Mommy Moments: To My Dearests

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Dearest Jade,

I love you very much!  I know that you know that coz I always tell you how much I do love you everyday. I am proud of how you are turning out to be – a Christ-loving, smart, affectionate and thoughtful little girl.  Although Mama gets angry sometimes when you disobey or misbehave, do remember that it is because I love you and I want you to be a good person.

I pray that God will continue to guide me and Papa that we may raise you and Jakei well.  I also pray that God will give you good health as I still have fears of losing you the same way we lost your twin Jake.  It is mainly because of those fears that I am often overprotective of you.  But don’t worry, anak, I am starting to learn to let you have your own space to grow.

I love you, Jade! More than you can ever fathom.


so frail at merely 1060 grams

2-month border at hospital nursery


now a very precocious 2-1/2-yr-old


My dearest Jake,

I love you, anak!  And I am missing you terribly.  Although I always tell myself that you are now in a much better place than we are,  I still can’t help but wish that you were here to share joyous moments with the family.  I often wonder if you’d look like your twin Jade or if you’d be more like your brother Jakei.  Perhaps, your temperament would be the same as that of Jakei’s. Or maybe you’d be as stubborn as Jade sometimes is.  If you were here with us, the house would be in shambles by noontime with all three of you running around! Oh, but what great fun we’d have everyday! 

Hay, anak….  I still cry when I remember how much you have suffered in those seven days that you were here with us.  But I am most proud of how bravely you fought to survive.  My sadness is consoled knowing that you are free from pain in God’s beautiful garden.  You are indeed in the best place anyone could ever be – safe in the arms of Jesus.

I love you, anak!  I will always hold you close in my heart. And I will always be missing you terribly.

Hugs and Kisses,



our beautiful angel Jake

Dearest Jakei,

I love you, Jak!  You are the most handsome little boy in the entire universe!  You never fail to make Mama laugh with your antics and your silly faces.  You also never fail to make Mama’s heart beat faster when you do your stunts.  I do hope you get over making those sudden leaps and bounds before Mama’s reflexes slow down.

You are the only boy in both sides of the family so much is expected of you.  My only wish is for your Papa and I to be able to raise you well so you’d be able to fulfill your(yours, not ours) dreams. 

Anak, your Ate Jade also loves you very much.  She may demand more attention at times but she loves you and she never fails to show how much she does.  As you grow up together, take care of one another and strengthen the bond that ties you. Take care of your sister.  

I love you, Jakei! So very much!


a whooping 8 lbs 4 oz baby boy!

Papa’s junior in so many ways


  1. I am so sorry to know about your dearest Jake (am in tears wahhh). Love your photo with your daughter on the dance floor!

    Mommy Moments

  2. So lovely baby pics, I cant help myself in tears to hear about the twin brother of your little daughter. I love your messages and your lively two kids pictures.

    My Mommy moments

  3. jared's mum says

    it was so sad to read about your son jake, but you said it well, he is in a far-off better place now…i love the newborn baby pics..happy mm mommy, i think it is my first time here and i love the experience..

  4. i was so touched by your letter i cried… may the Lord bless your children good health..

  5. I can't help but get my eye teary as i read your letter especially the one for Jake…i lost my first child, too and just like you…i still cry every time I think of her….wishing she is with us today… 🙁

    thanks for sharing those lovely pix of them 🙂

  6. speechless but in tears while reading your love letters specially for Jake….

    thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos with us..God bless:)

  7. ang lalaki na nila and they are both adorable!

  8. I've had a miscarriage before so I know what it feels to lose a child, but not one who you've already given birth too. I was really touched by your letter. Thanks for sharing, and for commenting on my blog as well.

  9. your letters are so heartwarming… and i thank you for sharing them with us at mommy moments 🙂

  10. Those are touching love letters for your kids! I know how you must feel being so protective of your daughter. I would do the same if I were in your position. Jake is very much happy in heaven now, so don't worry about him too much! And your Jakei is adorable!

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