On Cloud Nine with Hi-5!

Weeee….we got to have our picture taken with Hi-5!


My daughter was sitting right beside me and reading the words as I typed them. She asked me to type this for her:

Yesterday, we had so much fun at Hi-5! And we were so happy to see Hi-5! I had a Jup-Jup and Jakei had the Hi-5 hand.  I love you Mama. I love you Papa. And you love me Jade and Jakei.


Fun is an understatement actually. It was more of a blast!  Although we were seated far from the stage, the kids still had a great time singing and dancing during the concert.  I admit I was a bit disappointed when I was only able to get Silver tickets (boo-hoo! bought the tickets too late and all the good seats were sold out already 🙁 ).  However, it turned out to be a good thing coz some of the people in front were standing during the concert.  If we had bought tickets closer to the stage but not front seat ones, our view would have been blocked.

During the last song of the concert, my little girl wanted so badly to go to the stage to say Hi to the cast.  When I told her that we’re not allowed to go there, she was a bit disappointed  and just kept shouting “I love you Hi-5!  See you tomorrow!”


As luck would have it, we were able to meet Hi-5 personally before going home.  We were in line waiting for our turn for a picture with Santa in the activity center when I saw Gio and introduced myself. To my surprise, and extreme glee, he asked me if we wanted to have our picture taken with Hi-5.  Of course, I said YES!

My kids weren’t smiling for two probable reasons: one, they were starstruck and wondering how Hi-5 got out of our television, or two, they were ashamed of how their Mom acted.  I was absolutely gushing over the cast! My goodness! It was quite embarrassing now that I think of it.  I could have thanked them for their wonderful show earlier or for bringing out my kids’ love for music or for helping those who have been badly affected by Typhoon Pablo.  But no! All I could say was, “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I’m more excited than my kids to see you!”


Have a HI-5 HOLIDAY this December!!!

If you had three wishes, what would they be?
Three wishes, one, two, three!
Three wishes, would you give one to me?
Three wishes, what would they be?

Well, I made on wish last September and it came true!   I’m soooo loving Vivre Fort now for granting a wish that I made last September!

Just three more weekends and we’re off to have a holiday with Hi-5 at the SM MOA Centerstage.  Kids can’t wait to sing and dance with Hi-5 Live!   They are a bit sad that Fely won’t be there but are excited to meet Dayen, the new girl in the group.

Tickets are running out pretty fast as there are limited seats.   Ticket prices are at P2100(VIP), P1800(Gold), and P1500(Silver).  And if you use your BDO Credit Card or American Express, you can get 15% off ticket prices.  Make sure you get your tickets now before all the good seats run out!



About Hi -5

Hi-5 consists of a cast of 5, Stevie, Casey, Dayen, Lauren and Tim, and is one of the top three most successful pre-school television shows in Australia and has held this position for 10 years. It has been estimated that in an average week, Hi-5 reaches a global audience of 1,000,000 children.

Hi-5 has a total of 585 half hour episodes, 40 DVD’s or one hour specials featuring the Australian cast, total of 40 half hour episodes featuring the UK cast and 70 hour episodes featuring the American cast. The series are classified within the educational requirements for preschool television by Australian, British and American Broadcast Authorities and is known for helping children learn through play, whilst bearing in mind curriculum requirement for early childhood education.

Further information is available at http://www.hi-5.com.au/

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Now on its 3rd year, Vivre Fort Entertainment is more committed to provide the best in entertainment and highest level of professional service.

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