Taking Care of Your Marine Life with Proper Equipment

Fish and aquatic life thrive on a delicate balance of nutrients and chemicals in their water. It is important that you maintain this fragile balance if you want your fish, plants, and other marine life to survive and grow. Rather than use products and gear found in a big box retail store, you can instead choose equipment that is specially designed for this purpose. You can find items like a freshwater canister filter and other aquatic gear for sale online today.

“Fancy Carp Fish” by holohololand /FreeDigitalPhotos.net

“Fancy Carp Fish” by holohololand /FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Choosing the Right Model and Size

When you look online, you may see a wide variety of filters and other equipment for sale. This extensive array helps you find gear that is made just for your particular brand of aquatic container. Many makes and models of containers require that you use brand-specific parts and equipment. You can shop on the Aquatic Warehouse website today to see if your brand is listed and in what sizes the equipment for it is available.

You can also find universal parts and equipment for your aquatic container. The inventory is available on the left side of the webpage. You can shop according to the parts that you need, including filters, pumps, and more.

Food, Medicines, and More

Your aquatic life also will survive and thrive if you take care of its medical and dietary needs. Fish and plants sometimes can be at risk for fungal and bacterial infections. These infections tend to flourish when the chemical balances in the water are not properly maintained.

If you notice your fish failing to thrive or plants in the water dying, you may take steps to nourish and treat them properly. You can find medicines, food supplements, and other products for sale on the website.

The food and medicines for sale are tailored to the specific kind of life that you have in your container. For example, if you have shrimp or algae eaters, you can use food and medicine made for invertebrates. If your plants are dying, you can also find plant supplements for sale on the website. The categories make it easier for you to shop for what you need.

Maintaining an aquatic container like a pond full of fish and plants requires that you pay constant attention and watch for signs of illness or infection. Fortunately, you can easily find products like filters, food, and medicine for these creatures online.  With useful websites, it is now very easy for anyone to take good care of their marine life.

Teaching more than ABCs at ABC360

In my previous post, I have shared information about the application process in three different online English schools.  I’ve also mentioned that I opted to work for ABC360 because they offered me the highest hourly rate.  I have been working for them on a part-time basis for five months now and am quite satisfied with it.

ABC360 ad

Flexible and Convenient Work Hours

My usual working hours are from 8:00 to 12:00 in the evening.  My kids sleep at around 7 pm so this gives me ample time to review the materials and prepare my work area.  Sometimes, I would also open classes from 12:00nn to 2:00pm when the kids are in school.  The flexible working hours make it very convenient for a mom like me whose schedule revolves around the kids’ schedules.

In ABC360, we plot our own schedules a week in advance so I can opt to just open a couple of hours a day when I expect a busy week. I can also opt not to open classes on certain days such as birthdays, holidays and school breaks.

Stress-Free Work

Preparing for my classes is stress-free as I only need to turn on my computer, log-in to my accounts, set my webcam, and make myself presentable.  Sometimes, I would put on a little makeup but most of the time I just put on a bit of powder and a dab of tinted lip balm.

During my first month, I would prepare my own guide so I could properly conduct classes without missing any of the slides or going beyond the set duration.  But once I got the hang of it, I would just go over the teacher’s copy of the materials before I start my shift. The teacher’s copy has a script you could follow so there really shouldn’t be any problem conducting classes.

A class lasts 17 minutes but most students book two consecutive classes for a total of 34 minutes.  At first, it was a challenge to budget the given time but as I got more familiar with the lessons and the students, it became easier to adjust the pace according to their levels.

After each class, we are required to make a memo for each class.  We are to provide words and phrases that the students need to review after class and some feedback if there are any.  Accomplishing the memo should take only about 3 minutes for one class.  However, I usually take much longer than that.  Sometimes, I provide additional exercises for the students.  So, I finish all my memos at the end of my shift or the following morning.

Making Friends

In the five months that I have worked for ABC360, some of my students have become more like friends.  Most of my students now have been with me since I started and I talk to them on a daily basis. We have gotten to know each other more.  Our lessons are often interspersed with news about their work, their children, or their family.  They share stories about their vacations and accomplishments in school or at work.  One student even asks me for advice about her love life and her lack of fulfillment at work.

These conversations are definitely what I look forward to the most. Aside from helping them be more proficient in English, I also get to be a dear friend to them.

ABC360 with headset

So, What’s the Pay?

I know you’re all itching to know how much the pay is!  As I mentioned in my previous post, it really doesn’t pay much but it is enough to cover basic living expenses. Besides, work is stress-free that it doesn’t seem like work at all.  For me, at least, it’s like having a hobby that earns you income.  Those who can work 4hrs/day, 5 days/week, can earn around 10K.

Online teaching has become my respite from my daily routine at home.  Before becoming an ABC360 teacher, my evenings were just usually spent watching teleseryes or writing blog posts.  Now, I get to do something more fulfilling and earn money at the same time.

ABC360 has made it possible for a simple housewife like me to have a fulfilling career as a teacher while taking care of my two kids at home.  Did I mention that we don’t have any house help and are homeschooling this school year?  Yes, that’s true! And yes, it is possible to earn your own income even if you are just a stay-at-home mom.

ABC360 with kids


For more information about ABC360, you may reach them thru


Earn from Home: Teaching English Online

I’ve been seeing a lot of ads online offering various opportunities to earn from home but have never attempted to check any of them out because I’m quite wary of internet scams. However, last October, I found out that Mommy Mitch of When Silence Speaks started working as an online English teacher at ABC360.  After chatting with her, I was keen on giving it a try.  And since I’ve already updated my resume, I decided to apply to two other companies as well – 51Talk and RareJob.  The application process and job requirements of all three companies were basically the same.  For those who are considering teaching English online, here’s a rundown of their requirements and salary range.

What does an online teacher do?

Teach, of course. 🙂  As an online English teacher, you will conduct one-on-one lessons thru Skype, QQ, or other similar platforms.  All three companies provide all the lesson materials that will be used in each class.  You just need to download and review the materials before conducting the class.  During class, you go through the materials and ensure that the student understands the lesson. Class duration varies in each company.

TE duration

What are the requirements for teaching English online?

For all three companies, a good command of English is imperative.  You must be able to work with minimal supervision and be able to manage your working schedule.  They do not usually require any previous experience teaching online but having online teaching and BPO experience gives you an edge.  You also do not need to have a degree in college.  Those who are working their way through college may find this a good opportunity to earn while studying.

Aside from being proficient in English, you must also have a decent and reliable home office.  This doesn’t have to be really fancy.  Mine is just a desk tucked in the corner of our bedroom.  You do need to have the following though:

  • a wired connection (at least 1mbps for some companies but ideally 3mbps or higher)
  • a dual core processor or above
  • Windows 7 or above
  • at least 2GB of RAM
  • a headset with noise cancelling feature
  • an HD webcam

TE requirements

How much do I earn?

Personally, I don’t earn that much because I only work around 2 to 4 hours per day.  But if you will work for 8 hours a day for 5 days a week, you can earn around 20– 25 thousand pesos a month.   I’ve seen advertisements that claim 70-80K a month but I hardly think that is possible unless you’re working 24/7 or have been working for them for several years.  Still, the much more reasonable range of 20-25K a month is already decent enough to cover basic living expenses.  Consider also that you save on transportation, food, and clothing expenses when you work from home.

Your salary will also depend on your booked classes.  When you start, you may not have as many bookings yet. If you have exceptional teaching skills, you’ll soon have students regularly booking your classes.  Peak hours are during the afternoon and evening, so if you want to have more classes booked, open slots from 5pm – 12mn.

TW salary range

The Salary Range above is the starting salary for new teachers and does not include incentives.  On an average, incentives amount to 1K – 5K/month depending on your performance.  Again, your salary will depend on the number of classes booked.

What is the application process?

Generally, there will be an online English proficiency test that you will have to pass. After passing this test, you will be scheduled for an interview both through phone and Skype.  After passing the interview and the technical requirements, you will then have to conduct a demo lesson.

TE application

For more information about the requirements and application process, you may check their websites:


Which one did I choose?

Among those three companies, I opted to work for ABC360 which is where Mommy Mitch works and which also offered me the highest basic hourly rate.  I’ve been working for them since October and have been having a great time.  As I mentioned though, I don’t earn much because I only work a few hours each day but I greatly enjoy my time talking with my students.  Teaching English online has become my way of de-stressing after running the household all day. 🙂 If you also intend to apply at ABC360, kindly put 5407 in the referral tab. I’d get a referral bonus if you do and would be grateful for that! 🙂

You can read more about my experience at ABC360 in my next post. 🙂

ABC360 with kids


Acquiring Materials to Help Students Learn Better

Math is a subject with which many students struggle. They fail to understand material that they must know in order to move onto the next grade level. When you want to help students learn complex math lessons better, you may use a variety of resources like base ten blocks worksheets and other materials that outline the subject and also show various ways to working out the math problems. You can order these teaching supplies and other educational resources online.

In-Depth Explanations of Mathematical Theories

As a skilled tutor, you may find it difficult to reach students who have an obsessive fear of math. The traditional methods of teaching that instructors use in public schools fail to produce the results that students need to succeed on tests. Rather than utilize those same methods, you may find it more helpful to use materials that you can buy online. These resources may show a different way to work math problems and also walk students through the problem solving process step by step until they catch onto the concepts.

The books for sale online are illustrated so that students have the visual cues they need to understand complex math topics. Many students, even those in college, are visual learners. They need illustrations to refer to when learning multiplication, factoring, and other theories in math.

By seeing the pictures in the book, students can associate abstract terminology and solving mechanisms with illustrations that show them step by step how to solve a math problem. These visual clues also can help them learn the concepts that they need to pass standardized tests and to be promoted into the next grade level.

The book also comes with worksheets that you can copy and provide for your pupils. The worksheets give them extra practice mastering skills they need to learn as required by the state.

Other Subject Matters

Along with math, students often struggle when it comes to learning science as well. The site offers teaching resources for science subjects like zoology.

You can also order three-dimensional visual aids designed for hands-on learning. These visual aids come at prices that any teacher or tutor should find affordable.

Students sometimes struggle to learn complex subjects like math and science. They learn faster with illustrations and visual cues. You can buy teaching materials that provide a new way of learning when you shop online.

Buying Extra Equipment at Low Prices

People who want to save money on everyday equipment for their homes know that they can get what they need when they buy discounted surplus goods. Businesses that have an overstock of inventory or need to get rid of goods that did not sell in their stores often liquidate these items to websites that turn around and sell the items at a discount. It is these websites that attract buyers who are on the lookout for significant savings. When you are shopping on a limited budget or you just like to score big savings, you can go online and search for shops where you can get household goods and other items like hose crimping equipment at low prices.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Used and Reconditioned Equipment

Used and reconditioned goods are often just as reliable and valuable as their brand new counterparts. They give you the performance that you need and also last for years. However, because they are used and reconditioned, they often are sold at deep discounts. These lower prices let you save money while getting items that you need and want for your home.

New Equipment at Low Prices

If you insist on buying new equipment, you can find brand new items for sale on the website as well. These items are still sold at a discount because they are surplus inventory. You can use the links on the page to shop for what you need. You can also click on the pictures on the website to get a better idea of what each item looks like and is capable of after you buy it.

Raise Cash, Sell Your Equipment

Alternatively, if you have something to sell, the website also gives you a way to liquidate goods that you no longer need or cannot sell elsewhere. You can find the link for selling surplus to the company on the right side of the page. This option could let you raise cash that you need for another business venture.

Email and Contact Options

Surplus retailers always have a revolving stock of inventory. What is available today may not be there tomorrow. You can stay up on the changing goods for sale and also company news by signing up for emails from the company.

You can also use the number listed online to contact the business. The number and the company’ s mailing address can be found under the contact us link.

While it is important to make sure that you have the proper equipment you need at home, you really need not spend an arm and a leg for them.  Surplus goods are sold at deep discounts and are reliable enough for your home needs. You definitely can save money by shopping for surplus goods online today.