Why A Non-Techie Mom Reads Tech Blogs

Many people assume that I’m knowledgeable with the technical side of blogging but this is so far from the truth. My aversion to anything technical is not a secret. I have been advised to read on SEO and stuff but, really, my mind refuses to comprehend such matters. It’s no different with electronic gadgets and software. I just can’t be bothered with all those confounding technical terms.

It may, thus, seem ironic that I do like reading tech blogs. However, tech blogs are actually non-techie people’s best friends when it comes to knowing more about the latest gadgets and software. Here are some reasons why this non-techie mom reads tech blogs:

A Tech Blog presents information in a language that I can understand. I’m one of those people who get so easily confused with scientific and engineering terms. My husband has probably explained to me a hundred times about RAMs and processors and operating systems but my brain always shuts down when I hear those words. I do remember understanding how dual core and quad core processors work though when a tech blogger explained them using imagery.

A Tech Blog gives objective comparisons of the latest gadgets. When I’m choosing between two similar gadgets and am perplexed with all the data in their product specifications, I go through tech blogs and check how the gadgets were rated by different bloggers. I love reading things like a gadget guide for men or the 5 best computer mouses! I find stuff like that really interesting. Most tech blogs do publish posts comparing similar gadgets in the market which gives us consumers an idea which one to choose. Tech blogs are also usually the first ones to know about the latest software and gadgets available. Some even have information on products that are yet to be released in the market.

A Tech Blog allows readers to interact and share their own opinion. Because readers do share their thoughts also, I’m able to know how other people have found a specific gadget and if they themselves recommend it to others. This free exchange of ideas provides readers a more objective review of gadgets and software.

A Tech Blog answers queries from readers. Tech bloggers often respond faster to queries than marketing people do. If you have a question about a particular product and course it through the product site’s contact form, it often takes days before a representative replies to your question. Worse, you may never even receive a reply. Tech bloggers on the other hand value their readers and do take time to reply to queries.

Beating the Blues: What to Do When There Seems to Be Nothing to Write About

It may seem like I have a lot to say about different topics, but there really are days when I simply feel the blues and get stumped for topics to write about.  There are days when I have a topic in mind, but cannot seem to find the words to write.  Yes, there is such a thing as a writer’s block.

When this happens, what should a writer do?  If what you need to write about is something as important as a custom essay or term papers for school, you simply do not have much of a choice but to summon the powers that be for some inspiration to get those words flowing from your head.  When I get hit by moments of “silence,” these are some of the tricks that I pull out from my writer’s hat:

  1. Read. The best way to get those gears in your head moving is to read.  You can choose your reading materials according to the topic you have in mind.  If you are still without a topic, think about what your audience would be interested in reading.  See what the search engines will turn up when you type in a particular topic.  Read on and soon enough something will strike your fancy.  Whether you are writing for school, for work, or for any other reason, make sure that the information that you gather in your research are relevant to your readers.
  2. Listen. The common reaction writers have when they are stumped and on a deadline is to get frazzled and frantic.  Calm yourself down by listening to music that relaxes you or that loosens you up.  Having all your nerves uptight will clog the flow of creative juices even more.  Make like Peter Pan and go to your happy place to get you in the right mental state to get your job done.
  3. Write. Do not let your mental block get the better of you.  Write.  Write.  Write.  Remember that it is all about state of mind.  After you have shaken off your anxiety by reading and listening, you just have to get on that keyboard and type away your thoughts.  Most importantly, have fun and enjoy writing up whatever it is you are supposed to write.  For all you know, it might just be the masterpiece you are waiting for.


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Learning about Blogging From the Awesome ANTON DIAZ

What’s my ADVOCACY? This question has been lingering in my mind for the past weeks since I attended Blogging: The Formula for Success. One of the most successful bloggers in our country, Mr. Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet, shared with us how he turned blogging not only into a lucrative hobby but more importantly into an advocacy that has sparked a movement.

Last July 13, I was privileged to have been given a free seat to the workshop for having answered a survey by Manila Workshops more than a month ago. Good thing I took time to answer that survey coz I wouldn’t have been able to squeeze the 4,5oo-peso fee into our monthly budget. Mr. Anton Diaz shared so many insights and tips that was well worth more than the fee though. Still, thank you to Ginger Arboleda of ManilaReviews.com for inviting us to join the workshop.


I’ve only been blogging for a little over a year and have not really taken time to understand SEO nor how to effectively monetize my blog. Nonetheless, I found some useful resources online on the topic of blogging. Although the additional income I could earn from blogging was really what initially drove me to get my own domain and start a blog, it still remains to be just a mere hobby that allows me to voice out my thoughts. Call it therapy for the crazy work-at-home mom. 😀 By happenstance, I am still able to get sponsored posts and a few advertisers even without marketing my site. I credit this to my online mom-blogger friends who refer me to their advertisers. Still, to know that a blog could actually earn tens of thousands (even hundreds, I heard) each month is incredible. More than that, to know that you could actually affect and change lives through your blog is both inspiring and frigthening. Frightening because you realize that you have a huge responsibility to your readers.

Mr. Anton Diaz taught us all the rudiments of running a blog, from creating timeless posts and sharing them on social networking sites to monetizing the blog and how much to charge direct advertisers. Though there are millions of information on the internet about blogging, learning directly from someone who has worked to make his blog be the awesome blog that it is now is so much better than reading articles. Plus, you’re certain that the technique works because that’s exactly what he has been doing. Among the many things I’ve learned from him that day are:

  • I shouldn’t write just because I can or just because I want to, I must write to EDUCATE my readers. I must strive to write posts that empower and change lives.
  • Have an advocacy. I must figure out what I want to change in our society and make that my movement. (This really is easier said than done.)
  • Use “google insights for search” to know what people are interested in and write about those topics. BUT, never to write about something I can’t relate to. If, like me, you are a novice when it comes to SEO, you might want to consider enlisting the help of an internet marketing specialist such as Ram Digital who are an SEO Company Lichfield.
  • Be an online friend to my readers. This means replying to their comments and answering their emails. Apparently, getting emails from readers is one way to know that you are successful in reaching out to your audience.
  • Not all readers are alike. Some are visual, some auditory, and some kinesthetic. My blog must appeal to all types of readers.
  • A blogger’s goal is to reach EXPERT status. And, no, this is not something you can just claim for yourself, it has to be bestowed upon you by others. Earn that status by building followers. Some bloggers find that building followers begin with developing their followers on social media. Luckily some tools can help such as this free instagram followers app from social media companies similar to SocialFollow.

My 100+ pageviews per month is a loooong way from the 1000+ pageviews I should be getting if I want to move up the Blogging Evolution – from Artist to Advocate to Entrepreneur and finally to Maven. . However, I’m still thankful for those 100 people who take time to visit this blog and read what I have to share. Hopefully, I could eventually make a career out of blogging by applying the techniques I learned from Mr. Anton Diaz.


Want To Know The Formula For Success? Join the Bloggers Workshop!


Anyone who is literate, has basic computer knowledge, and has internet access, can create his own blog.  Even grade schoolers are pretty much capable of setting up and managing their own blogs.  But have you ever wondered what makes a blog stand out from the millions of blogs out there?  And, have you ever wondered how people actually make money from blogs?  Well, I have!

I’ve been blogging for a little over a year now and have found friends who have been blogging for years already.  It really amazes me how most of them are able to make blogging a fulltime career and how they’re able to provide for their families’ needs through the income they earn from their blogs.  Yes, a lot are actually able to earn the same income professionals in the corporate world earn.  Well, what’s their formula for success?  That’s what I want to know also, so I’m joining the Blogging: The Formula for Success to learn the formula from Anton Diaz, one of the top bloggers in our country.


Whether you are a mere hobbyist, a semi-pro or a start-up pro blogger, you will certainly learn from this workshop which includes the following topics: Top Mistakes Newbie Blogger Makes, Critical Elements of a Successful Blog, Marketing Strategies for your blog: SEO, Social Media and Email Marketing, and How to Monetize your Blog 101 (Google Adsense, Direct Ads).

Blogging: The Formula for Success will be held at Studio SnR, 3rd Floor Millenium Plaza Building, Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center on July 13, 2012 from 9am to 5pm.  The fees for this workshop are  Php 4,500 (Regular rate), Php 2,200 (Early bird rate paid before July 6), Php 1,800 (Group discount for 3 or more participants).  Also, you can get 56% off the regular rate if you purchase through OkayOkay.com.

See you on the 13th of July and let’s all learn from the blogger behind the successful blog, Our Awesome Planet.

Managing Websites Made Easy for Enterprising Moms

It’s kind of cool how technology has evolved to make sharing stories and storing keepsakes faster and more interesting. Just about every mom who has a computer and internet access can tell everyone about the latest interesting tidbit about anything and everything they like and love. Moms can even take things a bit further and make their private websites an enterprise to make extra money on the side. I’ve even heard of some moms deciding to reinvest some of that extra money into working with a professional similar to SEO Omaha to get even more traffic to their site.

It’s actually just like having a tete-a-tete with friends but earning from it at the same time. Some have planned on hiring website design services from digital marketing agencies like SERP Co (https://serp.co/services/websites/) to make their new enterprise website responsive. Because when you have a website tuned for better search engine optimization, it grows better!

You can also harness your sales acumen by doing eretailing right at your website or by setting up another linked website. As your enterprise grows, you would have the need for cloud hosting services that will address your increasing storage, application, and server demand. When you turn your website into an online business, you have to make sure that you are available to your readers and customers at all times.

A cloud host works like real estate in the virtual world. It gives you a space where your readers and customers can visit you anytime to gain access to all the amenities and facilities that they are looking for. You can choose to manage your own cloud or take advantage of managed application hosting services. While these services used to be available only to larger corporations and businesses, small business owners like you and other moms who want to manage their online business without having to worry about the technical stuff. These cloud services will help you tap into both the technical expertise of computing professional and the cost efficiencies of flexibility and speed. So, it’s definitely worth looking around to find the best services for you and your website. Take a look at M247.ro for a starting point to see what they can offer you in terms of cloud hosting, then look around for the service that will benefit you most.