Shopping For Toddler Shoes at the Robinson’s Galleria Department Store

Before going home after the Moose Gear Grand Fans Day at the Robinson’s Galleria, we took a quick trip to the Robinson’s Department Store to get some rubber shoes for the toddlers. My husband and I were able to buy a pair each a few weeks ago but the mall that we went to didn’t carry a wide selection of toddler shoes.

Since we were already in the area, we decided to check if we could get some nice pairs. Most of the stores we’ve been to had benches you could sit on while waiting or while trying on a pair of shoes. What made the Children’s Section of the Robinson’s Department Store different were the small plastic chairs that children could comfortably (and safely!) sit on. There was only one kiddie chair in the area we were in but when the toddlers started quarreling on who gets to sit on the chair, a sales person promptly brought another kiddie chair to us.

I so love these kiddie chairs at this department store

My husband is the family expert in choosing shoes so he was the one who scouted for good pairs. Although he always looks for shoes in trendy style, he makes sure that these are of good quality, have great sole traction, are lightweight, and are easy to put on. He places much emphasis on good sole traction as slippery soles may lead to accidents.

matching shoes for the toddlers…Mama’s thinking of getting orange and green shoes to match the little’s girl’s…teehee!

Jade, as always, clamored for rubber shoes with Tinkerbell or Princesses on it. However, my husband found these sturdy Florsheim pairs and bought them instead. Our little princess didn’t put up a fight though and still happily wore her new white rubber shoes. Our little boy was up and running with his new shoes in a jiffy. We really are so blessed to have children who are so easily pleased.

It was a nice experience shopping for our toddlers’ shoes at the Robinsons Department Store. Aside from the kiddie chairs making the toddlers feel comfortable, the salespeople are also friendly and accommodating. And they do have a wide selection of shoes and children’s wear.


  1. Mommy jes says

    aw nice!!! ang cute nila tgnan…ehehe may pics dn ako nag sho shopping ng shoes pero d ko p ata na ba blog :))


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