or fall and get bruised. I did want to encourage the kids to participate in sports activities so I had to set an example by joining a couple of games. Oh yes, I ran and crawled AND got bruised. 😛  I didn’t mind it much though coz I got to see my kids have fun!

 photo cheerdance_zps5de3c39e.jpg

What made the day very memorable though was seeing my little boy perform with his classmates during the cheer dance. For the first time since he went to school last year, he actually participated in a school program!  I’m glad I was able to get it on video. 🙂

Watch my two little ones in action!

Choosing a Nursery for September

Choosing a school is not as easy as 1,2,3. There are just so many factors you must consider moreso if it would be your child’s first school. You’d want the school to provide a wonderful learning environment for your child. Like Ravencroft for example, Ravenscroft Admissions is a great place to go to learn more about their wonderful learning environment. In this article, Jenny West shares her thoughts on choosing a nursery for your child.Jenny West recently spent a great deal of time and effort researching the options for sending her twins to nursery and blogs about her experiences to help other parents in a similar situation

Summer seems to have finally arrived in the, which can only mean one thing for parents: the summer holidays. Maybe it’s one of many and you’re used to having to fill the endless weeks with trips to the zoo, the park and the cinema. However, for lots of parents, this is the last summer before their child goes to nursery in September with all the other children to start their academic careers. While many parents have already found care centers like Explore & Develop for their children to attend, I’m sure many parents are still looking around. If you haven’t already found the perfect nursery for your child, what should you be looking for?

When it comes to your children, safety is obviously paramount. This doesn’t change. From birth, the safety of your child is the most important thing to you as a parent. Even in years to come when you are choosing schools for them (and checking the primary school league tables), the safety measures within that school are very important. Make sure all of the nursery staff have their necessary qualifications and checks in place. Don’t feel uncomfortable requesting this information, as you can never be too careful when it comes to leaving your children in the care of others. You can also check the Ofsted report, which will be available on the nursery website or on the central Ofsted government site, to make sure that no concerns have been raised.

Proximity is another thing to consider. With little ones, long morning commutes can be tiring and frustrating, so ideally opt for something relatively local – moreso than for older children. That way, if there is a problem, it’s also easier for you to go and pick your child up. It might also be worth considering whether or not you want a nursery that is attached to a primary school so that your child has a seamless transition into the next stage of school with their new friends.

Most nurseries will focus on similar things to ensure your child develops into a well-rounded little character, but some may choose to focus more strongly on some elements of development than others. Find out what your nursery specialises in. Maybe it’s learning through expressions of creativity, teamwork or simply encouraging children to explore the natural environment and ask questions. If the learning style complements the work you have been doing with your child at home, it can help with the transition from home to nursery.

If you are friends with other parents of children of the same age as your own, find out where they will be sending their own children. This means you can ask questions about the research they have done and what they have found out about each of the nurseries they have visited. Your own child might prefer to go to a nursery where they know someone, and it can be easier to organise a picking up and dropping off rota to suit both of your schedules and give you a bit of a break.

How to find the Best MBA School

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Finding the best MBA School in Colorado may be more difficult than it seems since it’s not just a matter of finding the highest-ranked school and applying. In some respects, people may relocate to get their degree, or they look into, for example, an online mba pennsylvania course, if they decide to go there instead, it is all a matter of preference. Accreditation and ranking are important factors, but should not be the sole reason for applying to any particular school. When making such a big and life-altering decision, it’s important to understand all the facts and consider all the details before making a final commitment. Taking into account personal preferences, previous experience, and career goals, are just a few of the many factors that should be fueling the decision.

Skills and Career Goals

Getting an MBA is one of the great ways to get ahead of the competition and jumpstart a career. With such a versatile degree, it can be an asset in almost any situation or endeavor. It is the combination of education and experience that make the most successful individuals, and an MBA can help facilitate these situations. Assessing personal skills and previous education is an important part in the process. Each program varies significantly with its application requirements. Someone with 10 years of business experience will want a different program than a recently graduated student. It’s also recommended to consider professional goals as well. Not many individuals have a concrete plan, but they should have an idea or understanding of their preferences and goals. Pick a school based on their emphasis and offerings. An international program will provide different opportunities than a one-year program. Knowing the ins and outs of each program is a crucial step in the process.

Do Some Research

Another consideration of enrolling in an MBA program is the time and monetary requirement. Attending the best MBA School in Colorado will definitely pay off in the long run, but it will be rigorous in the moment. Even programs that offer classes in the evenings and weekends still require a lot from their students. It will only be worthwhile if the student finishes the degree, not gives up halfway through. This type of commitment needs to be taken seriously and not jumped into without extensive knowledge and understanding of the situation. Do some in depth research and some intense thinking to decide which MBA program is right for you.

Superkids 2012: Help Your Kids Be Super

Want to know how to raise exemplary children?  Learn from the experts at Superkids 2012 at the SMX Convention Center tomorrow and on Friday.  Check out the 33rd Manila International Book Fair as well while you’re there. 😀

Helping Kids Be Super at Superkids 2012

In educating and raising little children, the effort it takes is anything but little. You have to prepare these young minds for the needs of an ever changing world. After all, the ages of 0-11 are a child’s formative years; the skills they’d learn during this crucial period would be the foundation of their knowledge base for life.

Helping equip educators and parents for this tough job is Superkids 2012, a two-day interactive conference on early childhood education set on September 14-15, Friday and Saturday, at Function Room 3, 3rd level of the SMX Convention Center as part of the 33rd Manila International Book Fair. Superkids has been a part of the country’s largest book fair and has been successful in gathering parents, teachers, school administrators, and people who work with young children to give them the latest information on educating young minds.

This year’s conference features noted author and educational consultant Dr. Thomas Armstrong from California as the main speaker. He will focus on topics such as “Exemplars of Best Schools (from Early Childhood to High School)” for his September 14 session and “The Power of Neurodiversity and Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom” for his September 15 session.  He will also conduct a book signing in his Saturday session.

Aside from Dr. Armstrong, other high caliber speakers from all over the country will share their perspectives, tips, opinions, and expertise on early childhood education and provide discussions in between sessions. Dr. Didi Manahan, Directress of Explorations Pre-School and Keys Grade School , Ms. Anna Franchesca Lacanilao, Directress of The Learning Tree Pre-School, and Ms. Ani Rosa Almario, Directress of Raya School will speak on “Alternative Forms of Learning Environments and Institutions” on September 14.

Meanwhile, for the September 15 session, clinical psychologist Dr. Teresa Gustilo-Villasor will share her expertise on “Issues and Trends in Learning Styles in the 21st Century”. Developmental and behavioral pediatrician Dr. Francis Xavier Dimalanta, on the other hand, will enlighten conference goers on “Developmental Pediatrics: Evaluation and Assessment of Different Types of Learners”. Lastly, Ms. Ma. Carolina Gustilo-de Ocampo, an early childhood education expert, speaks on “Creative Innovators: How to Develop Young Children Who Will Change the World.”

Don’t miss two whole days of fun and learning at Superkids 2012. For more information, contact organizer Primetrade Asia Inc. at 896-0661 or 896-0682, or e-mail