How to Find the Best Mattress

Most people spend approximately 33 percent of their lives sleeping, making the bed one of the most used piece of furniture in the home. The mattress that you sleep on will determine your quality of sleep and how comfortable you feel during the night. To sleep soundly and feel rested each day, there are a few important tips to find the best mattress to sleep on.

Tranquility + GelRead Reviews

It’s important to read the reviews of different mattresses to determine customers’ experiences with the products. Consider the comfort level, the firmness of the product, and if the mattress maintained its durability.

Test it Out

Although it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by dozens of white mattresses when visiting a store, try to test out three to four mattresses that fit within your budget. This will make it easier to get an idea of what type of mattress is most comfortable without getting confused with the number of available options. It’s important to bring your partner along to determine how much you both enjoy certain products. For instance, if you have a considerably large bedroom, you could utilize the More Room To Move With a Super King Mattress. Similarly, discuss beforehand what kind of material or colour you would prefer.

Legacy + GelConsider Your Options

Consider testing out a foam mattress or a coil mattress to evaluate how they each differ from one another. If you choose a mattress that has coils, consider an inner-spring mattress or a non-inner-spring mattress. Those who prefer a softer mattress can opt for a mattress that is constructed out of different types of foam.

Many people also have allergic reactions to the type of materials that are used on mattresses, making it important to consider the best natural mattress that is safe to sleep on. Opt for a product that is constructed out of renewable resources like bamboo, aloe, and palm or castor oils.

Review the Warranty

Most mattress companies offer 30-day warranties to ensure that you can return the product if you change your mind after taking it home. Review the warranty to protect your investment and allow yourself to have the freedom to choose another product if you’re unsatisfied with your original choice.

To improve your quality of sleep and enjoy spending time in your bed, it’s important to choose the right mattress that can be used long-term. By narrowing down your options and conducting research, you can feel satisfied with your purchase and avoid waking up throughout the night.

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5 Things You Never Knew About Quilts

You might think a quilt is just that piece of fabric that keeps you warm during the colder winter months, but the history of quilting is long, varied, and extremely interesting. If you make your own quilts by following quilting patterns or if you are a big fan of handmade quilts, you might want to find out a little bit more about their history and how they are made. Here are five things you might have never known about quilts – feel free to share them with your friends!

“Pink Quilt” by debspoons /


Like many English words, “quilt” has a Latin etymological root. It is derived from the word ‘culcita’, which means “stuffed sack”, and is quite pertinent, when you consider the make-up of a quilt. The Chinese and the Egyptians were the first cultures to develop the practice of layering fabrics together to make a quilt. The oldest quilt in existence at the moment has been dated back to 980 B.C.

Largest Historical Quilt

The largest quilt in the world can be found in Antler in North Dakota, and was originally sewed to celebrate the centenary of North Dakota’s statehood. You can see every county in the state, each sewed on with a different colour. In 1988, volunteers from over fifty counties rallied together to contribute to this quilt which covers about 11,000 square feet. What a beautiful quilt that has been made, a tshirt quilt is also a product of creative quilt making, if you would like to find out more about a tshirt quilt then you can visit sites such as Memory Stitch to find out. A tshirt quilt may not be as big as the largest quilt in the world but they are still pretty impressive!

Most Popular Quilts

The most popular kinds of quilts are not the ones you can buy in a store. Surprisingly (or perhaps not), Amish quilts are considered the most popular around the world, and many people also have private collections. These quilts are extremely striking thanks to their use of colour and design, making them attractive to all sorts of people around the world.

Different Types

There are many different types of quilts available on the market, made from a variety of different materials. Wool quilts are slowly becoming more popular with the mainstream public, thanks to their versatility and ability to be used in all temperatures and climates. If you have been thinking of purchasing one, there is no time like the present – quilt specialists such as MiniJumbuk Online can help you choose the perfect fit for you. There are hundreds of different shapes and styles to choose from so don’t worry about not having enough choice. You might also want to buy a mattress topper to make the bed feel even comfier. If you’re not sure which brand to buy, Minijumbuk also sell a wide range of mattress toppers too!


There are many different kinds of traditions associated with quilting, and these range from Western styles from America to more Eastern styles from India and Japan. The combination of all these traditions makes it fascinating to be a part of the quilting world, where no two handmade quilts are the same!

quilt 1

So there are five things that you might not have known about quilts! If you’re looking for a new hobby, maybe this is it – the possibilities are endless. If you’re not so keen, you can just snuggle in with your favourite quilt and enjoy the warmth it gives you on those cold winter nights.

How many of these facts did you already know? Do you love quilts and all things quilting? Do you have any other interesting facts about quilts to share with other budding enthusiasts? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Why Latex Mattresses Will Benefit Your Kids

Parents often pay more attention to their child’s bed frame and linen than the actual mattress. This is unfortunate, since a child’s mattress is more important to their health than any other part of their bed. If you are planning on getting your child a new mattress (or perhaps you are thinking of getting a new one) then you should check out this Top awarded mattress here. Children sleep longer than adults, and need a decent night’s sleep to regulate their health, memory, attention span, and stress levels. With so much at stake, it is vital that you have the right mattress for your child. For valuable insight into why a latex mattress could be the way to go read on for more information if you are interested in getting the right one.

Problems with Non-Latex Crib Mattresses

Many crib non-latex crib mattresses are toxic, and some contain boric acid and antimony (a heavy metal that absorbs into the skin) that is banned in Europe under investigations in leads to SIDS. A non-latex crib mattress is usually made of polyurethane foam, which tends to omit formaldehyde as it breaks down over time, and can have a significant negative impact of developing respiratory systems in babies and children.

Latex Is Good For Your Children’s Health

Latex is perfect for kids, as it conforms to their sleeping patterns. Latex resists fungus, mold, mildew, and other bacteria that may be harmful to your children. It also absorbs little moisture through a natural wool barrier to keep to bed clean.Parents debate whether wool or latex is better for their child’s bedding, since some have claimed to be potential allergens, however latex is the better choice because of the way the materials are cleaned beforehand. If you are concerned about your child’s health, then a buying a latex mattress is the perfect start to keeping them healthy while they sleep. Latex mattresses are also good for infants. Remember, if you are unsure, you can always consult your doctor or mattress professional. For more information on why latex mattresses are a better choice for your children’s health, Click Here.

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A Latex Mattress Will Last Longer

Kids grow quickly, and their body at fourteen is drastically different to their body at seven. Latex mattresses are great because they have a history of lasting twenty years. One way of choosing a good latex mattress is to look at your own body, and imagine your child’s body developing that way. They are a great investment, as they will last a long time, and save money in the long run.

As adults, we develop our immune system; however, infants, toddlers, and young children are exposed to chemicals that can be harmful to them. Because of this, it is very important they don’t absorb too much unnecessary chemicals as they sleep. A natural latex mattress is a clean, healthy, safe way for your children to sleep at night.

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What are your thoughts when it comes to mattresses? Do you prefer a particular type or brand? Have you heard any nightmare stories regarding back or neck pain? Share your opinion, advice and personal experiences by commenting in the section below.

Three Shopping Tips For Choosing the Perfect Mattress

Shopping for a new mattress is not something that most people look forward to, but if you do everything correctly, you should only have to endure this experience one time in your life. The right mattress should last at least 10 years if not longer, and they don’t have to be majorly expensive either! You can find some of the best latex mattress deals or whichever kind you like, which can be quality and long-lasting as well. The average person spends at least one-third of their life sleeping. Doesn’t it make sense to spend that time comfortably?

For me personally, I’ve always found that a latex mattress provides the best support, and provides the absolutely best comfort. But, my husband doesn’t feel the same. He prefers memory foam – each to their own. Everybody seems to have a different style of sleeping and their own version of “comfort” that often develops from childhood. And, with that said, that brings us to the most important tip.

Shop For Comfort First

Your bed is the one place where you need maximum comfort. If you are not getting a good night’s sleep, then your old mattress could be to blame. The first thing that you need to take into consideration when you start shopping for new mattresses is the comfort of your bed. Whether it is a single mattress or a king mattress you are after, don’t sacrifice comfort for anything.

The select comfort line of mattresses was designed to be comfortable for more than one person. A mattress where the firmness can be adjusted is an excellent idea.

Research Different Mattresses First

There is more than one type of mattress out there and many you can compare with each other. For example, leesa vs purple mattress and the more you know about all the different types of mattresses that exist, the easier it will be the pick out the perfect one. Here are a few of the more popular choices.

Where Should You Shop

When it comes to mattress shopping, you really don’t have all that many choices. You can choose to shop locally at a specialized mattress retailer, or you can shop from the convenience of your home by making your purchase on the Internet. Both methods have advantages.

Shopping at a local retailer gives you the unique opportunity to try out all of the beds. You can spend as much time lying on every mattress in the store.

Shopping for a new mattress on the Internet gives you convenience and great savings. Most Internet mattress retailers will also give you a free in home trial for the mattress. This is an excellent way to determine whether or not the mattress is a good fit.

Shopping for a new mattress does not have to be difficult. Take your time and you will only have to do this once in your life.