Why Pay When You Can Get One For FREE?

I love getting freebies!  Well, who doesn’t love free stuff, really?   Moms like me would definitely love to have freebabystuff whenever we can.  But how can you get stuff for free?  Here are some easy ways to score freebies:

Go Online.  You won’t believe the number of sites that offer free product samples and coupons you can use to grab free items from online shops.  Just be careful to check for any hidden charges when availing of these freebies.  You may be paying more for shipping costs than the actual value of the product.

Answer Surveys.  I’ve received several free samples just by spending a few minutes answering surveys sent by various companies.

Join Contests.  Getting freebies through contests relies heavily on chance. Still, if you have time to spare, it won’t hurt to join a contest or two.  Join as many as you can to up your chances of winning prizes.

Join Rewards Programs.  In joining rewards programs, you not only get vouchers and coupons for discounts on purchases but also receive free products. Make sure that you fully understand the terms of the program though so you can get the best deals out of it.  Also, don’t forget to redeem your rewards before they expire.

Give Companies Feedback on Their Products.  When we find a product we have purchased to be defective or substandard, we usually call the manufacturer to air our complaints.  However, it pays also to call them when you are very satisfied with their products.  Some companies do send free products to their loyal consumers.  They just need to know that you are one of them.

Ask For One.  If there’s a new product you want to try but are wary of purchasing  a regular-sized pack, you could write the company and ask for a sample.  Most companies would be more than willing to send you samples.

These are just some ways you can save by getting items for free.  With today’s rising cost of living, it really does pay to be frugal.


Image courtesy of phanlop88 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net