Missing Her Preschool Graduation

For the nth time, little girl missed a school program and had to be nursed on the sick bed. 🙁  Had it been any other program, I wouldn’t have minded much at all.  But THIS was her graduation day!  So it’s only a preschool graduation, but it still IS a graduation.  Another milestone she has achieved. A culmination of her two years in preschool.

Our kids’ preschool does not hand out special awards or give academic recognition during moving up ceremonies so the only thing we’d really look forward to was watching our children perform on stage.  This year’s moving up ceremony though, marked Jade’s graduation from preschool. Apart from their usual dance number, some of them were chosen to deliver graduation speeches.  Of course, we were excited to see Jade read her speech in a cute li’l pink toga.

Alas, the little girl had to be rushed to the ER on the eve of her Moving Up Day.  Her WBC was a soaring 21 – way too high from the normal upper limit of 10.  There was no other recourse but to start her on IV antibiotics immediately.  Sadly, this meant that she couldn’t make it to her school program the next day.  For her to still be a part of the program even if she couldn’t be there physically, my husband asked Jade if she wanted him to take a video of her reading the opening prayer and her speech.

Opening Prayer

Jade’s answer to “How did Kinderwood shape me into who I am today?”

I knew she would rather be on stage than on the hospital bed.  She was such a trooper though and was still her usual cheery self.  You got to hand it to her, she was still answering workbooks even though she was sick AND school was over. 🙂

Jade in CMC

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