She’s Making A List And Checking It Twice

Not to worry though, ‘coz we always have a little something even for the naughty ones.

Christmas really wouldn’t be complete without the traditional gift-giving. Although every day is a good time to share our blessings with others, Christmas will always be the best time to share what we have received during the year.

We’re already quite late starting our Christmas shopping. It’s November already but we haven’t even prepared our list yet. Years ago, half of my Christmas list would already be wrapped by this time of the year. There are definitely more important things to do now than just shop for Christmas gifts.

Lest I am left with no choice but to brave the maddening Christmas crowd come December, on to my list we go.

First off are the little ones who never fail to make Christmas merry and bright. Barbie dolls would surely delight little princesses but we just don’t have enough funds to buy dozens of them. Hopefully, accessories, stationeries, and other girly knick-knacks would still put a smile on their faces. Boys will always be boys and will always be fond of toys. Cars, trains, helicopters, and other vehicles are sure-fire hits for these little men. Clothes would be nice too but, frankly, kids would rather play with toys.

Now tweens are trickier to buy gifts for. Some like books, some would just put those on the shelf to collect dust or turn it into something they can use – such as a mousepad. Slapwatches are in the fad now but it’ll put a huge hole in our pockets if we buy those for all the tweens in our list. Perhaps, socks or cases for their cell phones would do. Even personalized and unique mouse pads customized by you, re-writable CDs, and screen protectors would be pretty useful gifts to consider for the techie tween.

Most teens now have their own iPads which make protective sleeves for iPad perfect gifts for them. If that still proves beyond the budget, earbuds would still be great for their ever-present iPhones or other music players.

The adults I have no idea what to give yet. My sisters are most probably going to get the same gifts in matching colors, again. AND I would have one of the same myself also. Hubby’s gift would depend on how much I have saved come Christmas time – I’m really hoping I’d be able to save THIS much soon.


  1. You can also get educational toys for the little ones. I love mixing fun and learning 🙂 Here are some ideas for such toys:

  2. dlsr… dslr… dslr… dslr… heheheh 🙂