Pamper-Me-Day at Flawless

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I had the luxury of getting myself a facial at Flawless Face and Body Center. This was the very first time I availed of their services and I must say that I was impressed and would definitely be back to try out more of their other services.

Upon entering the establishment, the receptionist asked me which service I required. Upon being told that I needed a facial, she showed me the list of facial services they offered and she recommended the Acne Control Facial as I had several blemishes at that time. The service I received that day was just as good as my local back at home. Mind you, I would always get my facial austin tx before looking elsewhere. Before I arrived, I read a little about vampire facials which were discussed on Lucy’s, they sounded good but I decided to go with the salon’s recommendation. After filling out their client information sheet, I was lead inside the treatment room which had a very relaxing atmosphere with the lights dimmed and soft music being played.

Lourdes, the aesthetician assigned to me, dabbed some soothing eye cream and placed a pair of cool pads over my eyes forcing me to keep my eyes closed in utter relaxation. She then used cleansing foam to rid my skin of dirt in preparation for its much needed thorough cleaning. The hot steam was turned on and I had my mindset on getting a few minutes of snooze time.

I was surprised though when Lourdes gently held my hands, sprayed alcohol on them, and placed them inside a hot moist pack. In all the other facials I have had, the aestheticians always left me to my lonesome during facial steam and would just be back when it was time for the next procedure. But this time, Lourdes only left for a few minutes and promptly went back to give my hands a gentle massage.

Another thing I found peculiar was that the steam was not turned off while my face was vacuumed. I asked my aesthetician the reason behind this and she explained that it was how they were trained and furthermore, the hot steam kept the pores open ensuring that vacuuming was more efficient.

The extraction was also not traumatizing. Lourdes was very gentle and would caution me when she needed to use the needle to prick something. When she had extracted all that she could, she applied a thin film of Vitamin C on my face.

two thumbs up for a truly great facial

After that, a Green Oxygenizing Mask was slathered on my face. A small electric fan was used to hasten the hardening process. The cold wind from this fan heightened the cooling effect produced by the mask itself. I was able to enjoy a few minutes of quiet time while waiting for the mask to harden. Then, a healthy dose of Vitamin C was again massaged on my face after the mask was removed.

getting some snooze time

I truly enjoyed the experience that I just had to have my husband experienced it too. He, after all, also needed some pampering. I was so excited for him to try the facial service that I took him there the very next day. His verdict? He was asleep when we went back an hour after we left him at Flawless which means he was totally relaxed. He bought a set of Acne Control skincare products which means that he liked the service enough to trust that the products would also provide good results. That being said, I am certain that he would be back for other services as well.


  1. pampers dry! heheheh

  2. Good thing you had an awesome experience at Flawless. 🙂


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