PLAYhouse PreSCHOOL: Thinking Tuesday Activities For Our Space Exploration Week

To match our theme for this week, I prepared Math worksheets with space related pictures and used them in conjunction with the Solar System Learning Pack from Tots School.

We started with a sorting activity which required identifying planets and non-planets. Since it involved glue, Jakei gladly participated. Since Jade can already pretty much work on her own, I was able to help Jakei with his work. He was able to identify which among the pictures were planets and which ones were not. He had a little help from the pictures of planets on our wall.


Next, we did the worksheets I prepared. By this time, though, Jakei was more interested in playing with the crayons than on answering worksheets. Which is absolutely fine with me. He’s only two years old after all.

Jade is already quite adept at counting objects from 1 to 10 and can match a set with the corresponding number. She still needs more practice counting objects more than 10 though. Although she’s able to count in rote, she lacks the concentration counting specific objects.


A-B-A-B patterns are a breeze for her already so I’ve started to give her more complex ones. My husband didn’t go to work today so he was the one who helped Jade finish the worksheet on patterns. They finished all the worksheets fairly fast, so the rest of the morning was spent playing with their toys.


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  2. Those are some great space activities! It seems like the enjoyed them and learned a lot!

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