Halloween Fairy Costume: Paper Tissue Tutu

The little ones will be having a Halloween party in school this weekend.  The teachers will be transforming the school into Neverland and the kids are to come as fairies or pirates. Fairy and pirate costumes are fairly popular during Halloween are always available in stores so it would have been a cinch to get the little ones some costumes. However, there were specific instructions not to buy ready-made costumes.  We are to use our creativity and resourcefulness in making our kids costumes.  We are encouraged to mix and match existing clothes or to make the costumes ourselves.

I’m not really handy with the needle so sewing their costumes was out of the question.  Thankfully, I was able to find a no-sew guide on how to make a fairy or ballerina tutu using just a piece of garter and some tulle.  It was so easy to make that I was able to make one for my little Jade last Saturday night.  I didn’t even need to buy any materials to make it.   My Mom has a stash of paper tissues from bouquets she had received through the years which I thought would be a perfect substitute for tulle.   The garter was scavenged from an old raggedy pair of shorts.


Want to make this for your little one as well?  Here’s how I made my little girl’s tutu.

  1.  Measure your child’s waistline.  Cut the garter about two inches shorter than this and sew ends together.
  2. Fold paper tissue crosswise and cut into ¾-inch strips.
  3. Knot the strips, alternating colors, around the garter until you have a full tutu.

There, just three easy steps.  How simple can that be?!   This can even actually be done by grade schoolers who are already adept at using the scissors and doing simple knots.  I finished my girl’s tutu in just one afternoon.  Without any interruptions, you can actually finish a tutu in just an hour.


  1. That is so creative and pretty! Too bad my daughter’s school already had their halloween event. I’ll keep this in mind next time she needs a costume. She does love tutus 🙂

  2. very creative. it can be a great costume for little girls.

  3. Wow! So proud of you because you have this amazing talent. DIY is always the best things to consider. Handmade with love 🙂

    CE 11/6