What Do You Buy For A Baby’s First Birthday?

A child’s first birthday is a very special occasion and one to be remembered. Just like a baby’s first step, tooth or word, it is a memorable event and one to be celebrated in style.

But what goes into a first birthday; what preparation is required and what kind of things need to be bought? Obviously gifts from a place like Grainandgram.com need to be purchased to give the little one on their birthday but you also may decide to throw a party and further important necessities are required.

Here is a detailed and informative guide on what you need to buy for a baby’s first birthday.

  • Presents for the Future

Many family and friends decide to purchase special presents to hold as keepsakes for years to come. There are various first birthday gifts which are popular including casting kits, photo frames, photo albums, jewellery like a name necklace, and piggy banks. Why not personalise the gift with the date and baby’s name to make the gift extra special? Personalized gifts hold a lot more value. Whether you choose to customize your own fun socks with your face so that they can wear them, or you decide to make a handmade card for your kid, every little detail counts, even if they are just 1 year old. It’ll be something for them to look back at as they get older.

  • Presents for Now

But you might want to get your little one something they can treasure right now and if they so happen to hold onto it when they’re older then that’s a bonus! Some gorgeous one-year-old-friendly gift ideas include blankets and teddies that any baby can snuggle to. For bath time you could try the perfect Gruffalo gift set (comes with a soft toy too). Topical baby themes for blankets and soft toys consist of Disney, Winnie the Pooh and Peter Rabbit. But let’s be honest, babies will love any character that is soft and snuggleable.

  • Cake

Whether you are planning on throwing a birthday party or not, you have to purchase a cake. Don’t forget to take a picture of the birthday boy/girl blowing out his/her first candles. You can embellish the cake with novel accessories such as ribbon, sugar crafted decorations and treats.

  • Games

A toddler is constantly learning and developing so games are great purchases for a first birthday. You can play with them at home or at the party location and they will help to entertain all the little ones. Ideas include a piñata, carnival clown pin the nose, barnyard bash, and jungle animal games.

  • Decorations

Don’t forget to buy decorations for your baby’s first birthday. Even if you aren’t throwing a party, you can still decorate the house with lovely banners and eye-catching hanging ribbons to make the day extra special.

Create a theme and use this throughout; it can be anything from a simple colour to a favourite character. Run the theme throughout the day by coordinating the tableware, wrapping paper and balloons etc.

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Planning a Party? Here’s A Checklist You Can Use For Any Party Theme

When the toddlers turned 2 and 3 years old a few months ago, my husband and I decided to just hold a small party for their neighborhood friends. It was our first time to host such a party in our house so naturally, we had a lot of missteps.

Our theme for the toddlers’ birthday party was Mini-Art Workshop. Instead of the usual parlor games, we prepared art activities for the toddlers and their friends to do. We also did away with the loot bags and opted to give the guests an art kit. The art workshop part was fairly easy to plan and prepare but the preparation for the food was quite a different matter. The birthday party was set at two in the afternoon but at one pm, I was still in the kitchen, in my pajamas, still not done preparing the food. The guests would be coming in any minute and I still had so much to do! The baked macaroni was not yet in the oven, the sandwiches not yet prepared and the juice still not chilled.

The toddlers and their friends did have fun during the party but I myself wished I had been more organized in preparing for the party. It would have spared me from stress and would have given me more chance to have enjoyed the gathering as well.

Party Planning ChecklistIf you yourself are planning a party or hosting a gathering in your home, it is imperative that you have your very own party-planning checklist. Theme Party Queen has all the checklists you’d ever need. They even have checklists for things you’d never think about making a checklist for.

A checklist for Recipes organized by category i.e appetizers, snacks, beverages, desserts, entrees will help ensure that items in your menu go well together and that you’d have enough food for all your guests. Now, in case you don’t want to cook for the whole party crowd, you always have an option to order your choice of food from a restaurant that you like. If, for example, you decide that fast food is the right option for the theme you’ve thought of, typing in ‘subs near me‘ would give you a list of potential restaurants from which to order party sandwiches. The same applies to any kind of food for which you may wish to place an order.

There’s also a checklist for the items you need to purchase beforehand. This list organizes your purchases according to which store you should get it from. There are also checklists for table arrangements, party schedules, venue set-up and for so many other party details.

Whilst you don’t have to follow the checklist word for word, it is a useful guide to refer back to when you want to pull off the most amazing party in the world. And it is particularly important when it comes to finding the perfect venue for your party, irrespective of whether you want to look for a london based marquee hire company, or hotel. Once you have this in place, you will be able to set up the decorations and equipment that you see fit. Remember – this process should be exciting, not stressful so be sure to make it easier for yourself where you can.

If you need help planning your party, just visit Theme Party Queen for more helpful ideas and, of course, for more checklists.

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