Beyond Parallel Play

Toddlers ordinarily engage in what we call parallel play wherein they play in the same area and with the same toys but do not actually interact. If you observe toddlers in a play area, you’d most probably see each one caught up in their own worlds.  Children are normally expected to engage in cooperative play at the age of 4 or 5.

My toddlers defy this norm. Surprisingly, they do love to play with each other.  From the time we brought our son home from the hospital, his eldest sister has been a very doting sibling.  She loves being around him and is very protective of him.

 photo playtime.jpg

I don’t recall doing anything purposefully to encourage them to play together. I presume it could have been brought about by my husband and I’s efforts to actively play with the toddlers.  Or, perhaps, it has something to do with my eldest daughter being half of twins and, although not scientifically proven, has been accustomed to interaction even from within my womb.

Whatever the reason,  I am thankful that my children love each other and enjoy spending time together.  Now, I can only pray that they will retain this closeness even as they grow older and discover the world outside the confines of our home.

 photo playtime2.jpg

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