Horse Products for Joint Pain are Beneficial

When horses are experiencing pain, they don’t tackle traditional tasks in an effective manner. If you have horses that roam slowly around your property, they may have sore muscles. One of the most practical ways to reduce tension, discomfort, and joint pain that affect horses is by using supplements. Horse supplements are beneficial because they’re strategically designed to target key muscles that ache when these animals jump, run, and sprint. By using supplements regularly, you’ll notice reasonable results during typical riding situations.


Horses that race on a track need toned muscles because firm tissues impact speed and efficiency. When a horse doesn’t have strong muscles, training sessions will be very challenging, as the animal will slow down throughout most routines. If training exercises aren’t completed properly, productivity may suffer on the track.

In order to determine whether or not a horse needs a supplement for joint pain, you must study key habits throughout training routines. For example, if your horse successfully jumps over the lowest bars and fails to leap over highest bars, supplements may be needed. In this situation, the horse can’t jump high because tension builds up in key joints during the jumping or leaping process. A supplement can reduce the inflammation that causes discomfort when a horse jumps, and the formula can also prevent pain symptoms that occur when the horse runs and sprints before leaping over a bar.


During parades, horses have to support a rider’s weight while roaming throughout a variety of neighborhoods. If you don’t want delayed cars and bands while a parade is in progress, your horse will need a supplement especially if joint pain typically slows the animal down. When a horse that’s experiencing pain travels in a parade, major inefficiencies could occur, as the pain may make the animal stop or delay traffic.

Supplements for horses can provide big benefits in other situations as well. For example, if you use horses to tow objects or equipment, a supplement can ease pain symptoms that could occur when these tasks are completed. The process of finding a supplement for specific breeds and situations is easy because many companies provide practical joint options for horses.

Summer Blast at AMBAY Kids Camp 2015

Fantastic. Spectacular. Amazing. Extraordinary. Awesome. Exciting. Exhilarating. I could go on and on listing all the words in a thesaurus that could describe just how marvelous this year’s Kids Camp was.

The kids let their creative juices flow with the ART ATTACK activity, learned to relax and to control their bodies during KIDS YOGA, unleashed their energy and learned the value of teamwork during the AMAZING RACE OBSTACLE COURSE, had loads of fun during the WATER FIGHT, experienced a little bit of camping as they listened to a story and roasted sausages over a BONFIRE, and had one of the best summer experience EVER.  Although the activities were quite similar to that of last year’s, there were more participants in this year’s camp which meant that FUN level was at its highest!

A few minutes of CIRCLE TIME for the kids to get to know each other.

 photo ambay orientation.jpg

ART ATTACK!!! Turning what seems to be TRASH INTO ART

 photo ambay crafts1.jpg

 photo ambay crafts2.jpg

Oh yeah! YOGA is FUN even for KIDS!

 photo ambay yoga.jpg

AMBAY surely upped the challenge in this year’s ala-Amazing Race OBSTACLE COURSE!

 photo ambay obstacle1.jpg

 photo ambay obstacle2.jpg

FIRE! Or more like WATER!!!! This WATER FIGHT was so much more fun to watch than the so-called Battle for Greatness.

Posted by Jay Espino Loyalista on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What’s a camp without a BONFIRE? Kids were thrilled to roast sausages over the fire.

 photo ambay bonfire.jpg

Have you ever watched a movie under the stars…on the beach?  You should really try it!  My own kids got acquainted with Mei and Satsuki and have watched My Neighbor Totoro about half a dozen times already since we got back from Ambay.

 photo ambay bonfire2.jpg

Of course, a beach vacation isn’t complete without some fun in the sea and on the sand.

 photo ambay sandfun.jpg

 photo ambay3.jpg

 photo ambay2.jpg

 photo ambay1.jpg

 photo ambay4.jpg

We’ve been to Ambay Beach Resort four time already and this is probably the best one so far.  I bet next year’s Kids Camp will even be more exciting.  We’re certainly looking forward to the third Ambay Kids Camp. If you want to join us, make sure you sign up early ’cause slots are limited.

 photo ambay frame.jpg

THROWBACK @ Soundbites Food and Music Festival

Soundbites Food and Music Festival is bringing back our favorite bands in a series of musical concerts in various Robinsons Malls this May.  Enjoy great food while listening to hit songs by South Border, Hale, True Faith, Brownman Revival, Jinky Vidal, and Top Suzara.

 photo SOUNDBITES 2015 flyer front.jpg

Want to get FREE concert wrist tags?  Get one with every P500 purchase at participating restaurants during the promo period. Check out the complete promo mechanics below:

 photo SOUNDBITES 2015 flyer back.jpg

If you’ve got more time to read, do check out our SOUNDBITES EXPERIENCE last year.

Barefoot No More Through Operation Blessing and Sole for Souls

Here’s a respite from all the bad news we’ve been hearing the past days.  I received this PRAISE release in my email a few days ago and am sharing it with you.  May this good news inspire you to continue to help those who are in need.  Much thanks to Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines and Sole for Souls for the Sketchers slip-ons now cladding the feet of thousands of students of Sta. Fe.

 photo OBSketchersdonationtoStaFeLeyte.jpg


STA. FE, Leyte– MORE than a thousand barefoot kids and children in tattered shoes and worn out slippers marched toward the expansive school grounds of the Sta. Fe Central School, the biggest school in this district, last Tuesday morning, they diligently fell in line behind designated scouts who carried their special “numbers.”

Unmindful of the searing pre-noon heat, the students came from the 17 schools of Sta. Fe who were chosen to receive premium slip-ons from Skechers donated through Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines.

Before it reached the school, volunteers painstakingly went through the list earlier submitted by the teachers, ensuring that they had the right sizes and carried the huge cartons containing the Skechers slip-ons toward the delivery vans en route to the school.

To spice up the occasion, representatives from the Youth with a Mission (YWAM) even presented a brief puppet show to the delight of children.

The distribution of the Skechers slip-ons was both fun and tedious. Trying the slip-ons to each and every student was a daunting task. But the reward came from the sincerest “Thank Yous” from the students, a tight hug, a big smile and the happy races of some of the students as they clutched their new pair of shoes while othes waved them on air.

Mrs. Rosario Buena, district supervisor of the Sta. Fe district which covers 17 schools and 3,999 total school population, said that the students were eagerly looking forward to this day when they would receive and bring home new pairs of footwear.

“Wala na kasi talaga silang gamit na sapatos. Tinangay ni Yolanda ang lahat ng kanilang mga gamit, mula bahay, damit, school supplies at mga sapatos. Noong sabihan ko sila na magbibigay ang Operation Blessing ng sapatos sa kanila dahil may donasyon ang Skechers, sobrang tuwa ng mga estudyante (The students do not have any more shoes left to use. Yolanda washed away everything that they had from their homes, clothes, school supplies, and their shoes. So, when I told them that Operation Blessing will be giving them shoes coming from the donation of Skechers, the students were so happy),” Mrs. Buena said.

She added that the new slip-ons meant a lot to the students, especially since most of them now come to school in tattered shoes and slippers, while some even go to school barefoot.

Mrs. Buena added that the new pairs of slip-ons signified new hope for the students and a validation that help will continue to come and that better days are bound to come.

She also thanked Operation Blessing for the simultaneous feeding programs being conducted in the different schools of the district which have motivated more students to regularly attend their classes.

 photo OBlogo.jpg

Safeguard Stairways with Anti-Slip Technology

Image courtesy of aopsan /

Image courtesy of aopsan /


When schools, office buildings, and other commercial structures are built, steps need to be taken to ensure the safety of their future occupants. No one wants to see an individual harmed from inadequate safety standards. Additionally, aside from personal concern for others, there is the issue of liability. A company or building owner can be held responsible for injuries that occur on their premises. To avoid legal ramifications, it is best to do whatever you can to prevent accidents from ever happening. By examining all of the possible areas of a building that could be hazardous, you will have a better idea of safety measures that can be taken. There are companies that can provide assistance in safeguarding specific parts of a structure. For instance, can help you protect people from an area that is common for concern—the stairs.



If individuals do not carefully pay attention when ascending or descending stairs, a fall can easily occur. There are products on the market that significantly reduce the chance of accidents. Stair nosings and anti-slip stair treads provide resistance to prevent feet from slipping. You can purchase anti-slip products in a variety of colors. Using a bright color on your stairs makes each step recognizable for people that have poor vision or more noticeable for people that are simply not paying close attention. If your stairs are in an area that will be used in low light occasionally, you can purchase stair treads that glow in the dark. This is a great idea especially for outdoor stairs. We also recommend using chequer plates as they have extremely good grip, especially when it is wet, so these will also help prevent accidents.


Safety products, like those found at, don’t have to be used in new structures only. Many existing buildings can benefit from upgrading their stairways. They can also be used in a variety of settings. Aside from being utilized in large commercial or industrial structures, stair treads and nosings can be applied to residential homes, entertainment venues, and vehicles, like delivery trucks and RVs. Both indoor and outdoor stairs can be improved with quality safety products. Whether you are a business owner or simply want to make your home safer, consider anti-slip technology to provide safety to yourself and others.