Meet the Tots

Other women tote bags, I tote two tots.  Almost everywhere I go my arms would be holding either my daughter or my son and quite often both at the same time.  But I’m not complaining coz they’re absolutely adorable, huggable, lovable and everything “able”!

The Little Princess

JADE is our very precocious two-year-old.  I’m guilty of being overprotective of her but that’s mainly because of her birth history.  She weighed only 1 kilo when she was born and looked more like a kitten than an infant.  We had to wait for two months before we could take her home from the hospital. Then on her third month, she had to undergo surgery for her inguinal hernia.  We’ve also been in and out of the hospital for seizures, pneumonia, measles, etcetera etcetera. Thankfully, she was able to survive all those, is now fairly healthy and has achieved all developmental milestones on time.

with her twin sister inside mama’s womb and in the delivery room

from a tiny being inside mama’s womb to a teenyweeny pretty little girl

with her ever sunny disposition whilst at the hospital


don’t let her teenyweeny frame fool you…

this little girl can eat a horse!



“what shall we make today, we’ll make something fun…”




The Handsome Prince

JAKEI, the utterly adorable little man, will probably end up being spoiled by both grandfathers as he is the only grandson in both sides of the family.  His birth weight of 3.7 kilos foreshadowed how his character would be almost completely opposite that of his sister Jade.

whoa!  this petite mom gave birth to a whooping 8lb-4oz-baby boy!

my cute little crawler…reminds me of a very hungry caterpillar


this little guy has one mean bite

the big little brother with his little big sister

growing bigger everyday

I don’t have any Gucci, Hermes, or Louis Vuitton to tote around.  My arms are seldom laden with shopping bags other than ones filled with groceries.  But what could be more precious and more valuable than the two tots that these arms carry?


  1. I love your blog sis. Toting tots! 😀

  2. artista ka ba?

  3. reading this, parang na-inspired akong magkaroon ng 2nd baby, hahaha

  4. Two cute little tots.. 🙂

  5. Hi Olga! Your kids are adorable–definitely better to tote than even the HERMES. It was so nice meeting you last Saturday! Hope to bump into you soon again! Mwah!

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