Our First Disney On Ice Experience

Our Disney Live! experience last October is still fresh in the minds of our little ones but that did not stop us from watching Disney On Ice last Monday.  Oh boy! It sure was a blast!  We all definitely enjoyed this show more than the last one. 😀

My little girl was screaming and clapping throughout the show.  Yelling her answers to questions addressed to the audience and jumping with glee when Jesse came out on stage.  There’s no doubt she was the one who enjoyed the show the most!

Our little boy was also delighted by the different Disney characters dancing on stage.  Although very quiet, you could see that his interest was greatly piqued from the way his eyes intently watched the characters and the big screen.

Your little ones will surely enjoy this show also!  You still have until January 3 to catch Disney on Ice so get those tickets now.


snapping some pics while waiting for the show to start


hmmm…no wonder we ran out of popcorn before the show started




  1. Nice photos you took. Your kiddos looked amazed by the show. You know what, same here. We watched the last Disney Musical Tour, plus we just visited Hong Kong Disneyland early this year. However, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is the little one’s current favorite so we just have to watch this again. Good thing hubby was able to buy tickets early and we’ll occupy the 3 patron seats. Yay, excited much for our daughter. I am sure it’s gonna be a blast!!

    • It’ll definitely be a blast for your daughter! We had patron seats when we saw Disney Live but the toddlers had a difficult time watching coz they only see the backs of the those seated in front of us. We had to hold them while they stood on their chairs throughout the show. This time, we opted for upper box seats and the view was even better. 😀

  2. Hi Olga! Glad your kids enjoyed the show. My son and I watched about 2 years ago and I may have enjoyed it more than he did. Haha.

  3. Looks like fun! We didn’t pushed through, we made Una watch some Disney on Ice videos in YouTube, ayaw niya! hahaha!

  4. that was really full of fun and excitement, my children do also enjoy Disney on Ice when they were still small, it has been years, glad that they still continue to have shows like it 🙂 even us adults enjoy it, what more of the children 🙂

  5. wow great photos olga! Zoe loves mickey mouse clobhouse, siguro soon I will also be bringing him to this show.

  6. deep inside masaya ako. i ko man ine-express pero seeing the kids’ happy faces, contented na ako…. i love them so much! i may not give them all they want but im doing everything to give them all the need! im not a perfect papa at aminado ako dyan. Sorry! mahal ko kayo mga anak! mahal na mahal!