Three Strategies For People With Marital Struggles

At some point in their lives, most married couples will experience challenges in their romantic relationships. When this time comes, it’s important that you have systems and strategies in place that will help you and your partner continue operating as a successful unit. With that idea in mind, consider the following three strategies when you’re experiencing significant marital struggles:

1. Communicate

Communication is key at any point of a relationship, but it is especially important when you’re experiencing a problem. In order to devise a viable solution, your partner needs to understand exactly how you feel about the issue. If you mask your true feelings or simply don’t talk about the issue, you’ll just perpetuate the problem and further exacerbate the tension that is already present in the relationship. In recognizing this reality, be sure that you’re keeping the lines of communication open.

Image by Archipoch /

Image by Archipoch /

2. Consider Counseling

Yet another strategy you should try when experiencing a marital problem is counseling. In many cases, people do not have or develop the life skills necessary to make their marriage function successfully. And even if you have strong life skills that are relevant to the marriage realm, it’s often a good idea to get perspective and opinions from a third party who can offer you and your partner a more objective analysis of the relationship. For these reasons, seeking professional counseling services from an individual who is trained in helping people with troubled marriages is oftentimes the key to helping you and your partner move forward together.

Image by Simon Howden /

Image by Simon Howden /

3. Contact A Divorce Lawyer

In some cases, divorce is inevitable. Thus while you may be interested in saving your marriage, it’s important to note that simply letting it go is the most advantageous course of action in some cases. When you’ve realized that your attempts to save your marriage are not working, it’s time to contact a divorce lawyer. These days, there are a plethora of firms that can help individuals grapple with important legal issues pertaining to property, child custody, money, and much more. Cordell & Cordell is a firm you should consider if you’ve realized that divorce is unavoidable. Go here to learn more about how divorce lawyers can assist you.

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Image by cuteimage /


If you’re currently experiencing a substantive challenge in your marriage, it’s important to note that there are many ways to resolve your problems. By implementing one or more of the marriage strategies discussed in the previous paragraphs, you will likely find the solution that helps you start leading the healthy, happy life you deserve!

Which Foods Are Troubling for Your Teeth?

Try as you might to stick to a healthy diet, your teeth just aren’t as strong as you’d like them to be. What gives? Teeth professionals, like Kool Smiles, know that there’s more to it than getting your daily dose of fruits and veggies. Certain foods – even the healthy ones – may be doing more harm than good when it comes to your teeth.

Juicing 101 for Healthy Teeth

If you’re making an effort to eat healthier, you may have pulled your juicer from the back of the cupboard, vowing to make fruit and veggie juice at least a couple of times a week. While fruits and vegetables are undoubtedly healthy for you, many of them are packed with sugar and acid, which can wreak havoc on your teeth. You don’t need to avoid juicing entirely; just follow these tips to make sure you’re keeping your smile happy, too.

  • Always use a straw when sipping! This will limit how much the acids and sugar come in contact with your teeth, which will keep them healthy.
  • Get most of the juice from vegetables, especially the green ones. They won’t make your blood sugar spike the same way that fruits and sweeter veggies do. Leafy greens are the best options, like kale, spinach, and collards, because they contain a lot of phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium, all nutrients that are good for your teeth.
  • Use fruit sparingly when juicing. Thrown in just a handful of berries or half of a pear or apple. Opt for ripe fruits, which are less acidic than unripe ones.
  • Use a bit of wheatgrass in your juices or smoothies. Wheatgrass is considered a super food because of its many health benefits – it’s energizing, packs in a bunch of vitamins, and is a great source of amino acids and minerals.
  • You may not think that oil has a place in juice, but adding a bit of coconut oil will provide antibacterial properties, which is excellent for teeth. All you need is one teaspoon! You won’t even notice it’s there, other than the delicious hint of coconut.
  • When you think of cranberry juice, you may be thinking of the sugary sweet kind. Regular cranberries and unsweetened cranberry juice is delicious too, without being so detrimental to your smile. Plus, cranberries have compounds that prevent bacteria from sticking to your teeth, which can ward off cavities.

Foods That Go CRUNCH!

You love a good crunch snack, but which ones are bad for your teeth and which ones are healthy??

Many snack foods – the same ones that are bad for your waistline – are bad for your teeth. Chips, crackers, and pretzels are bad for your teeth for two reasons: first, they get stuck to your teeth, and second, the carbohydrates break down to sugar, which can ruin the enamel.

Crunchy fruits (pears, apples) gets rid of bacteria and plaque. Plus, these fruits are packed with good-for-you fiber. Raw veggies are great for your teeth (and body) too, and they increase saliva which acts as a defense against gum disease and cavities.

If you’re doing all the right things but your teeth still aren’t looking or feeling healthy, make an appointment with your dentist.

Your Child Can Play Safely With Play Mats

If you are looking to create a safe environment for your children to play in then getting mats is a great idea. These are clean, safe and easy to carry and can be bought in a number of colours, shapes and configurations. These mats are ideal for the nursery, home or activities area.

 photo playmats_1.jpg

Images by nipitphand and nuchylee /

You can help facilitate your baby’s development and really stimulate their senses with a portable mat for play. Babies learn through playing and through exploring the world around them, so having the right equipment which will keep your baby safe and happy is the best way to do this.

These mats can be bought to fit together like a jigsaw and are easy to assemble. They are anti-flip as well.  They are also highly resistant to dirt and staining and can be easily wiped clean. They are waterproof so you do not need to worry about spills, and this means they can be easily washed down with water and a sponge or mop. The top surface is tough, so it can survive wear and tear such as being walked over with shoes.

These mats absorb impact thanks to being made with durable EVA high density foam, meaning they will break falls and prevent joints coming under stress: perfect for children playing and experimenting, as well as for other uses such as for sports halls or gyms. Many nurseries use this kind of flooring for all the aforementioned advantages, as well as being able to get it in a range of colours and how long lasting it is. Even better, thanks to the interlocking jigsaw shape, you can expand your floor as needed, or equally pack it away when you need the space.

There are many other applications for play mats such as using them for wrestling classes, in gyms, fitness suites and for yoga. With so many uses, they are perfect for the home where they may be used for children playing as well as parents practising yoga and Pilates, or equally in schools where the range of activities they can cover are plenty.

 photo playmats.jpg

Images from

With so many possibilities, these mats make a great investment since you will always get plenty of use out of them. For babies, the benefits are huge as they give the opportunity to explore safely so that they can expand their horizons. Equally, these improve reflexes and help your children get to grips with movement but without the risk of knocks and bumps.

These jigsaw mats can also be stood upright and fitted together to create borders, so that you can create safe makeshift playpens. This is ideal for keeping your children safe and entertained for hours, as well as in nurseries and playgroups to create different areas for play. The flexibility of these mats is their most appealing feature as you can always use them to purpose, so you are in control. These also come in different tile sizes so that you can get as big or small shapes as you want, as well as different quantities, so you can match your order to the space you wish to fill.

Jollibee’s Jolly Jolly Joy Joy Thanksgiving Party

(Press Release)

Jollibee treats fans to a Jolly Jolly Joy Joy Thanksgiving Party

Jollibee lovers of all ages were treated to a grand musical holiday as the leading fast-food chain celebrated the harmony of the holiday season in the Jolly Jolly Joy Joy Christmas Special with Sarah Geronimo. The Pop Star Royalty and long-time Chickenjoy ambassador led the festivities, which were held at the Trinoma Activity Center, and shared Christmas joy through her heartwarming rendition of well-loved holiday carols and the new Jollibee theme song, “Jolly Jolly Joy Joy.”

 photo Jolly Joy 0001.jpg

Throngs of fans trooped to the Trinoma Activity Center for the Jolly Jolly Joy Joy

 photo Jolly Joy 003.jpg

Event hosts Justin and Riki Flores kept the crowd entertained during the musical event.

 photo 0234247f-e6c0-477c-9223-5a31bbcca64d.jpg

The musical celebration also featured performances by today’s most incredible talents such as The Voice of the Philippines finalist Morissette Amon.

 photo Jolly Joy 0011.jpg

“Jollibee has always been a part of many Filipino families’ Christmas tradition, and we are very honored and thankful for that,” said Jollibee Marketing Manager Kent Mariano. “This is why we have made it our goal to make every day, not just Christmas, a celebration na laging pasarap nang pasarap nang pasarap, just like our Chickenjoy.”

 photo Jolly Joy 0012.jpg

One of the most loved and respected vocal ensembles in the Philippines, The Company also  performed a series of their hits, much to the enjoyment of the crowd.

 photo Jolly Joy 0015.jpg

Singing heartthrob and former Yumbassador Sam Concepcion also kept the crowd on their feet with his energetic performance.

 photo Jolly Joy 0017.jpg

The highlight of the Jolly Jolly Joy Joy Christmas Special was Popstar Royalty and Jollibee brand ambassador Sarah Geronimo, who serenaded the crowd with songs from her newest album.

Why the 52-Week Savings Challenge Doesn’t Work

Ever heard of anyone who actually succeeded in doing the 52-week savings challenge?  Last January 2014, I’ve read quite a number of blog posts encouraging readers to do this savings challenge.  I’ve also seen several versions that transmuted the dollar values to peso with varying increments from 10 to 100 pesos.  As 2015 started, I saw once more a host of blog posts about this challenge.  However, I have yet to read about someone who has successfully completed the 52-week savings challenge. (In case you do know someone who’s had, please do let me know.)

Why the 52-Week Savings Challenge Doesn’t Work?

The original 52-week savings challenge was in US dollars and if you’re working in the US, it would be quite easy for you to set aside $50/week even on just a $3,000/month income(the median household income in the US).  Given that saving $200/month is doable and won’t hurt the budget much, why save only $9 during the first month of the year?

 photo Savings Challenge in .png

52-Week Savings Challenge

It’s an entirely different story for those in the Philippines where median household income is roughly 30,000 pesos which is just about $1,000.  Setting aside almost 10,000 pesos in 3 consecutive months is near impossible.

 photo Savings Challenge 50pesos.png

52-Week Savings Challenge in Philippine Pesos (initial savings of 50 pesos with 50-peso increments)

 photo Savings Challenge 10 pesos.png

52-Week Savings Challenge in Philippine Pesos (initial savings of 10 pesos with 10-peso increments)

For me, and many others I believe, this system just doesn’t work. Why? First, Saving should NOT be a challenge. You do not save just because everyone else is doing it or because someone designed a seemingly cool way of doing it. SAVING SHOULD BE A LIFESTYLE.  Incorporate it in your daily life and it becomes as natural as breathing.

Second, the 52-week savings challenge is somewhat impractical and inefficient. The original system has one saving $1 on the first week of the year, then $52 on its last week.  Bulk of the savings fall on the months when expenditures are highest which makes this system impractical.  Inefficient simply because there are simpler ways to save much more than the $1,378 total of the 52-week savings challenge.

An Efficient Way to Save

Have you heard of the Savings Equation? It goes like this:


This, at least for me, is the best way you can grow your savings and, eventually, increase your investments. By setting aside money right after receiving your salary, you ensure monthly savings. This also disciplines you to live well within your means.  How much should you save each month?  Ideally, you should set around 20% of your income as savings; or 10% at the least.  However, with the average salary of the working class, this may not be feasible.

Always save the maximum amount that you could while still having enough left for your basic needs.  It doesn’t matter if it just amounts to 1,000 pesos per month – that would still give you 12,000/year which could double in 5 years time if invested wisely. Whatever amount you choose, the important thing is to set aside a specific amount every payday. Grow your savings by investing in mutual funds – you only need a minimum investment of 5,000 pesos so there’s no excuse not to have one.

 photo savings fixed.png

How to Save More

Want to increase your savings while barely noticing it? Use an old fashioned piggy bank or glass jar.  When you get home every night, dump all the coins in your pocket and wallet into your piggy bank. If you need coins for transportation fees the next morning, set those aside first, then dump all the rest in the piggy. You’d be surprised how much your little piggy would weigh in just a few months.

 photo ID-100283781 Stuart Miles.jpg

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Live simply.  Do you really need a new desktop, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone EVERY YEAR? Why buy a 6,000 peso jacket when you can get a good one for a quarter of that price?  Live well within your means.

Again, let me leave you with this, Saving isn’t a challenge, SAVING IS A LIFESTYLE.