One Very JOYful Occassion

Among the countless blessings God has given me are friends who have been with me through the years – through all my ups and downs.  I can’t imagine how life would be without them.  God knows how much I treasure friendships and I guess this is why he continues to shower me with new ones.

Recently, I have been blessed to meet a couple of wonderful people who then introduced me to several of their friends and now I have this whole bunch of wonderfully happy people to foster friendships with.

Last February 20, I was honored to have been invited to an intimate gathering of a close-knit group of friends.  It was the 1st Blogversary of Joy Mendiola’s Occasions of Joy.  And true to her blog title, what a joyful occasion it was!

Here’s the pretty celebrant and gracious hostess.
She made all of us feel very welcome and showered us with great gifts also!
Although she was the celebrant and the guests should have given her gifts,
Joy showered us with wonderful prizes and lootbags filled with goodies!
She was fortunate to have so many sponsors,
and we were very fortunate the blessings trickled down on us also.

Among her very generous sponsors are:
Johnson & Johnson, Ainon Baby Products, Lactacyd Pink
Funranch, Baby Company, Super Bowl of China
Nesvita, Donuts Ads Inc, Dona Maria Brown Rice, Walter Bread, Love Blends Coffee
Me & U, Enjoy Philippines, The Body Shop, Svelte, Clarity
A-Z Direct Marketing, MOD Magazine, Baby Magazine
Funlipix, Graphixcel, Elro Commercial

And, of course, her most important sponsor is Rafael A. Mendiola
who not only provided the venue and buffet lunch
but also lovingly supports Joy in all her endeavors

Here’s one very joyful bunch!

The food was sumptuous, the goodies were wonderful, the party was great!  But what I loved the most about this very JOYful occasion was the awesome people I met!  If I had known that mommy bloggers were so fun to be with, I would have started blogging years ago.


  1. hello! you were there pala 🙂 sayang, i couldn't go and didnt get to meet you 🙂

  2. i'd love to meet you! i recognized tetcha there from her mommy moments posts.

  3. may mom blog ka pala!

  4. ay, peach, i just started this january. i joined mommy moments and tagal na kita follow there. kaya when you told me about peachkitchen, sabi ko parang i'm following na your blog. but it was peach and things pala.

  5. hi! it was nice meeting you too. hope to see you again in any of the future mommy or blogging events. 🙂

  6. same here! ^_^