From Privileged to VIP with My New Robinsons Card

Before all the hustle and bustle of summer activities, a quaint little red box was delivered to our house.  Inside was a glimmering gold card – my new Robinsons VIP Card.  It couldn’t have come at a better time because my Robinsons Privilege Card had just expired.

VIP Gold Card

I know frugal moms like me would agree that membership and privilege cards provide us tons of savings.  I have a cardholder full of such cards but it’s often cumbersome to have to always carry so many cards.  This is among the many reasons why I love my Robinsons VIP Card.  With just one card, I get to enjoy tons of perks and discounts from over 600 tenants of Robinsons Malls, Robinsons Movieworld, Robinsons Department Store, Robinsons Supermarket, Robinsons Handyman and True Value.

New and Improved Robinsons Card

What’s better than having privileges? Being a VIP! We all know that VIPs get all the nice stuff and are treated like royalty.  This special treatment is what Robinsons Malls had in mind when they rebranded the Privilege Card to the VIP Card.

Aside from the host of privileges given to loyal patrons, the new rebranded card now promises to make them feel like the true VIPs they are in Robinsons Malls.  All the features and benefits have been upgraded and improved to provide us with utmost shopping satisfaction.

Shop, Dine, and Relax

To make our shopping experience truly exciting, VIP Cardholders get amazing benefits from retail shops such as Adidas, Converse, Nike Forum, Lacoste.  We also get to have first dibs on sales as we get first hand sale alerts via SMS.

Discounts Shopping

What’s the next thing we always do after shopping? EAT, right! Understanding that us Filipinos love to eat as much as we love to shop, Robinsons Malls has also partnered with our favorite restos including KFC, Max’s, Pizza Hut, and Italiannis.

Discounts Food

Of course, no royal treatment is without any pampering. Be glad to know that you also get cool perks from HOO, Azta Salon, Get Polished, Blind Massage and many other merchants that offer health and wellness services.  Get a massage, have a hair makeover, pamper your nails, see the dentist, and have a truly relaxing time after shopping all day.

Discounts Wellness

VIP Treatment for the Movie Buffs

The list of rewards just goes on and on…. To add to all those mentioned already, all VIP Cardholders get a Free Jumbo Popcorn whenever they purchase cinema tickets. Those watching at the Robinsons Movieworld Galleria can use an express lane just for VIP Cardholders.  Much more, they get to enjoy VIP seats at special events.

Ultimate Shopping Convenience

Aside from enjoying all these perks, the VIP Card also affords shoppers with comfort and convenience while shopping.  All VIPs can enjoy the free use of the Pay CR Lounge. They can also use the mobile phone charging stations at the Customer Service Center for free.  Moreover, they get a free GIANT ice cream sundae on their birthday.

How To Be a VIP Cardholder

This is definitely the ultimate privilege card for shopping!  With all the benefits it offers, I’m sure you’re now raring to have your own Robinsons Malls VIP Card.  Believe me it’s very easy to get one.  Just meet the purchase requirement from participating stores and head over to the Customer Care Service in the mall.

Purchase Requirement and Participating Stores

  • P 5,000 – Galleria, Magnolia, Manila, Metro East, Forum
  • P 3,000 – Starmills Pampanga, Angeles, Malolos, Ilocos, Pangasinan, Santiago, Las Pinas, Antipolo, Imus, Dasma, Lipa, Tagaytay, Los Banos, Palawan, Cebu, Bacolod, Iloilo, Dumaguete, Roxas, Butuan, GenSan, and Galleria Cebu.

You can claim your Robinsons VIP Card from March 1, 2016  to  March 1, 2017.  Don’t wait too long to get your card though.  Get one as soon as you can so you can start enjoying a most rewarding lifestyle experience.

Robinsons Malls VIP Card Perks and Privileges

Know more about the Robinsons Malls VIP Card and stay updated with their latest promotions by following their social media accounts:


Wracked With Headaches? It Might Be Time To See A Neurologist

Sometimes, neurological problems may manifest in ways that seem unusual. A neurological problem may not be immediately apparent. While the symptoms below may be caused by less serious illnesses and should not necessarily alarm people, when seeing a doctor for these conditions, it may be worth asking whether a visit to a neurologist Cypress TX might be in order.


Most headaches are little reason for concern beyond any debilitating effects they have on a person’s daily activities. However, there are a few signs that may indicate further investigation is necessary. Headaches that occur multiple times each week and do not respond to over-the-counter medications, headaches that come on suddenly and include a stiff neck or a fever, and headaches that are getting worse over time may all indicate the need to see a neurologist. People may also want to seek a medical opinion if their headache is accompanied by dizziness, nausea, blurry vision or other symptoms.


Dizziness that causes vertigo or balance problems may be a reason to see a neurologist. A person’s regular physician will have a better idea as to whether referral is appropriate.


Not all seizures are obvious. Some may involve staring or a brief loss of consciousness. Low blood sugar and other conditions may lead to seizures, but they might also happen due to a neurological condition.

Weakness, Numbness or Tingling

It’s natural to feel some weakness after you have exerted yourself physically or numbness and tingling if you have allowed a limb to “go to sleep.” However, if these symptoms arise out of nowhere, it could be indicative of a more serious issue.

Problems With Movement

A person who is having trouble walking, is experiencing involuntary movements or is excessively clumsy may want to rule out causes such as anxiety and medication side effects first. However, if these problems are occurring for no apparent reason, a neurologist such as one at Cyfair Medical Partners might be able to diagnose the condition.

Neurologists deal with problems in the brain and nervous system, and for some people, the prospect of developing an illness associated with these parts of the body may be so frightening that there may be a temptation to ignore or downplay the symptoms. However, finding out what is wrong is the first step toward treatment, and a neurologist may be able to offer solutions that greatly improve a person’s quality of life.

How Can I Keep My Business In A State Of Constant Growth?

Although most business owners want their companies to remain in a state of perpetual growth, there are typically at least a few periods in which sales and expansion come to a frustrating plateau. During these times, it’s important for you to utilize growth strategies to ensure that your company keeps moving forward. Here are three expansion techniques that can help make it happen:

1. Optimize Your Broadband Products And Services

These days, many if not most businesses make at least some use of the Internet. As such, it’s very important that your internet access is faster than the traditional dial-up access. To make it happen, you should find a company that can provide you with excellent broadband products like the hybrid combiner. To ensure that you find the right company, make sure that the team of professionals you select have extensive industry experience. Werlatone is a broadband company that has been in operation since 1965.

2. Enhance Your Internet Presence

In addition to optimizing your broadband products and services, make sure that you get in the habit of enhancing your Internet presence. This strategy is powerful because it will enable you to demonstrate the value and power of your brand to Internet audiences across the globe. The best way to attain an optimized Internet presence is through the use of professional digital services. Industry experts are skilled in utilizing customized, cutting edge marketing services to help you connect with and then convert members of your target audience. Some of the digital services industry professionals can offer you include web design and development, search engine optimization, online reputation management, social media optimization, and responsive web design.

3. Develop A Strategic Plan

Planning is oftentimes the key to success in life, and this principle holds true for the world of business. As such, it’s important for you to take time to develop a strategic plan that outlines your business mission, goals, and how you will accomplish your central objectives. There are many components that your strategic plan could include, and which elements you incorporate should be contingent upon your distinct needs. For example, some businesses find it helpful to include a section where they list their SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.)

If you’re serious about ensuring that your business overcomes plateaus and keeps a trend of constant growth, now is the time to make it happen. Utilize the growth principles and procedures outlined above to keep your business in a state of constant expansion.

Taking Care of Your Marine Life with Proper Equipment

Fish and aquatic life thrive on a delicate balance of nutrients and chemicals in their water. It is important that you maintain this fragile balance if you want your fish, plants, and other marine life to survive and grow. Rather than use products and gear found in a big box retail store, you can instead choose equipment that is specially designed for this purpose. You can find items like a freshwater canister filter and other aquatic gear for sale online today.

“Fancy Carp Fish” by holohololand /

“Fancy Carp Fish” by holohololand /

Choosing the Right Model and Size

When you look online, you may see a wide variety of filters and other equipment for sale. This extensive array helps you find gear that is made just for your particular brand of aquatic container. Many makes and models of containers require that you use brand-specific parts and equipment. You can shop on the Aquatic Warehouse website today to see if your brand is listed and in what sizes the equipment for it is available.

You can also find universal parts and equipment for your aquatic container. The inventory is available on the left side of the webpage. You can shop according to the parts that you need, including filters, pumps, and more.

Food, Medicines, and More

Your aquatic life also will survive and thrive if you take care of its medical and dietary needs. Fish and plants sometimes can be at risk for fungal and bacterial infections. These infections tend to flourish when the chemical balances in the water are not properly maintained.

If you notice your fish failing to thrive or plants in the water dying, you may take steps to nourish and treat them properly. You can find medicines, food supplements, and other products for sale on the website.

The food and medicines for sale are tailored to the specific kind of life that you have in your container. For example, if you have shrimp or algae eaters, you can use food and medicine made for invertebrates. If your plants are dying, you can also find plant supplements for sale on the website. The categories make it easier for you to shop for what you need.

Maintaining an aquatic container like a pond full of fish and plants requires that you pay constant attention and watch for signs of illness or infection. Fortunately, you can easily find products like filters, food, and medicine for these creatures online.  With useful websites, it is now very easy for anyone to take good care of their marine life.

Teaching more than ABCs at ABC360

In my previous post, I have shared information about the application process in three different online English schools.  I’ve also mentioned that I opted to work for ABC360 because they offered me the highest hourly rate.  I have been working for them on a part-time basis for five months now and am quite satisfied with it.

ABC360 ad

Flexible and Convenient Work Hours

My usual working hours are from 8:00 to 12:00 in the evening.  My kids sleep at around 7 pm so this gives me ample time to review the materials and prepare my work area.  Sometimes, I would also open classes from 12:00nn to 2:00pm when the kids are in school.  The flexible working hours make it very convenient for a mom like me whose schedule revolves around the kids’ schedules.

In ABC360, we plot our own schedules a week in advance so I can opt to just open a couple of hours a day when I expect a busy week. I can also opt not to open classes on certain days such as birthdays, holidays and school breaks.

Stress-Free Work

Preparing for my classes is stress-free as I only need to turn on my computer, log-in to my accounts, set my webcam, and make myself presentable.  Sometimes, I would put on a little makeup but most of the time I just put on a bit of powder and a dab of tinted lip balm.

During my first month, I would prepare my own guide so I could properly conduct classes without missing any of the slides or going beyond the set duration.  But once I got the hang of it, I would just go over the teacher’s copy of the materials before I start my shift. The teacher’s copy has a script you could follow so there really shouldn’t be any problem conducting classes.

A class lasts 17 minutes but most students book two consecutive classes for a total of 34 minutes.  At first, it was a challenge to budget the given time but as I got more familiar with the lessons and the students, it became easier to adjust the pace according to their levels.

After each class, we are required to make a memo for each class.  We are to provide words and phrases that the students need to review after class and some feedback if there are any.  Accomplishing the memo should take only about 3 minutes for one class.  However, I usually take much longer than that.  Sometimes, I provide additional exercises for the students.  So, I finish all my memos at the end of my shift or the following morning.

Making Friends

In the five months that I have worked for ABC360, some of my students have become more like friends.  Most of my students now have been with me since I started and I talk to them on a daily basis. We have gotten to know each other more.  Our lessons are often interspersed with news about their work, their children, or their family.  They share stories about their vacations and accomplishments in school or at work.  One student even asks me for advice about her love life and her lack of fulfillment at work.

These conversations are definitely what I look forward to the most. Aside from helping them be more proficient in English, I also get to be a dear friend to them.

ABC360 with headset

So, What’s the Pay?

I know you’re all itching to know how much the pay is!  As I mentioned in my previous post, it really doesn’t pay much but it is enough to cover basic living expenses. Besides, work is stress-free that it doesn’t seem like work at all.  For me, at least, it’s like having a hobby that earns you income.  Those who can work 4hrs/day, 5 days/week, can earn around 10K.

Online teaching has become my respite from my daily routine at home.  Before becoming an ABC360 teacher, my evenings were just usually spent watching teleseryes or writing blog posts.  Now, I get to do something more fulfilling and earn money at the same time.

ABC360 has made it possible for a simple housewife like me to have a fulfilling career as a teacher while taking care of my two kids at home.  Did I mention that we don’t have any house help and are homeschooling this school year?  Yes, that’s true! And yes, it is possible to earn your own income even if you are just a stay-at-home mom.

ABC360 with kids


For more information about ABC360, you may reach them thru