Learning While Playing With Building Blocks and Wooden Puzzles

I’m pretty sure all of us played with building blocks and puzzles at one point of our lives.  My sisters and I used to have hours of fun with these toys building fortresses and castles, figuring out how to put 500 puzzle pieces together   Nowadays, kids have dozens of choices with building blocks and puzzles manufactured in different materials and sizes.  There are Megabloks, Smart Stacks, wooden blocks, and of course, the legendary Lego of our childhood.   Kids, and kids at heart, nowadays can even find more challenge in 3d puzzles that come in unique designs.

Why are blocks and puzzles such great toys for kids?  Well, apart from the fact that kids love playing with them, these toys are great tools for enriching different areas of child development.  Aside from developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, building blocks and puzzles develop logical thinking and cognitive skills.  They can even enhance language skills if you take time to talk to the children about the picture they’re putting together or about the structure they are building.

My little ones also have their share of wooden puzzles and building blocks.  They’ve got wooden puzzles for learning the alphabet, matching objects, and completing pictures.  They can spend hours building castles and trains with their Imaginarium block set and Megabloks.  Their play doesn’t stop at building structures, it extends to a different world of pretend play where they can be princess and prince or superhero and villain, and where absolutely anything can happen.


Rainy Day Fun Indoors with Play Doh Fundamentals

Two weeks ago, our skies were overcast as two typhoons passed through our country.  Typhoon Pedring brought with him a torrent of rain and strong winds.  We are thankful though to have a roof over our heads and a safe haven from the storm.


While Pedring was rampaging across the metro, the two toddlers were busy with their Play-doh Sets. These boxes were gifts for their birthday from their vivacious Tita Lala who has retained the child in her through the years and who always has given wonderful toys that provide so much fun.  She bought the Play-doh Sets from Toy Express so I’m sure that it is widely available in Toy Kingdom outlets and other department stores.

Play-Doh Fundamentals feature animal-themed tools that make playtime fun and exciting.  Each set comes with four handy tools that hones basic coordination skills, two 2-oz cans of play-doh, and an adorable animal themed play mat.

Jade has the Ocean Rollers which include an eel roller, a lobster roller, a puffer fish roller, and a sea horse roller. Her favorite is the sea horse roller which looks like a pizza cutter.  She loves to slice clay with it. She’s now also able to roll clay, make tiny balls, and pound the balls into flat circles.


Jakei’s pre-writing skills are developed when he plays with his Arctic Stampers.  This set includes a penguin stamper, a whale stamper, a walrus roller, and a polar bear stamper.  He loves the polar bear stamper best because everytime he puts clay in its mouth and presses, the clay is molded into a fish.  He did try to eat the fish once though which he could successfully have done if no adult was playing with him.  Since it does clearly tell on the box that this toy is for children 3 years and above, we always do make sure that there is an adult supervising fun time with Play-doh.


Playing with clay definitely unleashes the imagination of our littles ones and provides them with hours of creative play time.  It is important though to provide them with good quality clay.  Play-Doh is one of the most trusted modelling compounds in the market as we are assured that it is nontoxic and safe for our children to play with.  Whether you choose Play-Doh or some other brand, always ensure that there is an adult playing with your children.  It would be best (and more fun!) if you yourself could play with your children.  It really does make for great bonding moments!