Halfway Done Through Our Christmas List

We were scheduled to go to the Kids Craze Christmas Warehouse Sale this morning.  Unfortunately, our laundry is as high as a mountain already and our house in complete disarray.  So hubby and our little man went toy shopping while our little princess and I did the laundry and attempted to put some order in the house.

Here’s the loot the two men brought home from Kids Craze:


I was a bit sad not to have been able to go to the warehouse sale but my spirits were lifted when I got to do a little bit of shopping as well.  I say a little bit because I went out late and hubby wasn’t with me so I had to buy only what I could manage to carry home by myself.

Here’s what I managed to lug going home:


I managed to save 38% (yes, I computed!) from the regular retail price of my Body Shop purchases by using my Body Shop Rewards and SM Advantage Cards.  Not in the picture are a few toys I bought at SM Department Store.  I found some cool Spiderman coin banks for only 50 pesos each and a one-of-a-kind doll house that opens up like a tool box.  I’m so tempted to get my little princess one for herself but promised hubby I won’t be getting the kids any new toys.  Oh, and SM Department Store also provides free gift wrapping to all shoppers so I have a few less gifts to wrap.

With these new purchases and the items I’ve bought and kept in our gift box throughout the year, our Christmas list is already halfway done.  However, this means I have to face my dreaded Christmas Rush crowd while shopping for the rest of those on our list.  Fortunately, my husband likes to shop and would be willing to do the shopping while I burrow in our cozy home.