Playhouse Preschool

All my sisters and I were already in school by age 3.  Most of my friends’ children have started school at a young age also.  Those who are the same age as Jade will be attending regular preschool come June.  Understandably, I am a wee bit saddened at being unable to send Jade to preschool this coming school year.  If not for her frail health, I would probably insist on sending her even just to the neighborhood preschool. Since I am also worried about her acquiring any virus, bacteria or ailment that is prolific in schools, I have resigned myself to “homeschool” her and her brother until their immune systems are strong enough for them to be able to go to school.

My toddlers are just turning 2 and 3 years old so there really is no pressure for regular homeschooling schedule.  I would just usually prepare some games or activities we can do in the morning and sometimes print out worksheets for Jade to do.  Lest some think that I’m this evil mom who expects too much from her children,  I don’t force my toddlers to sit and do their worksheets.  I also don’t impose on doing the activities I’ve prepared for them.  Although I do urge them to finish an activity that they have already started.

Since we’ve started this practice homeschooling, Jade has had significant improvement in language and math skills.  Jakei still just loves to play and goof around so I provide him with plenty of manipulative to develop his fine-motor skills and reasoning ability.  I made a daily schedule for them which included language, reading, math, music, and art each day.  It didn’t work though as more often than not, we were unable to stick to the schedule. What worked for us was this weekly schedule that focused on one learning subject each day:

  • Monday: Music & Me (music and movement)
  • Thinking Tuesday (math and abstract reasoning)
  • Wonderful World of Wednesday (art and science)
  • Thursday Talkies (language and reading)
  • Friday Free Day (do-anything-day ^_^)

I get plenty of homeschooling ideas from The Mommy Journey and the Confessions of a Homeschooler.  My printables are mostly taken from Kidzone.

It might seem too much for toddlers, but it really is all play for them.  I always take my cue from them as to when we have to move to the next activity or when we need to have our “recess”.  There are also days when we would just opt to watch a dvd that they really love or would just lounge on the bed and talk.  It is PLAYhouse after all.





  1. Jade is starting school already? Ang bilis ng panahon! Like you I thought of homeschooling Una before but with the distractions here in our household it is not just possible with all of the distractions here in our household. I think it’s time that I start a schedule for Una’s activities. I hate it that she’s always in front of the television. Sinanay kasi ng mga relatives ni hubby. 🙁

    • school-schoolan lang here sa house. hehehe… I prepare activities for them to do. Usually arts and crafts, sometimes I print worksheets, but most of the time it’s just really playtime. Gusto mo classmate si Jade and Una? You can bring Una here, lapit lang naman. 🙂

      • How I wish malapit lang din ako sa inyo and sama ko si Maka 🙂

        I’m now looking into things I can print out for her so if you have suggestions aside from those listed here mommy, let me know ha 😀

  2. so glad to be able to help you in your homeschooling journey! 😀


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