Ready for Battle with Ceelin Plus

Every single day we send our children out to battle. It’s a sad truth but our world has changed so drastically that we find ourselves gasping for survival (literally gasping in some countries). Air and water pollution, ozone depletion, global warming…all of these have wreaked havoc on our climate.  The weather has been so erratic that our bodies have difficulty adjusting – sometimes from extreme heat to frigid cold. Aside from that, strains of viruses and bacteria have grown more aggressive, more lethal.

“Ang mga sakit, madaling makahawa, mabilis lumala, mas nagtatagal”

This is why we, as moms, make our kids’ immunity our topmost priority in ensuring that they remain healthy and strong to ward off diseases. In our family, we boost our kids’ immunity with Ceelin Plus.

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Proteksyong Plus with Ceelin Plus

During our kids’ toddler years, they would easily get sick after a trip to the mall or to other public places.  Our little Jade used to be hospitalized annually for pneumonia and would have bouts with flu every few months.  One of the medicines their pediatrician prescribed was Ceelin Plus Zinc.  Since our kids started taking Ceelin Plus, bouts with cough, colds, and flu have been few and far between.

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Ceelin Plus offers an extra layer of protection for our kids.  The first layer of protection, the Ceelin helmet, is Vitamin C.  The second layer, the Ceelin shield, is Zinc. Together, these two reduce the severity and shorten the bout of sickness.  The ZincPlus technology used in formulating Ceelin Plus ensures the optimum levels of Vitamin C and Zinc for superior protection.

We give Ceelin Plus to our kids every day “para ang sakit hindi tumalab, hindi lumala, hindi tumagal”.

It’s Kid-loved, Mom-approved, Pedia-recommended!  Why else would we look for another vitamin supplement?

Of course, aside from giving them Ceelin Plus, we also encourage our kids to eat healthy and be active. With the extra protection they have, we’re not afraid to let them play outside.

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Times have indeed changed and while we do still worry about our kids’ health and their future, our fears our allayed by our partners in health.

Ang batang naka-Ceelin Plus,
may Proteksyong Plus!

CHAMPS Chewable Vitamins for my Li’l Champions

“Mama, where’s my Champs?”
“Mama, can I have my Champs now?”
“Mama, after I finish this will you give me my Champs?”

I am telling you, my kids have never looked forward to taking their vitamins more than they do with Champs.   Other than really awful tasting antibiotics, vitamins and other medicines are easy to give to my little ones.  Just hand them the medicine cup and they’d dutifully take their medicine or vitamins.  What makes Champs different from their previous vitamins is that they themselves are the ones who ask for it.

CHAMPS Chewable Vitamins

One of the flagship brands of the largest generic company in Malaysia, Chemical Company of Malaysia (CCM), CHAMPS is a variety of multivitamin preparations formulated to address specific needs of various segments of the pediatric age group.  Through Champs, CCM is able to advocate health and wellness by providing medicines that are effective but affordable.

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Kids Love CHAMPS

With their fun shapes and tasty flavors, CHAMPS Chewable Vitamins makes taking vitamins really fun for children.  As I’ve mentioned, my kids look forward to taking their Champs during dinner.  Of course, before I gave the vitamins to my little ones my husband and I tasted the vitamins first.  The Champs C + Lysine tastes real sweet which makes it my fave.  The Champs Omega-3 Plus tastes similar but leaves a slight fishy aftertaste.

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Dads can have CHAMPS, too!

Jade is the sickly one whose weight is always at the bottom of the weight curve so we’ve been giving her the Champs C + Lysine.  She has only been taking it for a couple of weeks but we’ve already noticed a boost in appetite.  Her cheeks are starting to get fuller which means she’s gaining a bit of weight already.

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The Champs Omega-3 Plus is what we’re giving Jakei.  Brain development is difficult to measure so we won’t really know how effective the vitamins are but anything that would boost mind power is fine for us.  This variant has a fishy aftertaste but my little Jakei doesn’t seem to mind it as he still loves taking his “heart Champs”.

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There’s a CHAMPS Just for You

CHAMPS Chewable vitamins come in five variants which are:

Champs C (Fun Vitamins for Protection) – heart-shaped orange-flavored chewtabs that contain Vitamin C (Calcium Ascorbate and Sodium Ascorbate) for protection against common illnesses. ½ tab provides 140% of RDA of Vitamin C for children.

Champs C + Lysine (Fun Recovery Vitamin Combination) – donut-shaped tutti-frutti flavoured chewtabs that enhance appetite during sickness for fast recovery.  Contains Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) and Lysine Hydrochloride.

Champs M (Fun Vitamins to Maintain General Health) – triangle-shaped pineapple-flavored multivitamins that promote general health.  One chewtab a day gives you more than 100% RDA of Vitamins A, E, C, and B12.  It also provides other essential dietary nutrients including Vitamins D, B1, B2, B6, and B3.

Champs M + Lysine (Fun on Taste, Big on Appetite) – donut-shaped, orange-flavored chew tabs that contain 9 essential dietary nutrients (vitamins A, D, C, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, B3), lysine, and folic acid.  This is the Champs for picky eaters in need for a great boost in appetite.

Champs Omega 3-Plus (Brain Vitamins for Kids) – heart-shaped tutti-frutti flavores chewtabs that contain 9 essential dietary nutrients (vitamins A, D, C, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, B3) and Omega-3 from natural fish oil.  This variant boosts brain development and performance helping your kids be academic champs.

Some variants contain Aspartame and use food additives like Ponceau 4R and FD&C Yellow No 6 so you may want to check the label first if you’re sensitive to any of these ingredients.

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CHAMPS is Budget-Friendly

I did the Math and found out that at as low as P 1.80 per day, your child can have a vitamin boost already.  A 30-tab bottle of Champs C costs only P108. A child needs only ½ a tablet a day to meet his RDA of Vitamin C.   Even the priciest among all the variants, Champs M + Lysine, costs only P252 per bottle of 30 tabs.  That’s just still P 8.40 / day.

Champs C – P 108
Champs C + Lysine – P 135
Champs M – P 180
Champs M + Lysine – P252
Champs Omega-3 Plus – P252

Instead of buying your child a small bag of chips, give him some Champs!  It’s not only healthful, it’s also cheaper than junk food.


CHAMPS Giveaway

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Since CCM was gracious enough to have sent me packages of CHAMPS Chewable Vitamins, I’m sharing some of them with you.  Two of the Tottering Mama’s readers will each get a gift pack with 3 Champs Chewable vitamins, a CHAMPS Tumbler, and a Toys R’ Us P100 GC for your little one.  Submit your entries through the Rafflecopter below:

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CONZACE: A Heavy Duty Mom’s Partner for Heavy Duty Immunity

In all three surgeries – two births and one pregnancy-related ailment – I’ve had in the past five years, my doctors have always prescribed Conzace to help improve immunity and to promote healing.  You see, in all my surgeries, my body would not heal well and I would always suffer from seroma.  Blame it on my unhealthy body due to my sedentary lifestyle then.  I was told to increase my Vitamin C intake to help with the healing process but my doctors prescribed Conzace specifically because, aside from Vitamin C, it has Zinc which would speed up by healing process.

However, I’m not really one who’d regularly take vitamins so when my wounds were completely healed, I stopped taking Conzace also.  I have nothing against vitamins and supplements but since childhood I was always the one who posed a challenge to Mom come vitamin-taking time.  All my sisters took theirs judiciously while I always snuck mine back into the bottle.

That’s about to change though as I’ve been advised to take Conzace again.  No, I have not undergone any surgery again nor have any wound that hasn’t been healing well.  But months of not having any househelp or yaya to help me with the two little ones and the house chores is taking a toll on my body.  Aside from being 24/7 mom-slave to my little ones, I also do the chores (thankfully hubby does his share of these – love you for that, hon!), cook, work as a part-time academic tutor, ghostwrite, and maintain websites.  Whew!

Stress, lack of sleep and recurrent cough and colds have gotten the better of me that one co-parent in school had even asked me, “What happened to you? You look so haggard!”  It sounds mean but, really, haggard is an understatement.

So, again, it’s back to Conzace!  But why Conzace when just vitamin C would suffice, you may ask.  Well, vitamin C does help develop white blood cells needed to boost immunity but we need more than that.  Conzace has a much stronger formula to develop white blood cells and make them stronger.

1 soft gel capsule of Conzace has:

  • 500mg of Vitamin C which develops white blood cells.
  • 100IU of Vitamin E and 5000IU of Vitamin A to intensify the protection of white blood cells
  • 25mg of Zinc which multiplies white blood cells so we can have the right number of white cells to defend us against sickness.

This formulation makes stronger white blood cells which means stronger immunity.


The secret to strong immunity is in our white blood cells!

Post surgery, I would take two capsules a day. This time though, one capsule of Conzace per day would be enough to give my immune system a boost. I usually take mine in the evening before I go to sleep but you can take it anytime of the day.  Heed my advice, do avoid taking it on an empty stomach as vitamin C and an empty tummy don’t always go well together.


CONZACE gives superior white blood cells for heavy duty immunity.

Conzace is available in soft gel capsules at P12.40 each (SRP) and is available in Mercury, Watson’s and other drugstores.  To know more about the #1 prescribed multivitamin for Heavy Duty Immunity, talk to Conzace thru

Nutritional Supplements for My Underweight Toddler

A week ago, the toddlers had their scheduled shots from their pediatrician. My little girl was due for her DPT & IPV booster shots and the little boy was given his typhoid vaccine. The toddlers were used to this routine so there was no coaxing needed for them to lie on the clinic’s exam table.

After receiving their shots, I raised my concern over Jade’s lack of weight gain for the past three months. Now, Jade was born only 1 kilogram and has always been on the 0-5th percentile rank in the weight-for-height ratio. Though we have been used to her low weight, a three-month plateau in weight gain was a big concern for us.

Her pediatrician prescribed Heraclene capsule for one month and told me to start her again on Cellife. These nutritional supplements were also given to her in her first year of life to facilitate growth. We live in a world where soil nutrition and quality is at the worst decline in history. Therefore we need to take vitamins to supplement what we should be getting naturally and is a good resource for that. I’m hoping that these supplements along with Pediasure and her vitamins, Cherifer Immunomax and Ceelin would help her gain the much needed pounds.