Craft for Kids: Popsicle Pen Holder

It’s Saturday!  Have a #SigeSabado #SigeSaMantsa day with your bulilits with this fun craft idea.

 photo SSpenholder-1.jpg

Got a pack of popsicle sticks in your kid’s craft box? Whip them out with some paint, glue, paper, and stickers for hours of fun.  Doll house, toy plane, trinket box, picture frame… you’ll never run out of things to do with popsicle sticks!  Make something useful and turn them into a pen holder just like we did.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 pack of popsicle sticks
  • paper
  • paint
  • glue
  • stickers

 photo SSPHmaterials.jpg

The first thing you need to do is measure the size of the penholder you want to make and count the number of sticks you’ll need.  Instead of gluing the sticks side by side, we cut a strip of paper and glued the sticks on it.  The kids glued 24 sticks so when we folded it into a rectangular prism, it had 6 sticks on each side. 4 more popsicle sticks were glued diagonally to reinforce the paper.  You can use any scrap paper for this since this will be hidden inside the pen holder.  To make sure that the sticks are glued well together, we clipped them with pegs until the glue was dry.

 photo SSPHstep1.jpg

Once the glue is completely dry, decorate the sticks.  The kids decorated the entire length of sticks using colored pens, watercolour, stickers, and sequins.

 photo SSPHstep2.jpg

While waiting for the paint to dry, make the bottom part of the holder using left over popsicle sticks.  Again, we used paper and left an extra inch around the perimeter so we can glue it to the inside part of the pen holder.  With the paint all dry and the bottom ready, we assembled their penholders using glue and pegs to hold them together until the glue dried up.

 photo PopsiclePenHolder.jpg

Mama’s work desk is so much prettier (and more organized!) with these two pen holders. <3

Creating a penholder is just one of the dozen things you can do with just a single pack of popsicle sticks. It doesn’t cost much either. You can get a pack of 100 for just under 50 pesos.  Care to share your craft ideas using these versatile sticks?  We’d love to hear about them so please do share away in the comment section below.

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 photo SSbox-1.jpg


Our #SigeSabado #SigeSaMantsa Weekends

Since the kids started going to school two years ago, we haven’t been able to do arts and crafts activities as often as we used to do.  Whenever we do have free time, we try to squeeze in a craft or two.

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Those “free times” are far and few in between though. So just imagine the look in my little ones’ eyes when this big box was delivered to our home last summer!

 photo SSbox.jpg

The Sige Sabado box contains materials for eight activities that engage kids in fun learning experiences.  Some are really messy to do but they’re so much fun you wouldn’t the mess at all.  Here are three of the activities we’ve already done.

Raise a Mongo Plant

 photo ssmongo.jpg

Make a Popsicle Pen Holder

 photo SSpenholder.jpg

Create an Animal Balloon Papier-Mache

 photo sspapermache.jpg

Not every Saturday can be a #SigeSaMantsa day for us but the kids never tire of asking if we could do one of the activities in the box.  At the rate we’re able to do the activities, our craft box has us covered until the year’s end.  After we finish all the eight activities, I could just get more arts and crafts ideas from Breeze Philippines website.

Do you have any #SigeSaMantsa actvities you love to do at home?  Do share some fun ideas with us. 🙂