4 Hacks for New Parents to Ease Adjustment into Parenthood

No one can ever be totally prepared for pregnancy. There are always things you learn and pick up on the way that you didn’t know going in. For example, did you know that babies do a lot of surprising things in the womb? As a new parent, you probably have a lot of questions. The more you learn, you feel like you have everything under control – you’ve bought everything you need and more, the nursery is all decorated and set up at home and you’re ready. Then they are born. And you suddenly feel SO unprepared. That’s when all the questions come. You start to question things you previously felt sure of.

You check the formula feeding guide even though you’ve read it 100 times over. These things that seemed so simple before become a puzzle. You can ask for help, but will become bombarded with a plethora of baby products and (often unsolicited) advice. Obviously, it’s okay to take tips on the essentials of baby products; like advice on the best travel system stroller on Strollerbuzz. But as a first-timer, it can be hard to distinguish the must-haves from the gimmicks. Likewise, the tips and tricks that worked for others may not be conducive to you and your new bundle of joy.

It can get overwhelming trying to meet all the needs of the new baby, and feeling like you know nothing doesn’t help either. Many new parents might like a pair of extra helping hands; someone who can understand exactly what the baby needs. Choosing to take the help of a doula is something that you might want to consider. It might not only ease your stress but also let your baby be as comfortable as possible. Professionals from agencies like this Portland Oregon postpartum doula service can help you handle the transition from couple to new parents more easily. You won’t have to stress about all the decisions to make anymore because you will have knowledgeable minds to help you out.

With that in mind, here are four hacks to make the transition to parenting a little easier to manage, with or without a doula.

1. Get More Done with Babywearing

Your new bundle of joy no doubt craved being in the womb, but life doesn’t just stop after you’ve given birth. Of course, there’s still cleaning and cooking to do, other kids to look after, and often work to catch up on. You may get a break for the first few weeks, but soon enough you’ll need to figure out a rhythm to get it all done with a new baby on board.

If you need a little assistance carrying your newborn, an age-old practice could provide immense, mutually-desired enjoyment. In fact, embracing babywearing can help you get more done, while also meeting your baby’s needs. Furthermore, studies have shown that moms who practice babywearing for three hours a day see their infant cry 43 percent less than babies who didn’t receive the same – or any – amount of nurturing.

One of the most comfortable carriers for little ones is the Solly Baby Wrap, an ultra-thin stretchy wrap designed for use throughout your child’s first year. Tula also makes a variety of carriers to make babywearing comfortable and seamless. And, most carriers can even be used for discreet and convenient hands-free nursing, too.

2. Minimize Startle Reflex with Swaddle Suits

Sure, we all know swaddling babies is a great way to soothe and prevent them from startling themselves awake. However, because babies tend to wiggle out of this cozy wrapping, swaddling is a battle many babies end up winning. To decrease the chances of your baby popping free, keep them securely swaddled – and ultimately asleep longer – by using swaddle suits instead of traditional swaddle blankets.

Love to Dream makes one of the most popular options, the Swaddle Up, which features an ultra soft, stretchy material and a two-way zipper to make nighttime diaper changes a breeze. With this genius design, babies can keep their hands near their face for comfort. Plus, the Swaddle Up is light enough to be worn over the top of the baby’s sleepwear.

3. Make the Most of Your Smartphone

There’s an app for nearly everything these days – and there are certainly no shortage of options aimed at parents. To ease the stress of tracking all of your baby’s newfound habits, you can leverage this type of technology with an app like Total Baby. For example, you can use this app to easily keep track of feedings, soiled diapers, sleep times and baths. Meantime, because your child will start to grow up before you know it, use an app like FirstYear or Baby’s Firsts to record all of your baby’s precious milestones, from their first smile to their first steps.

You can also keep your baby soothed by loading your smartphone with gentle melodies to the tune of popular hits with the online program, Rockabye Baby. Likewise, if your baby needs some white noise to fall asleep or calm down, your best bet is to download an app that provides some ambient white noise. Ultimately, whatever works best for your little one, be sure you can download musical tracks for offline play to avoid exceeding your data limit on your smartphone plan.

4. Manage Messes with a Change of Clothes in the Diaper Bag

You know to never leave home without a change of clothes for your baby, but what about for yourself? After all, when you’re constantly holding, rocking or changing your little one, it’s only a matter of time before you get covered in spit up, urine or a blown out diaper. Your best bet? Stash a spare shirt for yourself in your diaper bag, so you can quickly change when your precious bundle of joy doles out a wardrobe malfunction.