Parental Control Tools to Protect Kids in the Digital World

The internet offers a lot of benefits that bring ease and convenience in the day to day activities of everyone. But it can also add challenge to the complicated world of parenting. Instead of just browsing the net for tips on how to make the best waffles or how to raise well-rounded kids, you now find yourself searching how to stop cyber bullying. The use of social media and easy access to internet sites expose your children to the dangers of cyber bullying, inappropriate content, and cyber predators. The smart thing to do is to know more about these potential threats and find parenting tools to protect your kids in the digital world.

“Security Button On Mobile Screen” by Stuart Miles /

“Security Button On Mobile Screen” by Stuart Miles /

A major concern for parents is the child’s access to inappropriate content that may corrupt their minds or influence their behavior negatively. Parents can regulate the information or site that can be accessed by their kids by using tools like the Familoop – Parental Control Software. This digital parenting software provides comprehensive protection for kids while using the internet.  The parental control by Familoop allows guardians to block inappropriate content or websites. Parents can also regulate the YouTube videos that their kids can view through the YouTube parental control. One great feature of this internet filtering software is the Smart Protection Rules which makes use of age-based rules in web filtering.

The social media has become a popular tool for kids in expressing themselves. However, incidents of cyber bullying and the presence of cyber predators are things to worry about. Familoop Safeguard takes care of this concern through its parental control feature that gives them access to all social media, internet and mobile activities of their kids. Parents can look into profiles of people that interact with their kids and check for suspicious behaviors. This way, parents can nip the trouble in the bud and lessen the risk of their children getting hurt or violated online. However, it is important to know that parenting issues in the digital world are as sensitive as those of the real world. Familoop’s dashboard can be of help in this aspect as it provides a guide for potential issues and appropriate parenting advice.

Familoop Safeguard offers a comprehensive package of internet filtering, parental control, child locator, social network protection, and digital parenting advice. It is a great option for ensuring internet safety for kids. Opt-in early and get as much as 60% discount when the product is made available on Sept 2015. If you’re willing to shell out hundreds of dollars just to provide your children with the latest gadget, you must also be willing to shell out some funds for their protection online so do get the best one you can afford.

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Get High Quality School ID Cards in Bulk

If you want to improve security at your school then having an ID card for staff and visitors is the best way to do this. Being able to identify people in the building and on the premises means you will have a safe environment with only authorised personnel allowed in.

Having ID cards for schools is a shrewd security measure, as it means you will always be able to identify who ought to be on the grounds and who should not be. It means that staff and pupils can identify each other more easily. Many schools also give out ID cards to temporary visitors, such as people coming in for meetings or prospective students and their parents looking round. These badges mean that you know and identify people at all times and can keep track of who has been on and off the premises.

You can get custom designed school ID cards from many reputable online suppliers. The best will allow you to design the ID card with your school logo, colours or other education based designs. You can also get basic designs where the ID card demarcates if someone is a member of staff or a visitor meaning the ID cards make people quickly identifiable.

Staff name badges

These ID cards can come in paper form so that temporary passes can be made easily, or in hard plastic for those that will be used long term. Many institutions also opt to purchase ID card holders, either hard plastic holders or vinyl holders, so that people can display these cards. These can be easily ordered and mean the ID never has to wear and tear. Many people wear them on lanyards around their necks.

Equally, there are more and more instances of schools using automated security systems where their IDs will open doors to the building, so having an ID which clearly shows that someone is a member of staff, and can be kept in good condition in an ID card holder, is a must.

Some schools also use ID cards for their students, and they have many benefits. It means that you can log who is in the building and who is not because they will have had to swipe in with this ID. Equally, these can have the student’s medical information on them in case they have allergies to medicines, to avoid any problems if they have to get treatment on site.

Many institutions use ID cards for a range of purposes beyond simply identifying staff, visitors and pupils. Many use them in line with their technology, photocopiers for example, so that a student can have an account with the school, more so, they can be used as admission for events, or in libraries for borrowing books. These ID cards make keeping records very easy for you and your students.

Getting high quality ID cards is no hassle thanks to the many reputable suppliers out there, with years of experience. With custom designs, speedy delivery and fantastic customer support, you can get durable ID cards in bulk for your school for a great price.

Singapore Math Enrichment at Galileo

A few years ago, I was able to attend a seminar on Unlocking the Secrets of Singapore Math.  Although I have heard of Singapore Math before, I was not inclined to learn more about it as my kids were still babies then.  On that day, however, I was amazed at how easy it was to understand and to solve complex Math problems using the Singapore Math method. Of course, one seminar isn’t enough to fully grasp this method. Thankfully, Galileo regularly holds seminars and workshops for parents and teachers and has enrichment programs all year-round for students.

Why Enrol Your Kids in A Singapore Math Enrichment Program?

Our generation grew up learning Math using a different method which is why a lot of parents find the Singapore Math method confusing.  Believe me, I’ve heard one too many parents complain about this method because they have a hard time helping their kids with their homework. How can you teach something you don’t know? Of course, the task of teaching Math should actually fall on the teachers’ shoulders; but, with a class population of 30 – 45 kids, not all kids are able to keep up with the lessons.

So what’s a parent to do? You could attend seminars and workshops to equip you with skills and knowledge you can use to help your kids.  Or, you could enrol your kids in an enrichment program where qualified teachers can create an effective program that’s suited to your kids’ learning styles.

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Reshaping the Way We View Math

Why do I have to study this?
This doesn’t make sense at all.
This is useless – I’m not going to use this in real life.
I hate Math!

These are just among the countless tirades against Math I’ve heard from the kids I’ve tutored over the years.  I bet even you yourself have uttered these very same words. It’s a sad reality, but a great number of people do have an utter dislike for numbers. What’s even sadder is we pass this fear and loathing to the next generation.

Just as our kids inherit our genes, they learn to assimilate our fears – including our fear of Math. When kids are raised by parents who proclaim that “Math is hard.” or unabashedly admit that they are “not good in Math”, they consequently view Math as a difficult subject that they would have to gruelingly face.

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The 3rd Singapore Math Learning Festival

Only 10 days left before the 3rd Singapore Math Learning Festival! Parents, teachers, and school administrators are all enjoined to register and take part in this year’s learning fest aptly themed Preparing for the Future: Creativity and Innovation through Singapore Math.

Galileo Learning Festival

As parents and educators, it is our responsibility to prepare our children for the future.  We must help equip them with the necessary skills that will make them global citizens of the future.

For years now, educators have been honing learners’ 21st Century Skills needed for them to succeed and thrive in the new global workplace.  Among these 21st Century Skills, Creativity and Innovation are the key ingredients needed for solving problems and creating solutions.  This is why using the Singapore Math method has become more popular the world over.

Singapore Math is an effective tool in promoting creativity and innovation.  It has refined traditional ways of learning math and has transformed how learners see mathematics.  Critical thinking skills are greatly improved as learners find creative ways to solve math problems.

This year’s Singapore Math Learning Festival aims to educate parents, teachers, educators, and school administrators with creative and innovative teaching strategies in using Singapore Math. As a parent myself, I do encourage fellow parents and educators to attend this conference and be active partners in raising globally competitive learners.

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