Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival

Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival brings to us Mickey Mouse and Friends together with our much-loved stars from The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and the Toy Story.

Dance and sing to Disney hits remixed to the hottest sounds of today. We’ve got hiphop, pop, reggae, rock, country and much more!

Have a rockin’ fun time with more than 25 Disney stars performing in this jam session.  Join Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy; Ariel, Sebastian and Ursula; Jasmine, Aladdin and Genie; Woody, Buzz and Jessie as they rock the house in this one-of-a-kind concert experience.

Show Dates and Venues:
September 23-25, 2011- Waterfront Cebu City Hotel
October 5-9, 2011- Araneta Coliseum

Tickets on sale starting June 10, 2011.
Call Vivre Fort Entertainment at (02) 470 6956 for more details.

Click here for seat plans and ticket prices.

50% Discount on Entrance Fee at Philippine Science Centrum

The Philippine Science Centrum is offering a 50% discount on their entrance fee from April 1 to May 31. That means you get to pay only 50 pesos for 1.5 hours of interactive science fun!

The Philippine Science Centrum is the first hands-on science museum in the country.  It boasts of more than 80 interactive science exhibits that will surely rectify the misconception that learning about science is boring.

I took the toddlers on a “field trip” there last February and they had so much fun.  I will definitely be scheduling another trip there to take advantage of the discount.  We’d have to go there earlier though so we could also have time to play in Kids’ World.

Walking on the Green Grass

My two kids are banned from the mall and all other crowded places lest they acquire another strain of virus and get sick again.  We’ve already started the year with one week of hospital confinement and consecutive bouts with flu, cough, and colds; I really wouldn’t want any of that again.

If I could create a bubble to protect my kids from every virus and bacteria out there, I would have done so already.  Sadly, that’s way beyond the powers of this mom.

I could just keep them cooped inside the house but that would just be too lonely.  So, what’s our solution?  Take them outdoors to walk on the green grass, to watch birds fly, to name shapes formed by clouds, to count airplanes that fly overhead, and to basically breathe air fresher than the one inside the house.

 photo atloyola2.jpg

Oh, ok…  So, it’s a MEMORIAL park… but it’s not crowded, the air is fresh, and there’s plenty of green grass to walk on ^_^

 photo atloyola.jpg

My two totally terrific tots!

We can buy our kids the most expensive toys and the latest gadgets but nothing beats the look on their faces when they discover how wonderfully God created nature!