UPIS Kindergarten Admission Test Schedule

Application forms for the UPKAT (UP Kindergarten Admission Test) are now available at the UPIS High School Building in UP Diliman.  Forms are issued from Monday to Friday, 8:00-12nn and 1pm-5pm.  You can get the forms only until January 30, 2015.

Here are the dates to keep in mind:

  • January 20-30 (M-F, 8am-12nn/1-5pm) – Issuance of Application Forms
  • February 3 – 11 (T-F, 8-11am/1-4pm) – Filing of Application Forms of Dependents of Non-UP Personnel
  • February 12 – 13 (8-11am/1-4pm) – Filing of Application Forms of Dependents of UP Personnel
  • April 6 – 10, 13 – 15 (M-F, 7-11am) – Test Administration
  • May 1, 2015 – Release of Test Results

Qualifications for Admission

  • Applicants to Kindergarten must be 5 ½ to 6 ½ years old by June 2015.
  • Only those born within November 15, 2008 -December 31, 2009 are qualified to apply.
  • They should NOT have taken the UPIS Kindergarten Admission Test before.

Requirements for Application

  1. Two (2) recent 1 ½” x 1 ½” identical photos pasted on designated box.
  2. Original birth certificate from the National Statistics Office (NSO), plus a clear photocopy. For those born abroad, include original passport, and a clear photocopy of the passport.
  3. A long white letter envelope with postal stamp for mailing of results. Write the names of the applicant and his/her parent/guardian and address with zip code.

The testing fee for this year is 450 pesos which is to be paid at the Cashier’s Office after the application form has been processed. Those who’d like to know more about the UPKAT including feedback from other parents, click here to read my post about it last year.


Disclosure: I am not connected with UPIS. All information above are from the UPIS website. For further inquiries about the UPIS Admissions Test, email admissions.upis@gmail.com or visit their website at http://www.upis.upd.edu.ph

Grade School Search: UPIS Admissions Test

After publishing the post on Diliman Prep’s Entrance Exam, a few moms from school asked me also about the UPIS Admissions Test. Only 100 students will be admitted into the Kinder program of the basic education unit of UP Diliman. Of these 60 would be children of UP Personnel.   Admissions will be based on rank in a mental-ability test.  Getting in is a long shot with only 40 slots available to children of non-UP personnel but there’s no harm in trying, right?

Quick Facts About UPIS

  • UPIS is the only basic education unit in the UP System that offers both primary and secondary education.
  • It is “committed to educate students who shall develop their optimum potentials and who shall be proud of their culture and national identity.”
  • Its curriculum is divided into four core programs: Integrated Basic Skills Development and Socialization Program (K to Grade 2), General Academic Program (Grade 3 – 11), Electives and Work Program (Grade 10 – 11), Tracking Program (Grade 10 – 12).
  • From Kinder to Grade 2, only one teacher handles all the subjects.  From Grade 3 onward, different teachers handle different subjects.
  • As early as Grade 8, students already enrol in electives (Journalism, Practical Law, Creative Drama, Painting, Environmental Science, etcetera) of their choice.
  • Before they finish K-12, they go through a Specialization Program where they are trained in specialized media, science, or practical arts.
  • The medium of instruction from Kinder to Grade 4 is FILIPINO; except for English, Music, and Arts.
  • From Grades 5 onward, the medium of instruction for CA English, Music, Arts, Math, and Science is ENGLISH.  Social Studies, CA Filipino, Practical Arts, Health, and Physical Education are taught in FILIPINO.

Feedback from Other Parents

Browsing the net for feedback, I came across an article by Bettinna Carlos which gives a wonderful insight of a student’s life in UPIS.  In some forums, parents express reservations because of the lack of textbooks in UPIS and the medium of instruction.  However, technology has placed information at the tips of our fingers so I see no real problem in having just modules instead of textbooks. Another concern raised is the school being non-sectarian.

UPIS Admissions Test Schedule, Requirements and Feedback

Schedule of Filing Forms and UPKAT Test

  • January 20-31, 2014(Mon-Fri): Issuance of Kindergarten Admission Test Forms
  • February 4-14, 2014(Tue-Fri): Filing of KAT Forms (Submission of UPKAT forms follow a schedule based on surnames.  Check the exact day of filing your child’s application.)
  • April 2, 2014(Wed): Kindergarten Admissions Test
  • May 2, 2014(Fri): Release of KAT Results

Requirements for Filing of Application Forms

  • Applicants must be 5 ½ – 6 ½ years old by the time of enrolment
  • Two (2) 1 ½ x 1 ½ identical photos
  • NSO Birth Certificate (original and photocopy)
  • One (1) long, white letter envelope with postal stamp and with the following info written: applicant’s name, applicant’s parent/guardian, complete address with zip code
  • Testing fee of P 500


I do not personally know anyone whose child has taken the UPKAT so these feedback are all from various parenting forum.

  • The test is administered in Filipino.  There are some though that say children will be asked which language they are comfortable with and given the appropriate test form.  Still, it is best to review your child in Filipino before the test.
  • Children will be asked to choose between a room with toys and a room with books. Choosing the room with books supposedly shows readiness for school.
  • The written test is similar to an activity book.  Activities include color by numbers, matching objects, sorting objects by characteristic or function, reading, and math.

  • After the written exam, children will be asked to interact with each other through play.
  • There will also be an interview where the child will be asked about basic personal information and other usual interview topics.

Again, these information are from various forums and have not been validated.

Tuition Fees

From what I heard, students pay a little over five thousand pesos (P 5,000) per semester.  That’s about 12,000 for one school year.  One of my mommy friends told me that the tuition was P2,500 per semester. So that’s P 5,000 per school year.


Disclosure: I am not connected with UPIS. All information above are from the UPIS website. For further inquiries about the UPIS Admissions Test, email admissions.upis@gmail.com or visit their website at http://www.upis.upd.edu.ph