Mommy Moments: White

 The theme for Mommy Moments this week is WHITE.   Unlike last week’s theme which was not a favorite in the family,  white is something we have in abundance.  I think all of us do!

I chose four of the cutest pictures of my toddlers in white.

The little ones racing towards Mama in their matching white and blue onesies

all ready for lunch with their white bibs on… but lunch isn’t ready yet

busy sorting the coins and chips in their overused white sandos

Little Jade using a white crayon on her black book

playing with the white cones in their comfy white shirts


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  1. MOMMY JES says

    Wow there are plenty of WHITES! :))

    The pair onesies are so cute 😀

    Visiting you from MM –

    Hope you could join us too every monday here –


  2. they are so adorable!

    Here is my white. Please don’t forget to follow me @ GFC & NetworkedBlogs. Thanks very much!


  3. They are soooo cute!

    Snow White, come and see.

  4. love them, they are too cute! kids really look so clean in white no?

  5. love twins…so nice to see them…

    here’s mine

  6. it is so nice to see that they are enjoying doing things together…

    happy mommy moments..

    here is my ENTRY

  7. awesome white colors in one post! white is really great to wear for kids, so refreshing for them.

  8. Cute!
    They’re big na..
    And I agree, we all have tons of white clothes..
    I love white..

    Here’s mine:

    Sarah A.

  9. Those pictures make mommy-hood really special for us. Have a nice weekend!

  10. aww they are adorable. are they twins?

  11. wow..ang cute ng nman ng mga kids..very angelic in white

  12. so cute little ones! very adorable! visiting your MM entry! hope you can visit my entry too!


  13. children really look good in white. Your kids are adorable.

    My Mommy Moments

  14. ang linis tignan ng puro white 😀

  15. i love those kiddies in white! 😀 happy mommy moments!

  16. Hi sis,

    …moments like this are just PRICELESS..

    Mine is up at Mommy Moments #53

    its me,
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  17. Hi you have adorable cutie kids!
    I just joined mommy moments, and i’m having fun visiting mommies post! i’m loving it!

    Have a graet weekend!

  18. Your kids are so cute! Like your family, we have a lot of whites which I just didn’t notice until this MM theme. Haha! Happy MM!0

  19. Nice photos! I especially love the racing photo. So cute! 😀

    Please visit my entry too. 😀

    Kids in White

  20. lovely twins, they’re so cute! its my first time here and happy to meet your beautiful kids. PinayMum – Mommy’s Life Around…wishing you all a great weekend!

  21. Are they twins, Mommy? So many nice white pictures here, but I really like the picture where they had their white bibs on waiting for Mommy to serve lunch. Cute!

    • they do look like twins, don’t they? they’re 11mos and 2 weeks apart but they’re almost the same height and weight. we love pretending they are twins though. 😀

  22. white and kids don’t go well together but kids look great in white!

  23. cute kiddos, dami ngang whites ah. do you have 3 kids? feeling ko eh super busy ka dyan, itong 2 kong toddler girls eh na i stress na ako, how much more yung 3. Supemamah ka ata eh..Hehehe! thanks for the visit ha..

  24. Angels in white! I love their ‘busy’ look.

  25. oh! very cute kids… reminds of my own children when they were this young..

  26. Bambie ♥ says

    They’re so cute and adorable. They seem so close pa 🙂 Sana on my next baby, boy naman para may protector ang girl ko.

  27. they are so cute! at first i thought they are fraternal twins, hehe. I love their pics together! Happy MM!

  28. nice picture of your kids.. great shot!!

  29. awwwwwww…so cute! thanks for dropping by my MMs entry…sensya nahuli sa pila

  30. I like the white crayons on black paper 🙂

  31. C5 @ Cinco Online says

    Galing naman mag-drawing…

    Sorry for the delayed visit…
    MM-white #68