The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2011 Writing Project

Since I entered the blogosphere and started blogging early this year due to a friend recommending that I use something like WordPress Hosting – edge cache plugin to help me get started with my blogging. I have experienced many new things because of this and there have been several blogs which have inspired me. Naturally, most of these blogs are by mothers who share similar experiences and who provide inspiration and great insights to other parents. I have really enjoyed reaching out to some of these amazing bloggers and exchanging tips and advice. One tip that repeatedly came up was to check out inmotion web hosting. I’ll do a little bit of research this weekend! Blogs that have influenced me far outnumber the digits on my fingers but for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs, I chose these ten:

  1. The Pepperrific Life. I have nothing but admiration for the very strong woman behind this blog. I really can’t imagine raising my toddlers without my husband beside me so I am all praises for Mommy Pepper for being able to raise her daughter as a single mom. You get plenty of insights and advice from this awesome mom!
  2. Levyousa. This is my go-to blog when I’ve got the blues. It never fails to make me smile and to inspire me to be a better person. Mommy Levy’s positive outlook in life truly emanates from her posts. She also has plenty of tips and information for moms like me.
  3. My Painted Lips. I’m a stay-at-home mom and have no need for dressy attire and fancy make-up. But this blog inspires me to always look my best even if I’m just at home all day long. With two toddlers to take care of, it is quite impossible (and quite impractical) to put on full make up everyday. However, just as I learned from Mommy Pehpot, a few sweeps of lipstick already makes for one happy pretty housewife.
  4. Mom Writes. The mom behind this blog definitely is one of the most influential moms I have ever met. When I began blogging, I’ve read so many posts and comments giving credit to Mommy Rubz for helping them in one way or another. Now, I am among the many bloggers she has helped and has continued to help. Mom Writes, a recent addition to her many blogs, documents her triumphs and blessings in life. Through this blog, I am inspired to always look at the brighter side of things.
  5. The Bloggers Journal. I’m not a very technical person, have never been and most probably never will be. The Bloggers Journal presents tutorials in a simple, easy-to-comprehend manner. The instructions Mommy Willa gives are easy to follow and are very useful to newbies like me.
  6. Mommy Survival. “Only the tough ones don’t go crazy.” I admit that I’m a bit too much of a softie for the toughest job ever. This blog helps make parenting and home management easier to handle. I get so many tips and advice on how to make our household run smoothly. Eventually, I hope to be a “tough one” through what I’m learning from Mommy Ellen.
  7. My Green Living Ideas. Mommy Ria urges us to Think Green Live Green by sharing ideas and tips for an eco-friendly way of life. I wouldn’t want my toddlers to grow up in a heavily polluted and dying world so I do follow her blog for ideas on how I can do my share in caring for Mother Earth. This is a blog that you should follow, too.
  8. Notepad Corner. New Moms like me could definitely use some advice from the experts. Mommy Joy is one of the experts in matters of the home. By sharing her own life experiences, she is able to give valuable tips to keep us moms sane and the house running like clockwork.
  9. Certified Foodies. Whether you are looking for a place to dine in or for a recipe to cook at home, this blog is sure to have plenty of choices for you to choose from. It makes choosing a restaurant easier for us since they provide objective feedback. They also provide remarkable photos of the dishes they eat which makes whoever sees it crave for some. Their easy-to-follow recipes are also accompanied by photos showing each procedure.
  10. The Tottering Mama. With the operative word being “emerging”, I am including my very own blog in this list. I have yet to gain the honor of being as influential as the nine bloggers already mentioned nor the dozens of well-established bloggers who have already made a name for themselves in the blogosphere. However, since I started blogging six months ago, I have striven to provide quality posts and to share activity and learning ideas which other moms can do at home with their children. With the support of The Pinay Mommies Community, this blog has been able to reach out to moms who have young children.

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