WINX BELIEVIX FAIRY: Making A Little Girl’s Wish Come True

I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!

My four-year-old still pretty much believes in fairies and the power of pixie dusts.  She never tires of dressing up as a fairy and doning those flimsy fairy wings.  It’s no wonder she was ecstatic to receive these from Richwell Club.


Flora is one of the six Winx fairies in the Believix Dolls collection.  Her shiny glittery fairy wings are detachable and she comes with a butterfly shaped mirror and comb.  My daughter Jade loves to brush her hair and put her own clips on Flora.  She also gushes about how pretty Flora’s dress is and how she loves Flora’s pink boots.


Here’s what my little girl has to say about her new doll:

She has been asking me to get another Believix fairy (actually, she wants all six of them!) because, according to her, Flora is sad because she has no friend and needs another fairy friend to play with. 🙂

When asked if she wants her friends to have a Believix fairy also, she said yes because they’d love to play with the pretty fairies.  So if you have a little daughter who’s as enamored with all things pretty, click here to buy Flora online at  You may also want to check out the new Harmonix and Magical Hair dolls.



Winx are a group of magical fairies in the mystical dimension of Magix trying to make the grade in fairy school while fighting evil warlocks on the side. Join Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Techna and Layla as they save the world and the last fairy on Earth with the new power called the Believix.

Follow their journey in the Season 4 series of Winx Club every weekday at 4:30 PM on Nickelodeon. And watch these brave fairies in action as they discover new transformations, unlock secrets and go on countless magical adventures together.

Winx merchandise is exclusively distributed by Europlay Distributor Company, Inc. Available at all leading toy stores and department stores nationwide. For more information, call Europlay at telephone numbers 732-5141 to 47 loc 211.


  1. I’ll be buying these kind of toys soon. 🙂 My wife is due on February next year. 🙂 God bless us! 🙂

    • Yey! That’s just a few more weeks. Will pray for her safe delivery and for your baby’s good health. 😀

      • Coming from the point of view from one who does do Santa/Easter Bunny…. I don’t feel as if I’m lying to my kids (same concept as what you now emlopye w/ the Tooth Fairy). I like to promote and play pretends and bring whimsey and imagination to their lives. I also love the anticipation and excitement these make-believe characters bring. I never had issues, or actually have never heard of people being bitter when finding out these characters are make-believe. When I found out, I was excited/happy to spread that magic to my younger sibs…and now my own kids. I also believe it is important to recognize Christ and the actual cause for the celebration…they are two separate things in my mind, and distinguishing them as such helps to bring/keep the focus on Christ…or at least in our home. 🙂 But that’s just how us Tingeys roll. I find it interesting to hear how other families live/think…to each their own.

  2. Pretty cool! She looks happy to receive the gifts.

  3. Winx dolls are every little girls’ dream. Nice gift idea.

  4. Cute dolls! I love dolls when I was a kid too. Perfect gift for little girls indeed! 😀

  5. 🙂 this post got me more excited to find out the gender of my baby… am really really wishing it’ll really be a girl! 😀

  6. Can-C Eye Drops says

    Based on the character from Nickelodeon’s animated series Winx Club, the Believix Flora doll brings the world of fairies, fashion, and Magix to playtime. Nature-loving Flora comes with removable fairy wings, a trendy green-and-pink outfit, and 11 points of articulation. Winx fans ages four and up will enjoy moving and posing Flora in many fashionable ways.

  7. If I have a girl, I would have bought the same. My toddler, is watching Disney Fairies on tv. hahaha! But I wouldn’t buy him a fairy doll. 🙂 Happy Holidays Olga! I wish to see you in one of the many mommy events soon! Have a prosperous new year! 🙂

  8. i love dolls and i love pixies too!
    believix dolls looks gorgeous, i like to have one hahaha
    happy new year ms olga

  9. cool doll, the little girl is really happy and excited with her new toy..:-)

  10. Aww, she seems soo happy with her doll!

  11. I used to watch Winx when I was younger. Didn’t know they had dolls. 🙂

    • You must still be quite young, Jemm. There was still no Winx when I got out of college. 🙂 All we had were Barbies and Ken dolls.

  12. I used to watch this animation before. You can buy her another one so that it won’t be sad. hehehe

  13. Oh, the winx doll is so cute and your daughter is so pretty! Happy New Year! God bless you and your family!

  14. i know winx.. it was from a comic book before then it became a series on tv.. my sister was watching this before

  15. I’ve seen Winx comic books but haven’t seen the dolls before. Your girl is really lucky to have a winx doll of her own.

  16. Your little girl is pretty. I hope the hat fits her. Happy New Year!

  17. My daughter used to collect Barbie dolls too. Kids will always be kids and as Mom, we just try to do our best to give things which will make them happy.

  18. i think most kids believe in fairies and when i was young i had my fair share of that. I mean i always wish my fairy godmother will grant me the stuff i want..funny

    Now i realized we all have a fair share of day dreams..hehehe

  19. my daughter will surely love these dolls

  20. If I’ll have another girl I’m sure to buy those fairies for her. 🙂

  21. This is the first time I have seen this… but I don’t have any daughter and my son is now 16! But this would make a lovely gift!!!

  22. Is this available even outside of Manila? Like in Zamboanga?

  23. You got to admit, your daughter has a good point there when she said the fairy needs company. She’ll win an argument there lol! 🙂 I like that fairy with the long dark blue hair

  24. i think there was a winx when i was in college. sometimes, i watched them when my schedule was not conflict with it. that was barely 8 years ago.

  25. My daughter loves watching this on Nickolodeon. She loves fairies too 🙂

  26. How wonderful! Your post brought back memories of when my kids were younger… great pictures too.
    Happy New Year!
    Eliz (bc blogger)

  27. Awww, cute! This is one of the reasons why I wanted to have a baby girl. Fairies and princesses! Oh well, I guess I can work with pirates and cars for now. 🙂

  28. Oh, I like fairies, too! I still believe in them, haha! Your little one is so adorable..and the fairy doll so cute! 😀

  29. You have a pretty daughter! 🙂

    I am at awe with fairies too especially the story of Tinkerbell. I love how each fairy has her/his own power over something. In the real world, if we believe, we’d be able to accomplish anything.

    Happy New Year Olga!

  30. I might consider buying this doll for my niece..

  31. Fairies are cute! And many little girls, I know wish they were fairies themselves. LOL

  32. i love this doll. such a good idea as gifts for little girls. I used to believed that fairies exist when I was young and seeing this makes me want to go back to my younger years and buy this. hahahha

  33. Awww… you’re daughter is so cute! It’s nice to see her happy as can be 🙂

  34. my daughter is a fan of flora and the winx.
    happy new year!

  35. I believe in fairies too and everything magical. 🙂

  36. My kids love Winx, my son loves the Specialists the Winx’s boy-friends. My daughter loves Stella, the fashionista fairy. I like Techna. One more site to bookmark and save money for, perhaps on her birthday.

  37. I would actually love to have those Winx dolls for myself. They look so nice! Ang cute ni Jade 🙂

  38. Hi Olga! My daughter likes the Winx fairies, too. I like fairies but the Winx fairies are just too sexy. haha!