Christmas Wish List: Wheels for My Li’l Preschoolers

One wants a scooter and a bike, the other one is asking for a bike or a car.  Oh well, they’re also asking for several more this-and-that’s which they would already probably get from other family members and friends.  The wheels though we’d have to get for them ourselves.

Little ones riding their tandem baby bicycle.   The little ones aren’t so little anymore and want their own “big” bikes.


Hubby is having second thoughts about getting them their own bikes or scooters as we have no space for them in our small apartment.   However, I’m thinking that investing in bikes for all four of us may be a great idea to finally get everyone into sports.  Besides, there’s a great biking lane at the sports center where we could take our bikes every weekend.

Though we haven’t decided yet whether we would get the kids their own bikes or not, I’m already browsing an online bicycle store to get an idea of how much I’d need to save for our new wheels. The kids are still preschoolers and would still require training wheels on their bikes so I’m also looking for cute kiddie bikes for them.

I know I’m supposed to be looking for bikes for the little ones, but….  Mama want this ubercute vintage bike from Reid Cycles!

I’ve also looked into safety precautions we need to teach the little ones so they can ride safely.  Among those that I found imperative to teach them are:

  • Always wear your protective and safety gear.  Helmets are, of course, a requirement.  But we’d also need to get them elbow guards and knee guards to protect them from scrapes and bruises.
  • Keep hands on the handlebars.  Experienced bikers can ride without any hands on the handlebars for a few seconds but my kids are just preschoolers and would have to keep both hands on the handlebars at all times.
  • No riding on busy streets.  Bike riding for now would have to be strictly inside the park or the sports center only.  Absolutely no bike riding on sidewalks and streets for my wee ones until they are older – much older!

I’m certain that even with these rules in place, the little ones will still have a great time riding their bikes.  I’d probably lose several pounds teaching them how to ride and running after them once they’ve learned to balance and pedal well.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to find affordable bikes so we can each have a new one come Christmas. Better yet, I hope one of you kind souls would grant the li’l ones’ Christmas wish. 😀


  1. I guess every kid would like to have a bike. This reminds me din of my kids during their toddler years. 🙂

  2. Every kid would certainly love a bike. This reminds me of my kids during their pre school years. 🙂

  3. hi bez, the 2nd bike we got early this year was bought at cartimar. a lot better & cheaper than the one found in malls.

  4. Which reminds me, I should be making my Christmas wish and lists too! 🙂

  5. Wow, time flies so fast. We will never even notice that Christmas is just around the corner. Well, my son has a wishlist too. He wants a piano so we told the lolos and lolas already haha. Christmas are indeed for kids and young at hearts.

  6. I had always wanted to go biking in the park with the husband but we dont have bikes. Haha! And besides, its not possible during winter and summer is too short. Siguro pag laki na lng ng 4 month old ko.

  7. That smile is so precious! 🙂 Visiting from CommEx Sept25.

  8. A bike is always included in a child’s dream, I guess! 🙂 My husband told me that he really wanted a bike when he was a kid. He never got tired of that wish and eventually bought himself one when he got older.:)

  9. Calling the ninongs and ninangs of the kids and the parents hehehe…You should let them read this. Who knows, the spirit of Christmas might compel them to give you these gifts. Am sure the kids would love it. 🙂

  10. My kids love their bikes too. We too live in an apartment but we do have a balcony so all the bikes (all 4 of them) are kept there.

  11. just like you, i wanted to have a bike like that (those i’ve seen mostly in korean series). maybe i should get one this december.

  12. we’ll probably get kiddie bike for our toddler. there’s one at cartimar that sells for 900 php lang.

  13. Yay! Christmas is really in the air now. This makes me think of our Christmas wishlist, too. I’ve got at crush on that vintage bike although I don’t know how to.

  14. I keep saying that I should relearn how to ride a bike but I never have the time to practice. 🙁

  15. they are so cute in their bike..:)

  16. They’re sure enjoying themselves on the bike 🙂

  17. Kids and Bikes and Christmas always go together! Marie from CommEx 9/25 visitng

  18. Biking was such a big part of my childhood. Your kids are going to love their bikes! I remember having a pink one with trainer wheels. hehe.

  19. I got the same thinking , no more space if we buy some more toys like that for our kids. Space is what holding us up (aside from the budget of course) in buying items for kids.

  20. Wow, you already have wish list for Christmas sis… pretty sure you can afford to buy wheels for your kiddos… goodluck..:-)

    • Naku, with tuition fees and other related expenses our budget is quite tight this year. But we are saving to get the kids something nice this Christmas. 😀

  21. I don’t know what’s with bike kasi kahit ako nung bata ako nagpabili din ako niyan sa parents ko :)) sabi pag HS ko nalang daw.. umabot na ko ng college hindi naman ako binilhan hahaha bawal daw kasi sa girl (if you know the reason, totoo ba yun?)

    • LOL! I know that reason. The very same reason why you shouldn’t do ballet or anything that requires splits and all. It’s so totally not true said my obgyne friend.

  22. It is really wise to browse first and canvass the price from different sellers so you can maximize your budget 🙂

  23. i haven’t learn how to bike when i was a kid up to now. haha

    • I learned when I was in high school but never had a bike of my own so I’m really not very good at it. That’s why I want to get my kids their own bikes. I want them to be able to ride bikes well.

  24. The bike is seems a staple toy in every household these days. They both look adorable! 🙂

  25. I’m jealous. I really want to know how to ride a bike. Too bad I don’t have a convenient place to learn biking.

  26. Kids will definitely enjoy their new rides. My parents also bought me a little car when I was a kid and I could really say that the feeling was almost the same when I owned a real one. haha!