Missing Her Preschool Graduation

For the nth time, little girl missed a school program and had to be nursed on the sick bed. ūüôĀ ¬†Had it been any other program, I wouldn’t have minded much at all. ¬†But THIS was her graduation day! ¬†So it’s only a preschool graduation, but it still IS a graduation. ¬†Another milestone she has achieved. A culmination of her two years in preschool.

Our kids’ preschool does not hand out special awards or give academic recognition during moving up ceremonies so the only thing we’d really look forward to was watching our children perform on stage. ¬†This year’s moving up ceremony though, marked Jade’s graduation from preschool. Apart from their usual dance number, some of them were chosen to deliver graduation speeches. ¬†Of course, we were excited to see Jade read her speech in a cute li’l pink toga.

Alas, the little girl had to be rushed to the ER on the eve of her Moving Up Day. ¬†Her WBC was a soaring 21 – way too high from the normal upper limit of 10. ¬†There was no other recourse but to start her on IV antibiotics immediately. ¬†Sadly, this meant that she couldn’t make it to her school program the next day. ¬†For her to still be a part of the program even if she couldn’t be there physically, my husband asked Jade if she wanted him to take a video of her reading the opening prayer and her speech.

Opening Prayer

Jade’s answer to “How did Kinderwood shape me into who I am today?”

I knew she would rather be on stage than on the hospital bed. ¬†She was such a trooper though and was still her usual cheery self. ¬†You got to hand it to her, she was still answering workbooks even though she was sick AND school was over. ūüôā

Jade in CMC

Exploring Pasig City

Being a mom definitely comes with many perks. One of them is having an excuse to be a child again when playing with your kid. And you also get to join school field trips again!

 photo SAM_3302.jpg

A few weeks ago, Kinderwood Learning Villa had its annual learning exposure trip which included tours in different attractions in Pasig City.  The kids (and parents) learned more about fishes at Las Farolas, saw artifacts and heard stories about the rich history and culture of Pasig at the City Museum, and had great outdoor fun at RAVE.


Las Farolas

We have passed in front of Las Farolas several times already since it was opened but have never really been inclined to check it out. ¬†We’ve read mixed feedback on this “waterworld” with some parents saying that it was a fun place to discover more about fishes while others say that they found it a bit boring. ¬†The kids’ school exposure trip provided us a chance to finally see it for ourselves.

 photo SAM_3248.jpg

Las Farolas is a modest oceanarium where one can learn more about rich freshwater biodiversity.   They exhibit various aquatic species not only from the Philippines but from other countries as well.  Aside from functioning as a museum of sorts, Las Farolas also serves as a research platform for new methods and breeding practices that would help preserve and conserve freshwater aquatic resources.

So, how did the kids find the place? ¬†Some kids enjoyed looking at the different aquatic lifeforms but some kids were not too keen about them. ¬†While inside the two-storey hubs, my little Jade was too afraid of the dark surroundings to fully enjoy viewing the ornamental fishes and other animals. ¬†Before we even finished the tour inside, Jakei had already turned cranky. ¬†I can’t remember what triggered that bad mood but suffice it to say that we did not enjoy the rest of Las Farolas after that.

 photo lasfarolas.jpg

Would I recommend the place to other families? Not really. Unless you are a family of fish lovers and would enjoy spending hours just watching the fish and other aquatic lifeforms swimming inside their aquariums. ¬†I also find the entrance fee of P400 too steep for a modest oceanarium. ¬†I’d rather just take my kids back to Manila Ocean Park or to Ocean Adventure in Subic.


Pasig City Museum

Our next stop was the Pasig City Museum housed at the Concepcion Mansion, an architectural heritage built in the 1930s. ¬†During the Japanese occupation, the mansion was used as a Japanese headquarters and a detention house. ¬†The Concepcion Mansion was acquired by the Pasig City government in the 1980s and used it as the city library and museum. ¬†In early 2000s, it was renovated and was renamed as the Pasig City Museum. ¬†Today, it serves as a historical and art museum exhibiting the city’s rich culture and history.

 photo SAM_3313.jpg

How did the kids find the museum? The artifacts, dioramas, and other exhibits did pique my kids curiosity. ¬†Jade was interested to know the story behind “Nagsabado ng Pasig” and marveled at the “Mutya ng Pasig” sculpture in the lobby. ¬†I was on my toes during the entire time we were there because the kids were used to going to interactive museums and may think that it’s fine to touch the relics on display.

 photo pasigcitymuseum.jpg

Would I recommend this museum to other families?  Yes, especially if you live in Pasig.  However, visit the museum in small groups to fully appreciate the exhibits and the tour.  It was nice to see how rich the history of Pasig is but it would have been a much better experience if we were guided around in small groups.  We were way too many(more than 50) for a decent guided tour around the museum.  Those staying at the back (us included) could barely hear what the guide was saying.


RAVE of Pasig

The¬†Rainforest Adventure Experience of Pasig is an oasis in the midst of industrial, commercial, and residential structures in a highly urbanized city. ¬†If you need a breath of fresh air without driving hours out of Metro Manila, RAVE is the place to go. ¬†Among the many attractions in this park are a petting zoo, an aviary, a butterfly pavilion, a maze garden with tropical flora, a boating lagoon, and a water park. ¬†There’s also an amphitheater and an obstacle course. ¬†Those who want to see all the attractions without having to walk the entire time can ride on the train that goes around the park.

 photo SAM_3414.jpg

Did the kids like the park? ¬†Oh yes, the kids were raving about the RAVE of Pasig days after the field trip. ¬†They really loved the open space and the many attractions. Jakei was delighted to see a peacock. I bet he would have been ecstatic had the peacock spread its tail. ūüôā ¬†The animals in the zoo looked a bit pitiful though. ¬†I’m sure the zookeepers are doing their best to care for them but you really can’t help feeling bad for the animals cooped in their tiny pens.¬†

The wishing well in the middle of the maze garden delighted Jade. ¬†I didn’t have coins in my wallet so we had to ask around to have our bill changed. ¬†Both my kids made wishes until we ran out of coins. ¬†It’s worthy to note that the park administrators made sure that the well was safe for children (and crazy adults) by putting chicken wire over the opening of the well. ¬†That should prevent any accidental falls into the well.

 photo RAVE1.jpg

Another attraction that the kids enjoyed was the Chess Pavilion. ¬†They didn’t know how to play chess yet but are familiar with the game. ¬†What made the place exciting for them was that the chess pieces were around two-feet high and the board was big enough for them to walk on.

The kids also had a great ride on the train. I wouldn’t let children ride the train without any adult though as it didn’t provide any security for active children. ¬†Wildly adventurous kids could jump off the moving train without much difficulty.

 photo RAVE2.jpg

Would we recommend this park to other families? Yes, definitely yes!  It is among the handful of open spaces in the metro where kids can run around freely and enjoy nature. The Waterpark also looked very inviting so we might go back again for a swim one of these days.

Preschoolers’ School Program

The little boy actually sang and danced on stage!  Woo-hoo!  Although this is already his second year in school, this is the first time my little Jakei really performed and not just goofed off in a school program. Of course, we were still witness to his funny antics on stage but this time, he sang and danced also.

 photo jakeidancing_zps1c41291e.jpg

You all know that Jade loves to perform on stage, so it’s really no surprise that she was all smiles and full of confidence when it was her turn to dance on stage.

 photo jasminedancing_zpsa4694578.jpg

Hopefully, I’ll also someday be able to watch them in a musical recital playing their instrument of choice. ¬†Little Jade is currently asking for violin or guitar lessons so we may enrol her in one this summer. ¬†As for Jakei, perhaps we’ll someday get him an electric guitar or a set of drums.

Cheer Dancing the Preschool Way

Last July, the little kids had their Sports Day in school. Parents were invited and also participated in the games. Now I’m not really the sporty type and have always been afraid to trip or fall and get bruised. I did want to encourage the kids to participate in sports activities so I had to set an example by joining a couple of games. Oh yes, I ran and crawled AND got bruised. ūüėõ ¬†I didn’t mind it much though coz I got to see my kids have fun!

 photo cheerdance_zps5de3c39e.jpg

What made the day very memorable though was seeing my little boy perform with his classmates during the cheer dance. For the first time since he went to school last year, he actually participated in a school program! ¬†I’m glad I was able to get it on video. ūüôā

Watch my two little ones in action!

Kids Crafts: Bean Shakers

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted activities the kids do here at home. ¬†Since they started preschool last year, arts and craft time has been few and far in between. ¬† This week, we’re going to re-do a craft we did a couple of years back. ¬†What’s more fun is that we’re doing it with their classmates in school!

For the kids’ birthday celebration this year, I coordinated with their teachers and prepared Li’l Einsteins themed activities for their school. ¬†I’ll tell you more about that and how I kept party expenses (food, theme cake, crafts, prizes and lootbags all included) below 7K in another post. ¬†For now, let me share with you what we did with a couple of plastic plates, a spoonful of beans, and some yarn.


Since Little Einsteins aims to teach kids art and music appreciation, I decided to have the kids make their own shakers for our arts and crafts activities.  You can easily make these at home with your own little ones since the materials are most likely already available in your home.

 photo IMG_2806_zpsa94db585.jpg

Recyclable plastic plates or bowls, at least a meter of yarn or any string, a tablespoon or two of uncooked beans (we used monggo) and a puncher for putting holes around the plates or bowls.

The first thing you need to do is to punch hole around the plate or bowl.  Try to make the spaces between the holes as equal as possible.  The plates we used had a design on the rim which provided a good guide for me.

 photo beans_zps7d05bb3c.jpg

Next, place the monggo beans inside a tube plastic or a sheet of paper folded into a width of 1″. ¬†Tape both ends of the plastic or paper on the outer part of the plate. ¬†Of course, you can always just scoop the beans onto the plate but my kids are still preschoolers so doing this keeps all the beans secure while they weave the plates together.

 photo IMG_2810_zpscc3884b8.jpg

wrapping one end of the yarn with tape makes it easier to weave through the holes

Then, put the two plates together and align the holes.  Weave the yarn through the holes securing the two plates together.  I was pressed for time doing this sample so I opted to just weave straight through the holes. You can make your own pattern and weave diagonally or however way you want to. The important thing is to secure the two plates together so the beans would not fall out.

 photo IMG_2812_zpsf18b5d66.jpg

Once you finish weaving the plates together, remove the tapes of the plastic that’s keeping the beans in place. ¬†Pull the plastic out from the closed end to scatter the beans inside.

 photo beforepullingout_zps6e4162f4.jpg

Ta-da!  You now have a shaker to make fun music with!

 photo beanshakers_zps44d37edf.jpg