Mommy Moments: Dear Daddy

mommy moments


 photo papawithjade.jpg

Papa with 3-month-old Jade (yes, our teenyweeny princess was already 3 months old in this picture)

 photo papawithjak.jpg

Papa with newborn Jakei (and, yes! Jakei was just a few hours old in this)

Dear Papa,

We love you very much!

We are so blessed to have a Papa who takes care of our needs.  Thank you for helping Mama with all the “mommy” stuff. We truly appreciate all those times you changed our diapers, burped us after feeding, lulled us to sleep, gave us our baths, fed us our meal, etcetera, etcetera.

Thank you for being our own private nurse when we are sick. Mama says you do a better job of keeping our temperature down when we have fever.

Thank you for taking time to play with us even if you have other chores to do.  Thank you for taking us on afternoon strolls right after you come home even if you are tired from work.

We’re sorry if we don’t listen at times, we just get really preoccupied with what we’re doing. We also don’t mean to disobey you, we just have this natural urge to explore our world and discover new things.

We love you very much and we show it in whatever way we can.

Hugs and Kisses,

Jade & Jakei


 photo papawithkids.jpg

“A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.” from the Quote Garden


  1. "A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty."
    from the Quote Garden
    true lala!

    happy MM!

    Mine is up..
    My MM Entry

  2. your hubby is truly the richest man on earth! happy MM!

  3. your hubby is one of a hunk?hehehe so gorgeous ^^

  4. what a wonderful papa! indeed the richest man on earth – so lucky papa!


  5. happy daddy = happy mommy 🙂 happy mommy moments!

  6. I'm happy for my jade and jakei. I'm thankful for my wife. I love u gah!

  7. that was such a sweet and touching letter…

  8. continue your blog gah not just because its nice but you also inspire other people. you give other parents (young and old) ideas on good stuff for their kids.

    at saka I'm happy that you found something you really enjoy doing (tama ba?). goodluck on this site and may you reach what you are aiming for!


  9. wow! lucky kids to have a father like your hubby. at very supportive yung hubby mo ha? nabasa ko comment nya to you. sweet nyo 😉