Another Fun Year at Kinderwood

A year ago, my husband and I decided to enrol our two little tots in preschool.  As much as I wanted to homeschool both of them, I acceded to my husband and agreed to try a year of traditional preschool.

Proximity was among our considerations so we spent a day scouring the city for a preschool.  It wasn’t that difficult to look for preschools as many of them have invested in Banner Printing and have these banners plastered in walls along main streets.

Among those that we visited, Kinderwood Learning Villa was our choice of school for our two wee ones.  The school’s teaching philosophy was in line with mine and its small population would not overwhelm my kids.  After a year in Kinderwood, my kids have learned to make friends and to play with other children.  The teachers were able to make my little Jakei ‘work’ on his ABCs and 123s – something I had a really hard time doing.  Also, Teacher Abby, the school directress, developed a special curriculum for Jade who was reading above her level.  The kids have also enjoyed the school activities and programs they joined last year.

Not surprisingly, both kids are looking forward to going back to Kinderwood.  I know both are excited to new fun learning experiences with their school friends.

First Christmas Party In School

Last Friday, the kids joined their first ever Christmas Party in school. They were excited mainly because they were going to a party but, young as they are, weren’t looking forward to anything more than playing with their classmates. School is a brilliant place for the kids to have a Christmas party as it’s a familiar place to them full of their friends. For parents though, nothing could be worse than having to go into the office on a day off to have a party, which is why Christmas party venues are so popular. Whether it’s a hall, restaurant or marquee, a Christmas party is always better in an exciting venue. For kids though, it can be incredibly exciting to be in school having fun. It makes a change from sitting at a desk!

The school asked us to bring finger food for sharing so the kids and I baked some brownies for their classmates. We don’t have a decent oven so we had to make do with an oven toaster mix. We added some Hershey’s mini-Kisses to the mix which made the brownies taste really good. And I mean REALLY good! I also was supposed to make cheese logs but had a hard time molding the cream cheese so ended up making canapes instead. Not for kids, I know, but moms and dads were going to share the food, too. As expected, the kids opted for hotdogs, chicken nuggets and marshmallows (was extremely proud of my Jade who got a banana!).


Jade mixed the brownie fudge mix and Jakei stamped the shapes on them. 🙂

There was also a short program which was held outside the classroom. Had I known that there was going to be a program, I would have chosen something else for my little girl to wear. Geez, she was wearing her long-sleeved Christmas shirt and leggings under the stifling heat of the almost-noon sun. 🙁 Good thing the artist in her didn’t mind the heat and she still performed the best that she could. They sang three different songs but I wasn’t able to take a decent video nor pictures as my little boy kept running to the food table to get marshmallows.


If you’ll look closely at my kids’ hands, you’d see marshmallows! 😛

After their presentation and snacks, they exchanged Christmas gifts. I’m glad that most of the parents took time to check what each child wrote on their Christmas wishlist stockings as most of the kids received what they really wanted. My little girl got the guitar that she asked for. Though my little boy didn’t get a Spongebob toy, he was still happy with the Imaginarium art set that he received. Technically, it has a sponge and a bob though. LOL!


Excited to open her first gift this Christmas!


Her new guitar completed her rockin’ Christmas outfit!


Both my kids had fun during their Christmas party. The mom-slave though wishes that there wouldn’t be any temper tantrums next year. And will keep in mind not to let any of her children wear long-sleeved shirts. 😛

Our Preschool Adventure: Learning About Community Helpers

We’ve been kings and queens, unicorns and frogs,  fairies, ogres and almost everything else we could imagine here in our home.  It’s not just any ordinary home, you see, it’s a magical place that can turn into a castle, a forest, a rainbow land – absolutely any place we wish to be. My children are definitely no strangers to pretend play and can even weave their very own magical tales.

The kids have been going to school for several months now and our pretend-plays have been few and far in between.  As much as I miss our daily sojourns to far-off kingdoms, I’m glad that they are now able to go on magical adventures with other kids their age.  Encouraging imaginative play is one of the things I like best about my kids’ school.  Their teachers go beyond teaching them their ABCs and 123s.  They know that learning is much more than just academics.   Moreover, they understand that children learn best through experience.

Once, I chanced upon the Nursery class all wearing fire chief hats they made inside the classroom.  The little ones were behind a cardboard firetruck and were waiting for their turn to put out fire using a garden hose.  Just imagine how much fun the little kids had pretending to be firemen – and bravely putting out fire – for one day!


I found out that on some other day, they became brave policemen and ran after prisoners.


They also got to be doctors and nurses, and of course, patients needing medical attention. 🙂


Learning about community helpers is one of the earliest lessons we all had when we were in preschool or grade school.  I’m sure you remember being asked to cut out pictures of various community helpers or perhaps having to interview a community helper, but have you ever actually played the role of one in school?  Well, I never got to pretend to be a fireman and put out a fire in school.  This makes me want to go back to preschool and join my kids in having fun in school. 😛

Themed Birthday Celebration on a Budget

The little ones just turned three and four and since they just started school this year, we decided to celebrate their birthdays in school.  Their birthdays are only two weeks apart so it was more practical to hold just one celebration for both their birthdays.

They requested for a Jake and the Neverland Pirates cake which meant that dear Mama had to create snacks in the same theme.  I know everything doesn’t have to follow a specific theme, but it’ll definitely be better if we did have one.

The thing about themed parties though is that the cost can be quite steep. However, this was not going to be a full-blown party.  All we needed to do was prepare some snacks for 50 of their classmates. Sounds easy, right? Uhm…it wasn’t but we managed fairly well.

First on our list was the cake which had to be ordered right away since we only had a little over a week to prepare for the party.  Good thing, PH Bakehouse accommodated our request and was able to deliver a wonderful themed cake on D-Day.


Next was the menu.  We didn’t want to prepare anything messy so we opted for just hotdogs, fries and mini-cupcakes.  To match the theme, we turned the hotdogs into Pirate Ships using pretzel sticks for the mast and paper for the sails.  Then we fried some Tater Bucks and Crinkle Cut Fries to complete the snack box.  Mini cupcakes came from the ever reliable and accessible Shoppersville Bakeshoppe.  My kids love Dutchmill yogurt drink so this was what we served their classmates.


Each pirate was given Pieces of Eight for their share of the loot.  Gold doubloons (Chocolate coins)in colorful pouches were handed out to their classmates.  I was supposed to print out Pirate-themed activity books but lacked time.  The little ones were easy to please and were quite happy with their chocolate coins.


The big question now is how much did we spend?  Would you believe we spent less than 5000 pesos.  That’s less than 100 pesos for each child.  Here’s the complete breakdown of our expenses:


Parchment Paper (24.50/pack of 10) x 2 = 49.00


Jake and The Neverland Pirates Cake from PH Bakehouse = 1,200.00

Mini-cupcakes from Shoppersville Bakeshoppe = 325.00

CDO Bibbo Chubby (P 165/pack) x 2 = 330.00

Magnolia Cheezee Squeezee (P 65.50/pouch) x 3 = 199.50

Crinkle Cut Fries (124/kilo) = 196.67

Tater Bucks (168/kilo) = 236.88

GAP Biscuit Sticks (16.50/buy 1 take 1) = 16.50

Dutchmill Yogurt (8.50/90ml) x 60 = 510.00

Golden Swan Container (P 34.75/pack of 10s) = 173.75


Pouches (P6 each) x 50 = 280.00 (with 20 pesos discount)

Goya Choco Coins (P 169.50/pack of 100s) = 678.00

The snacks were simple but having a theme to unify them all made it extra special.  My two little kids enjoyed their Jake and the Neverland Pirates party which is more than enough to make my hubby and I glad.





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Our First Week in Preschool

We’re in Preschool!!!

After trying independent homeschooling for a year, we have decided to try conventional schooling this year to see which one would work best for the children.  Though both kids have shown great progress in academics during our homeschooling year, my little girl has a bit of trouble socializing with other people.  Although very articulate at home, she clams up when with other people.  Hence, our decision to expose her to kids her age and to other adults (her teachers) as well – so, Preschool, here we are!

Here’s our first day in a glance:

We were not really surprised when Jade refused to let go of my hand and had to be accompanied inside the classroom.  Although we were fervently hoping that she would bravely go to the classroom alone since she was so excited to go to school.  Good thing she let go of Mama’s hand soon and I didn’t have to stay inside the classroom the entire three hours.

Jakei’s class starts an hour later than his sister’s class so he has to stay in the waiting area with me for a full hour.  On the first day of school, there was only the Little Tykes house pictured above and a ride-on car to play with so he was pretty much bored already after just a few minutes.  When Teacher Abby called them to line up for class, our little boy just kissed us (hubby was there too), took his lunch bag, and went to line up all by himself.  It seems he’s really ready for school now.

It was pretty much the same way the rest of the week.  Jade had to be accompanied to the classroom while Jakei would fall in line without Mama to hold his hand.  Yesterday, he almost forgot to give me a kiss coz he was too excited to go inside.  Oh, and since he got so bored waiting for an hour on the first day of school, we’ve been bringing crayons, workbooks, AND plenty of snacks to keep him occupied while waiting for class.

During the first week of school, Jade always came home with stars in her hands and her teachers say that she works well in class.  Hopefully, she would be brave enough to go inside the classroom all by herself on our second week of school.