TRUMPETS PLAYSHOP Summer Workshop 2013

Our little girl was one of the leads in their preschool mini-musical last December.  She performed really well and her teacher has since been encouraging us to enrol her in a theater class to develop her talent.

I checked the websites of PETA and TRUMPETS last December for workshops for young children.  Both would be conducting various workshops this summer but only TRUMPETS accept children as young as 4 years old.  So, TRUMPETS it is for little Jade and to take advantage of their early bird discount, we’re enrolling her before February 28.

trumpets playshop

Here are the different programs TRUMPETS is offering this summer:

Children’s Theater :  4- 6 years old
Children’s Musical Theater: 7 – 12 years old
Musical Theater (Teens) : 13 – 19 years old
Musical Theater (Adult): 19 above
Street Funk Kids: 7 – 12 years old
Street Funk Teens: 13 – 19 years old
Dance Remix: 7 years old & above
Modelling: 7 years old & above
Play Dolls (Girls Street Jazz): 13 years old & above
Public Speaking & Hosting: 7 – 12 years old

Rates for the theater workshops are P5,800 exclusive of fees for the recital.  For more information, send a message through their Facebook page Trumpets Playshop & Musicademy .  They reply to queries promptly and graciously answered all my questions.