Mommy Moments: Mother’s Day

I woke up on Mother’s Day without my husband beside me.  There was nary a note or even a text message to tell me where he went.  But knowing him, I knew he’d be back with a surprise for me. Since we got married, he has always given me a bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day.  And that, he did again this year.

I had already finished preparing breakfast and still there was no sign of him so I was a tad bit irritated because it seemed that he’d be missing breakfast with us.  Just as I was about to feed the toddlers, he opened the door and gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  He also brought home a cake from Chocolate Kiss!

 photo mdayflowers.jpg

The rest of the day was spent at home just lazing around with my husband and the kid. Although I would have appreciated a little pampering and some time for myself, there really is no better way to spend Mother’s Day than mothering your brood.

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Mommy Moments – My Ultrabig Bumps

The theme for Mommy Moments this week is Preggy Tales. I’ve had two difficult pregnancies in two consecutive years and although they were the most trying years in our married life, I am glad to say that everything has fallen into place now and we are very thankful that the Lord has helped us go through those difficult times.

My period has always been like clockwork so when two weeks passed by and there was nary a sign of menstruation, I knew that I could be very well pregnant. I bought two different pregnancy test kits and, sure enough, both confirmed what I already knew. A friend of mine did suggest that I go to the local clinic where they gave Free ultrasounds to check and officially confirm but I had my own doctor. On the 14th of January 2008, a transvaginal ultrasound revealed something I would never even have imagined – I was carrying twins!


twin A and twin B became Jade and Jake after seven months

I still remember how shocked I was when I heard one of the sonologists say to the other, “Yung isa, na check mo na?” I practically screamed, “Yung isa?! Anong isa pa?!” When my honey was ushered inside the laboratory, I was ecstatically saying, “We’re having twins!! Twins, hon! TWINS!!!”

The pregnancy itself was really tough for both of us. The same ultrasound revealed that there was subchorionic hemorrhage so I was put on complete bedrest for a couple of weeks. Things were better after the bedrest and we were able to complete the preparations for our garden wedding which had to be moved from October to April of the same year. So, on our wedding day, I was already going on my second trimester.


honey and I on our third month of pregnancy - so, who's carrying the twins? ^_^

Sadly, everything turned downhill from then. To say that our pregnancy was difficult is an understatement. Since we were carrying twins, we were required to have ultrasounds every month. It was on our fourth month when we discovered that the twins had growth discrepancy – one of them was way bigger than the other. This progressed and the difference in their growth became wider.

A couple of weeks before our seventh month, I experienced pre-term contractions and had to be confined in the hospital. I was on complete bedrest with absolutely no sitting or walking privileges. After two weeks of being monitored, our doctors found out that the oxygen supply of one of the babies was already insufficient so a stat caesarian operation was ordered. I was fully awake during the operation and saw my twins right after they cleared them of mucus. It was truly an unforgettable sight to see the babies whose heartbeats I have been feeling from inside my womb. But my twins weighed only 1kg and 1.5kg and were immediately transferred to NICU. JAKE is now an angel in heaven after succumbing to respiratory distress syndrome on her 7th day of life. With God’s grace, JADE is now a precocious toddler who refuses to be called a baby or a little girl. She insists that she is already a big girl.


Our second pregnancy was physically not as difficult as the first but it was a very emotionally challenging time for the family. We found out we were pregnant again barely five months after giving birth to the twins. I was still suffering from severe post-partum depression then and our little Jade had just very recently undergone surgery for her inguinal hernia. I was really an emotional mess then. Fortunately, everything turned out well and I gave birth to a hefty 3.4kg baby boy.


a very big bump for a little mama

Both my pregnancies were extremely difficult for me, physically and emotionally. But I wouldn’t have second thoughts of going through them again because if not for those pregnancies, I wouldn’t have an angel in heaven, a darling of a daughter, and an adorable little son.

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Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #11

I absolutely loved the idea for the Weekend Blog Follower Caravan#10.  I got to know more of the wonderful people behind the blogs that I follow. And I got to follow new ones too. Now WBFC#11  has started and I am looking forward to meeting new bloggers, discovering new blogs, and of course, visiting the blogs that I love.
If you are here through WBFC, I’m hoping you’d take time to go through my other posts and know more about this tottering mama.

“Weekend Blog Follower Caravan is a simple online blogger-helping-blogger weekly meme. It was designed for bloggers to help each other in terms of blog followers either through Google Friend Connect and email subscribers.”

Mommy Moments: Birthday Fun

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I’m the only one who has already celebrated her birthday this year as the rest of the family will be celebrating theirs on the third quarter of the year.  We were scheduled to go out for dinner to celebrate my very special day but I had the sniffles and a throbbing headache.  So when hubby got home from the office, he ordered me to rest and went out to buy dinner.


Which turned out to be quite a birthday feast!

 photo BDayfood.jpg

pinakbet, asparagus, garlic shrimps and crispy shrimps

 photo BDayfood2.jpg

My all-time faves!!! sinigang na hipon, inihaw na pusit, kare-kare, and lumpiang shanghai

My toddlers loved the food and ate with much gusto!

 photo BDaykids.jpg

crunchy crispy kangkong for the little girl lumpiang shanghai for the hungry li’l boy

My sister brought home a cake for us to share.  The toddlers were so eager to eat the cake and couldn’t even wait for it to be sliced.  Jade loved the cherries and would probably have eaten all if we didn’t tell her she’d get a tummy ache for having eaten too much already.

 photo BDaycake.jpg

White Forest from Red Ribbon – Yum!!!

We didn’t get to go out for a fancy dinner, but the family was complete and the toddlers made us laugh with their silly antics.   For this, my birthday feast at home would always be one of the happiest celebrations in my life.


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Pink Sea Fairies

 photo PinkFairiescutie.jpg

Li’l Cutie in Pink

Last December, we took the toddlers to the Manila Ocean Park where we had fun discovering marine life.  We availed of a package that enabled us to see all of the major attractions: the Oceanarium, Marine Life Sanctuary, Marine Life Show,  The Jellies, and the Musical Fountain Show.  Among the attractions, the toddlers loved the jellyfish the most.  They appeared to be of different colors due to the colorful lights in each water tank.  They even seemed a magnificent PINK in one of the tanks.  A perfect match for me and my little princess as we were both wearing pink tops.

 photo PinkFairies.jpg

discovering marine life in pinks

 photo PinkFairiesjellies.jpg

dancing sea fairies so enchanting in pink

 photo pinkfairiesjellies2.jpg

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