When SAHMone Speaks: Rated-M

When SAHMone Speaks

How would you rate yourself as a mother, 10 being the highest?


In terms of love, caring and effort, I think all mothers should be rated a perfect 10.  I’m certain we all love our children more than anything else in the world and are giving 101% in taking care of them and ensuring that all their needs are met.

But, of course, other aspects of motherhood are much more difficult to rate.  In terms of providing proper nutrition and tasty meals, I’d probably rate myself a 3 as I am still far from being kitchen savvy.   For taking time to prepare activities and games for my toddlers each day, I would give myself a 9 (I would give myself a perfect score if it were not for the many times that I was unable to stick to our daily schedule of activities).  I think a 7 would suffice for dealing with their toddler antics and tantrums patiently most of the time (there are times when a whole mile of patience can be worn out and this mom just explodes like the Big Bang ^_^).

Overall, I think I would give myself a qualitative grade of Needs Improvement.  Motherhood, after all, evolves as our children grow and as we mature as wives and mothers.   I may perfectly love my toddlers but am definitely needing improvement in parenting them. Whatever the rating we give ourselves,  what’s most important is that we give our children our unfailing love and understanding and forgiveness.

Mommy Moments: Dear Daddy

mommy moments


 photo papawithjade.jpg

Papa with 3-month-old Jade (yes, our teenyweeny princess was already 3 months old in this picture)

 photo papawithjak.jpg

Papa with newborn Jakei (and, yes! Jakei was just a few hours old in this)

Dear Papa,

We love you very much!

We are so blessed to have a Papa who takes care of our needs.  Thank you for helping Mama with all the “mommy” stuff. We truly appreciate all those times you changed our diapers, burped us after feeding, lulled us to sleep, gave us our baths, fed us our meal, etcetera, etcetera.

Thank you for being our own private nurse when we are sick. Mama says you do a better job of keeping our temperature down when we have fever.

Thank you for taking time to play with us even if you have other chores to do.  Thank you for taking us on afternoon strolls right after you come home even if you are tired from work.

We’re sorry if we don’t listen at times, we just get really preoccupied with what we’re doing. We also don’t mean to disobey you, we just have this natural urge to explore our world and discover new things.

We love you very much and we show it in whatever way we can.

Hugs and Kisses,

Jade & Jakei


 photo papawithkids.jpg

“A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.” from the Quote Garden

One Very JOYful Occassion

Among the countless blessings God has given me are friends who have been with me through the years – through all my ups and downs.  I can’t imagine how life would be without them.  God knows how much I treasure friendships and I guess this is why he continues to shower me with new ones.

Recently, I have been blessed to meet a couple of wonderful people who then introduced me to several of their friends and now I have this whole bunch of wonderfully happy people to foster friendships with.

Last February 20, I was honored to have been invited to an intimate gathering of a close-knit group of friends.  It was the 1st Blogversary of Joy Mendiola’s Occasions of Joy.  And true to her blog title, what a joyful occasion it was!

Here’s the pretty celebrant and gracious hostess.
She made all of us feel very welcome and showered us with great gifts also!
Although she was the celebrant and the guests should have given her gifts,
Joy showered us with wonderful prizes and lootbags filled with goodies!
She was fortunate to have so many sponsors,
and we were very fortunate the blessings trickled down on us also.

Among her very generous sponsors are:
Johnson & Johnson, Ainon Baby Products, Lactacyd Pink
Funranch, Baby Company, Super Bowl of China
Nesvita, Donuts Ads Inc, Dona Maria Brown Rice, Walter Bread, Love Blends Coffee
Me & U, Enjoy Philippines, The Body Shop, Svelte, Clarity
A-Z Direct Marketing, MOD Magazine, Baby Magazine
Funlipix, Graphixcel, Elro Commercial

And, of course, her most important sponsor is Rafael A. Mendiola
who not only provided the venue and buffet lunch
but also lovingly supports Joy in all her endeavors

Here’s one very joyful bunch!

The food was sumptuous, the goodies were wonderful, the party was great!  But what I loved the most about this very JOYful occasion was the awesome people I met!  If I had known that mommy bloggers were so fun to be with, I would have started blogging years ago.

Mommy Moments: Happy Hearts’ Day

mommy moments


My Mom is the sweetest person I know!  We grew up getting gifts from her in every occasion.  They weren’t expensive gifts but they were priceless.  She also instilled in us that gifts you’ve personally made an effort to create are more precious than store-bought ones.  So, every occasion was preceded by an art class.  She’d take out crayons, paint, paper and other craft supplies and my sisters and I would each create our masterpieces.

As I am my Mom’s biggest fan and would like to raise my children the same way she raised us,  this practice of gift-giving I definitely would pass to my toddlers.

And so, a few days before VDay, my toddlers and I got busy working on our cards and other masterpieces.

I cut out the shapes and Jade did all the pasting and decorating.
As I am a Math geek, I couldn’t resist
infusing a lesson in patterns –
I printed a pattern of colored hearts which
Jade completed using heart foam stickers


Since Jakei still can’t work well with glue
(he’d rather eat it than use it on paper)
I just gave him heart foam stickers to stick on the pre-torn board paper.
I let him stick the hearts on his own,
so the designs are basically his and his alone.


Jade and I made these heart mobiles
for Lola Mira and Ate Sophia.
She’s quite adept with the glue stick and
was able to paste the small hearts without help.
While I was keeping an eye on Jakei
(lest he eats all the foam stickers),
I let Jade paint several heart-shaped Oslo paper.
I stitched the hearts together to make the mobile for Ate Sophia.


All gifts must pass through stringent quality control

My husband is a very hands-on father. 
He’s had his share of sleepless nights changing diapers, feeding, burping, spongebathing when the tots have fever. 
He has been peed on, puked on, and dribbled with saliva. 
So, for being motherly without losing his machismo, 
he deserves this wall decor and so much more!

I botched the Valentine’s dinner I cooked
but the toddlers ate it anyway.
That’s just makes me love them even more.



There was no full-course meal in a fancy restaurant. No romantic table setting nor romantic mood at that.  There wasn’t even a fairly decent dinner (I really botched the meal I cooked!!!).  But we were all together on the day of hearts…and what could be more important than that!

Mommy Moments: To My Dearests

mommy moments

Dearest Jade,

I love you very much!  I know that you know that coz I always tell you how much I do love you everyday. I am proud of how you are turning out to be – a Christ-loving, smart, affectionate and thoughtful little girl.  Although Mama gets angry sometimes when you disobey or misbehave, do remember that it is because I love you and I want you to be a good person.

I pray that God will continue to guide me and Papa that we may raise you and Jakei well.  I also pray that God will give you good health as I still have fears of losing you the same way we lost your twin Jake.  It is mainly because of those fears that I am often overprotective of you.  But don’t worry, anak, I am starting to learn to let you have your own space to grow.

I love you, Jade! More than you can ever fathom.


so frail at merely 1060 grams

2-month border at hospital nursery


now a very precocious 2-1/2-yr-old


My dearest Jake,

I love you, anak!  And I am missing you terribly.  Although I always tell myself that you are now in a much better place than we are,  I still can’t help but wish that you were here to share joyous moments with the family.  I often wonder if you’d look like your twin Jade or if you’d be more like your brother Jakei.  Perhaps, your temperament would be the same as that of Jakei’s. Or maybe you’d be as stubborn as Jade sometimes is.  If you were here with us, the house would be in shambles by noontime with all three of you running around! Oh, but what great fun we’d have everyday! 

Hay, anak….  I still cry when I remember how much you have suffered in those seven days that you were here with us.  But I am most proud of how bravely you fought to survive.  My sadness is consoled knowing that you are free from pain in God’s beautiful garden.  You are indeed in the best place anyone could ever be – safe in the arms of Jesus.

I love you, anak!  I will always hold you close in my heart. And I will always be missing you terribly.

Hugs and Kisses,



our beautiful angel Jake

Dearest Jakei,

I love you, Jak!  You are the most handsome little boy in the entire universe!  You never fail to make Mama laugh with your antics and your silly faces.  You also never fail to make Mama’s heart beat faster when you do your stunts.  I do hope you get over making those sudden leaps and bounds before Mama’s reflexes slow down.

You are the only boy in both sides of the family so much is expected of you.  My only wish is for your Papa and I to be able to raise you well so you’d be able to fulfill your(yours, not ours) dreams. 

Anak, your Ate Jade also loves you very much.  She may demand more attention at times but she loves you and she never fails to show how much she does.  As you grow up together, take care of one another and strengthen the bond that ties you. Take care of your sister.  

I love you, Jakei! So very much!


a whooping 8 lbs 4 oz baby boy!

Papa’s junior in so many ways